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Thursday, October 19, 2017

How a Direct Marketing Firm Can Stretch Your Advertising Budget

How a Direct Marketing Firm Can Stretch Your Advertising Budget

Are your media and advertising budgets being squeezed? Are you facing an uphill battle because your shriveling budget has to work so much harder to produce even better results than you've been getting? If so, you need to read this article because there is a way to increase your advertising's effectiveness while simultaneously lowering its cost.

Yes, there is a way to multiple the value of every penny in your budget and to make every cent work more efficiently and effectively. That way is to hire a direct marketing firm that will devise and implement a cost-effective direct marketing campaign for your company.

In the past advertising was used like a broadsword. It was targeted to the mass market and cut a ragged edge through the whole of society. Today's direct market firms use advertising like a rapier; as a strategic weapon that pinpoints the precise people who are most interested in what you have to offer.

What to Look for in a Direct Marketing Firm

When searching for a firm to handle your marketing it is important to ascertain the philosophy that's behind their marketing strategies. Are they are in alignment with your operational standards? If so, the most important asset this firm will have is a list of A+ leads that they will deliver your messages to.

Even if it sounds as if they have the best "insider tips" that they purport will bring business streaming through your doors, unless they have the means to deliver these tips - via an over abundance of targeted names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. - their tips will be useless.

Do They Match the Message to the Market?

Once you have found a company to represent you, your next step will be to make sure that they match the right message to the best markets. Ascertain that they use the most effective strategies and marketing methods to deliver your message.

Work with them to develop a mutually acceptable long term strategy. Although there are inherent risks in planning for the long term because there can be an enormous amount of work involved, the potential rewards can be phenomenal.

Do They Test Results?

Any direct marketing company worth its salt will be continually testing your campaigns in order to make your strategy produce results as efficiently as possible. They will weed out and replace elements of your campaign that are not working with processes that will increase your market share and bolster your bottom line.

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Determining Your PPC Ad Budget

Determining Your PPC Ad Budget

Determining your PPC ad budget is immensely important to the prosperity of your PPC ad campaign.  It could mean the difference between developing a thriving, profitable campaign and running out of money.  Unfortunately, very few internet marketers know how to accurately determine their PPC ad budget.  But don't be discouraged because this article will show you exactly how to do this.

Realizing Your Assets

It is integral to know your assets before you begin your PPC ad campaign.  You should come up with a reasonable amount of money to devote to your pay-per-click campaign, giving you enough breathing room to reinvest some capital if you ads are performing better than expected or to pause or edit some ad groups if the ads are under-performing.  Whatever happens do not devote so much of your budget to PPC such that you run out of money if your ads do not perform as well as you expect them to.

Knowing the Duration and Scope of Your Budget

As a PPC advertiser, you must decide whether you what to set a daily or monthly budget for your campaigns.  It is generally a good rule of thumb to to set budgets at campaign level per day rather than per month.  If you opt to set your campaign budget by month, the search engine does not distribute your ads out evenly over that month because they can never know exactly how many clicks you will receive.

Considering Scheduling

There many be a certain time in the month where your ads get more clicks (i.e. the end of the month when people usually get paid).  If this is the case, you must take this into consideration when determining your budget.  You don't want your PPC budget to run out just as your potential customers are looking for your product or service.

Sticking to Your Budget

Once you have determined the best PPC budget for your particular business, I encourage you to stick to it.  Don't go back into your savings if your PPC campaign is loosing money.  In this case you should retool your ads instead of spending more money on something that obviously is not working.

I hope that this article has been helpful in explaining to the reader how to determine his or her PPC ad budget. Everyone's budget will be different depending on their individual circumstances. Reread this article carefully and you will be able to find yours.

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Learn How to Start a Blog in One Hour on a Zero Budget

Learn How to Start a Blog in One Hour on a Zero Budget

These days, everyone wants to get in on the blogging scene. There is no question about it, blogging is fun, easy, and anyone can learn how to do it. There is only one question: How do you Start a Blog for free? In this day and age, almost everyone is hurting for money.

People have been laid off from their jobs, and companies are going out of business at every corner. Tons of people are turning to blogging for business reasons, as well as many others. Not everyone wants to spend their last bit of pocket change on starting a blog. The truth is that you don't even have to pay a thing if you do not want to. It is true, you can learn How to Start a Blog for free!

WordPress is oftentimes a very good place to resort to when starting a blog. However, there is a small fee of 30 dollars, but it is by far well worth it in the end. You can choose your own domain name here, something you cannot do with other websites. To get started, you will need to download the WordPress software online. Everything that you can do at WordPress is uniquely yours and yours only. That is what makes starting a blog with WordPress usually the best way to go if you can afford the small fee.

