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Friday, November 17, 2017

Tight Marketing Budgets Make Promotional Products A Perfect Brand Builder

Tight Marketing Budgets Make Promotional Products A Perfect Brand Builder

A glossy brochure or a site built with the latest Flash technology may impress a few, but when you're out pressing the flesh, there is nothing like a good laugh, a good relationship and giving a gift, a promotional product, that shows you've actually gone beyond just thinking of your customer as a customer.

Sound familiar? Good - and it makes perfect sense for budget-focused marketing.

You need to take care of customers according to the budget reality of the new millennium. And the reality is that Marketing departments are cutting back on budgets and Customers are cutting back on buying, either by choosing a lower price vendor, or simply not buying the same volumes any more.

In tough times, more than ever, promotional products are the perfect marketing vehicle of your company and for maintaining relationships with the people you call on week after week.

And Promotional Product Companies are listening to what their customers are saying by adding more, better, cost-effective items that you can personalize. Never before has there been so many exciting Promotional Products that you can personalize or put your logo on. Did you think it's all ash trays, simple coffee mugs or key chains? Think again.

Here are some of the most exciting items that Sales reps around the country are bringing to their sales calls:

- For the celebration Sales Call: totally customizable flute Champagne Glasses

- For the Environmental Customer: eco-friendly Promotional Cotton Tote Bags

- For the Coffee Lover: uniquely personalized espresso cups

- For the Busy Office Customer: Promotional Calculator Mouse Pads

- For an office celebration or annual company awards dinner: One of a kind Ceramic Tiles where you decide on the design, slogan, inspirational saying or prayer.

- For just about anyone: Custom Light Key Chains are great to light the way in the dark.

Need more ideas? These are just some of the items that you can find. Promotional Products are simply too exciting and you don't want to miss the boat - hundreds of new items are being added every month.

For many sales reps it's almost become like a sport identifying the next new thing in promotional gifts. "A couple of years ago everybody was giving away these laser pointers used for presentations", says one sales rep, "this year, it's been all about giving eco-friendly promotional gifts and products. I can't to see what next Promotional Product I can personalize with a logo!" he continues. is a large distribution company based in Miami, Florida. They are web-based and factory-direct which allows them to keep prices lower than the rest of the competition. They also have a huge selection of promotional products from wine glasses and shot glasses to tote bags and pens.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Law Firm Marketing - How to Outperform Competing Law Firms With Greater Internet Marketing Budgets

Law Firm Marketing - How to Outperform Competing Law Firms With Greater Internet Marketing Budgets

There is a secret that the top Internet marketing companies in the United States do not want you to know.  What I mean are the firms that command fees upwards of $ 25,000 per month to keep one client Web site at the top of search engines.  The companies that are used by the biggest name e-commerce companies, whose CEOs illuminate the halls of convention centers and attract flocks of loyal worshippers at dozens of speaking engagements. 

They are not quite as special as their fees may indicate.

What most clients fail to realize is that, when it comes to Internet marketing, law firms do not always get what they pay for.  While being successful online certainly requires a particular skill threshold and having a veteran expert on staff to lead the troops is critical, with quality training and supervision, the skill element required to be successful as an Internet marketing foot soldier is nothing like, say, the level of skill a lawyer needs to prevail in a major litigation. 

Some of the most prestigious SEO firms are nothing more than housewives, or young techies led by a management team of clever Internet marketing whiz kids. They demand the fees because they keep clients happy, by ensuring that their PPC programs are well-optimized and their favorite keywords rank organically, at or near the top of Google's search results. 

As a law firm seeking to market online, you would be very unlikely to seek out a market leading Internet marketing firm.  It is more probable that a law firm will attend a conference, where they will select one of 4-5 Internet marketing vendors. These firms are often polished, put on strong presentations and many law firms will give them serious consideration, possibly even their business.  What the client does not realize is that these quotes are typically 200%-300%, of what a US managed offshore delivery team would cost them.

Progressive marketing executives have discovered that Internet computer experts are the best Internet marketing delivery experts.  The best talent pool available for these types of roles are in India and China.  What this means is that your law firm can obtain Internet Marketing programs that are equal to, or greater than those offered by the "tradeshow firms" at a fraction of the cost.

At the end of the day, all law firms want one thing - client cases at the lowest possible cost per lead.  It is basic common sense that 30 hours of Internet marketing efforts per month will yield more than 12 hours.  Unless, of course, the firm really doesn't know the basics.  However, given the fact that every advanced Internet marketing secret is now available online, even a lawyer can become an expert Internet marketer, if he or she dedicates 6 months to nothing but this. 

So, when it comes to Legal Marketing on the Internet, ignore the scare tactics and go for value. If you are not happy with results, you can always upgrade to a more expensive company later. Law Firm Marketing on the Internet is increasingly becoming a commodity type service, so law firms should be aware that it does not pay to overpay.

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