If you are just starting out, and are not interested in WordPress, you may want to go with an even more familiar route: Blogger. Everyone and their sister has heard of Blogger. Quite possibly because it is the most widely used domain name on the web today. The only downside to using Blogger is that you do not get to choose your own domain name, which for some is not a problem.

If you are just looking to hurry up and get a blog website going and do not care about the fact that millions of others on the web will be sharing the same domain as you, then Blogger is the way to go. Blogger is absolutely free and does not take any time at all to get up and running. You can have your own blog website running in less than an hour at zero cost with Blogger.

Other places you might want to consider when searching for ways on How to Start a Blog for free are MSN Spaces, Yahoo 360, and AOL Journals. These are all absolutely free places to start a new blog and are quite simple to use. You can have your blog up and running in no time.

Many people do not even know about these sites and that they even offer services for placing blogs, but they do. This is great news for those of you who already have accounts with any of these sources. When looking for How to Start a Blog for free, you don't need to look far, and you don't need a lot of money.

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Penguins & Netbooks - Budget Solutions For Education Birthed by Innovation!

Penguins & Netbooks - Budget Solutions For Education Birthed by Innovation!

One of my podcasting co-hosts, Mark Gura, and I have been intermittently discussing the $ 100+ laptop project for the last two years on our popular bi-weekly series. If you happen not to be familiar with the $ 100 laptop project; it has been spearheaded by Nicholas Negroponte formerly of MIT. The importance of it is the way it has leveraged opened the tidal wave of adoption of open source software and forced computer manufacturers to develop low cost netbooks. This education-related project has truly transformed the computer industry and tech user expectations!


Negraponte's project is now called the One Laptop per Child project (OLPC) because the basic purpose is to provide low cost, durable laptop computers to the children of developing countries. The prototype of these laptops have gone through wide variations, and brought much criticism over the past few years and they are never meant to be the "does everything" computer.

These are basic models and yet quite revolutionary in several ways. For one, they are very small, have alternate power sources, such as hand powered, can be linked together to form an intranet (wireless broadband that can mesh network) and most of all do not suffer from what the founder dubs "Microsoft bloat." In the dedicated efforts to keep the cost so very low, the software that is used is open source, which requires a much smaller installation footprint and hardware operation requirements.

The Original Prototype 2007 Details in Brief: Linux-based operating system, a dual-mode display, a 500MHz processor, 128MB of DRAM and 500MB of Flash memory. No hard drive, four USB ports and the wireless broadband that creates a mesh network.

Enter: Wider Public Adoption of Open Source Software!

In several episodes of the Teachers Podcast we discuss the merging of another one of my favorite technology trends with the OLPC phenomenon- open source development and software. Open source development occurs when groups of people openly share source code in the development of the programming languages, operating systems, or another application. The purpose is that the community will be able to test and work collaboratively world-wide on the project with many minds and perspectives available that might not otherwise be able to meet and work together. It truly is a community and thereby the content and the product remains "open" that is free for use. Very often a Creative Commons code license is used is to describe use and attribution of the software.

Probably the most famous current example is the operating system Linux (identified with by its mascot of the penguin aka Tux). Related to Linux which has scores of programmers working on it around the world, there are also other Linux-like operating systems available also including Apache, Ubantu, Linspire and more. For the education sector open source software has been way behind in adoption as schools have stayed mainstreamed primarily on pcs and small number on macs in the younger grades. However, having visited a few educational technology conferences the past two years I have seen a different trend finally being paid interest and the OLPC project could push it even much further again! Let me explain.

At ed tech conferences we have experienced hands-on demonstrations of Linux or Ubantu network labs which are "dumb terminals" hooked up to a server and all gaining internet access and applications from the server. This first-hand experience provides a point of entry for many teachers, ed tech specialists and school administrators who might have never otherwise considered these options. In these cases, participants see that there is no great loss in function with this configuration whereas the cost for this equipment is a small fraction of a conventional school lab. This is because of two obvious major factors 1), the hardware are not stand alone computers, and 2) the operating system is open source. Hardware costs and upgrade costs are also greatly reduced, as well as the fact that software licensing and upgrades are eliminated.

Open source software is no longer just for the tech heads. These platforms are point and click similar to most other programs. And there are thousands of open source programs freely available for us to meet business, education, graphic, music composition, media design, application needs to name just a few As some K-12 superintendents are bringing in open source networks (they call them Open Technologies) into their schools we are seeing the march of the penguins, pencils and laptops strut their stuff for education! At a time of increased scrutiny of school budgets and greater accountability, I expect that 2009-2010 will be a time when open source software, dumb terminals, as well as virtual terminals (to be discussed in an upcoming e-zine article) will be charging ahead at a double- or triple-time pace.

Update May 2009

The massive wave of netbooks (Asus, Acer, HP, Dell, and more) which have flooded the computer market in the last 16 months has been a welcome relief for consumer and school budgets alike! We have Dr Negroponte to thank for transforming the computing industry nearly single handedly by pushing his OLPC project to the forefront of the corporate table of competition. The details unfolded close on the heals of the progress of Negroponte was the Asus group and the release of the ee pc with Linux on board (originally).

Not just for tech people these were released in the standard grey and black colors, but also shocking pink and green, and white-- we can see the market was broader than the standard computer industry had been addressing). Their product was enthusiastically received and so impacted the public marketplace that the major computer manufacturers had to respond - quickly. Now in June 2009 we have netbooks available from every major manufacturer available for under $ 500. The resulting smaller, much less expensive (roughly 77% reduction in price) and robust hardware selections we now see all around us in computer and office stores, is originally due to OLPC shake up of a sanguine, over priced system.

A related wave of adoption is also continuing in spring 2009, and that is Open source, from Open to Linux, has seen very good year so far. Not only are we seeing more ads for these products in mainstream publications, but lay people (non-techies) are asking, requesting, and using them. What does this mean for Microsoft? Will there actually be a backlash against steep upgrade prices? We have talked about frustration for years, but is the time here for it to have a significant impact? These are exciting times for the voice of the people!

The Connection

As more and more people catch the vision of netbook and realize they don't need high-end computers for all student classrooms and instead they could even provide computers to go home with children; it will be open source software penguins leading that march as well. It's been a long day coming for our educational system to see that this is a much more economically way to serve the teachers and students and thereby be able to serve ALL of them.

An important aside- very much worth the read and exploration- Negroponte is so open source he is now publishing a wiki where he is openly displaying the technical production notes, tech requirements, software, participating countries, photos of the prototypes and much more (see: Bringing such tools into the hands of multitudes of schools and students around the world, near and far, can really change who the voices will be, and who will be in the global conversations in just a few months and in our global political future.

Providing such a tool and entry to the outside world for not just students, but also for their families, for that is part of the purpose, can build a growing wave of social change through many forms of literacy and understanding. When the walls of Equity and Access are broken down in even in these small ways, the opportunities are many for people to rise in to new possibilities. Penguins, open source, education and $ 100 laptop have much empowering potential for the children of the world, adults and nations.

Written by Dr. Kathleen P. King (EdD)
Transformation Education, CEO
Professional speaker, Award-winning author, Professor of Education
Transformation Education LLC: Helping Faculty Grow and Teach in the Virtual Age Contact me and the TELLC team at:

Facebook for Budget SEO and Internet Marketing

Facebook for Budget SEO and Internet Marketing

I can conclusively tell you that there are many people who use of the Facebook application, although it might not be for internet marketing purposes. And of course, this not just for any reason. Facebook is becoming one of the most popular websites, a large network through which you can reach out to many people on the online network. You can get to chat with friends, express your feeling to a lot of readers and generally stay in touch with your friends, family and loved ones. Some people, who own small businesses, might just hook up with the Facebook idea instead of going over the top in having their own domains for their own websites. However, did you know that due to this traffic on the Facebook page, you would have to do some optimization for people to be aware that you even have a Facebook page? I am going to give you a couple of tips and techniques that would help you out in getting the most out of your Facebook page.

First of all, you need to get the name right the first time.

Don't screw things up at the first instant. If you are thinking of using some really cool keywords to optimize your page ranking, I am telling you to put a full stop to that idea. It would make you look like an everyday spammer. I know you might be waiting for my advice, just leave it as your business name, and stick with it.
Next stop, your URL (Full meaning: Universal Resource Locator)

Facebook has been gracious enough to allow its users make use of the URL creation option. Therefore, to allow for less complicated use and full access to your Facebook page, you are entitled to create your own personal URL as you wish. This has helped people as well as businesses who have above twenty five fans to be able to change their URLs. This is quite good, since it would be very helpful when it comes to internet marketing and all things SEO.

Did you know about the Static FBML application?

Sure you do. I bet you do not, since many people have not even heard of it. This application helps you in the creation of a Facebook landing page for your Facebook page. All you would need to do would be to add the static FBML application, and then determine which of the pages you would want to modify. Once you have gone through this first process, you can then edit the pages using the normal HTML tags.

Then you might also want to make use of the famous Backlinks

Of course you would have already heard of backlinks if you have been engaged in a little internet marketing and stumbled across SEO. The things here is this: offsite and offsite optimization is also something that works well on Facebook too.

Therefore, if you want to become a big name through internet marketing, these are some real hints you would do well not to ignore.

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Websites on a Budget

Websites on a Budget

Trying to find websites on a budget that are visually appealing yet function properly can sometimes be a difficult task. In the growing world of eCommerce and internet marketing, the battle to make it to the top of the search engines is a difficult one; marketing online only continues to become stronger and more competitive.

In order to have a highly functional website that that contains all the proper components to increase your rankings and drive traffic towards your site, you need to work with a website development company that knows the ins and outs of website design. Unfortunately, most companies that have this in-depth knowledge aren't afraid to charge and arm and a leg for it. However if you take the time to weed through the various development companies, you'll be surprised to find that there are some that can provide websites on a budget.

New and growing companies are quickly learning that the future of business is on the Internet. eCommerce is quickly becoming the norm for many businesses, whether they offer products or services. The expanse of the Internet is infinite, which means that it can be very easy to get lost in the sea of competing websites. It is a well known fact that most web searchers will not go beyond the first page of a search engine to find what they are looking for, which means that in order to get your piece of the eCommerce pie, your website needs to be ranked in the top 10 in all major search engines. So how is this done?

There are several integral components to proper website development, and it is these components that will help to determine where your site will rank within the search engines. It is possible to get a functional website that does not contain these components, but if you don't have them, potential customers won't find your business.

Web development companies have the capabilities to get you highly ranked in all of the major search engines, but many want to charge an exorbitant amount of money to do so. It's important to know however that there are companies currently in existence that can provide you with all the web components you need without having to spend ever last penny you have.

Finding a company that provides websites on a budget that include all of the proper web development components will allow your company to experience Internet success without breaking the bank. Proper research will allow you to find the web design company that is the proper fit for your growing business. Start working toward proper website development today; once yours is in place, you'll experience internet business like you never have before.

Give your business the exposure it needs and get websites on a budget to expand your company today.

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Online Marketing on a Budget

Online Marketing on a Budget

Billions of dollars are spent on marketing goods and services online each year.  But those billions are largely reserved for big, well established companies.  Small start ups cannot afford to indulge in many forms of online advertising.

Marketing on a budget still needs to be approached in the same way as marketing with a huge budget.  In fact it is arguably even more important to allocate your available funds appropriately.  You cannot afford to waste money on methods which won't get the desired results.

Invest properly in your website

Many people expect to get thousands of visitors.  And yet they are not prepared to invest in a website that will attract the right people.

If funds are limited then a significant proportion should go into your website.  Since 1997 the art of creating a website has become more involved.  Professionalism is by far the most important aspect now.  Basic sites no longer have a chance to succeed.  Online marketing does mean paying to bring people to your website.  And you need to have a good quality site to send them to in the first place.

Taking advantage of free marketing methods

Free does not necessarily mean it isn't worthwhile.  Organic search engine efforts can bring in plenty of visitors.  You must appreciate though that spending less money can mean spending more in the way of time.

Every business uses free methods to some extent.  A big multinational business may have a budget stretching into the millions, but they still use word of mouth to garner new customers.  And you can learn from them even if you do not have a fraction of their budget.

Spending wisely

This is the most important aspect.  A budget of $ 100 should be considered just as carefully as a budget of $ 1,000,000.  The amount doesn't matter as much as what you do with it and how you spend it.  If free methods are worthwhile by all means use them.  But there are lots of directions your budget could go in, and finding the right one is crucial to the success of any advertising campaign you launch.

Be smart with your budget

All big companies spend a lot of time researching their market before launching a product.  The same method can easily be used for smaller companies on a scaled down basis.

Furthermore you will not see a multinational company repeat a marketing plan that does not work.  If they pay for a search engine marketing campaign that ends up losing them money, they will make changes before attempting their next promotional efforts.  Complete records will be kept of every success and failure so that those who control the advertising budget know which direction the money should go in the next time they are searching for new customers.

You can search for cheap advertising deals.  You can choose cheaper words and phrases to bid on for your search engine marketing campaign.  And you can constantly try to trim costs without losing out on the quality of your advertising.  Cheap online marketing is possible - you just need to work at it.

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