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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

What Social Media Can Bring Back B2B?

What Social Media Can Bring Back B2B?

Nowadays, proactive public relations is a vital part in businesses. For the entrepreneurial type starting out, social media tools and web 2.0 technologies play an important role. If you are a bit doubtful about the benefits of web 2.0 and social media which bring back your business then you should read this article. You will see some ways here that social media can be used to get benefit for you that is in the B2B sector.


Raise Awareness for those with a limited budget- Pretty much all social media work that you can or will do is free. The only cost to you is time. You can start a Facebook fan page for free. You can set up a Twitter account for free. There is no barrier to getting involved in forums related to your niche. They are a great way to build your brand, positioning yourself as an expert in your field. You should also start a blog so that you can share useful and relevant information with your customers.


Increase traffic to a business website- Building your brand and putting out there will increase traffic to your website in a number of ways. Back links to your website are great for search engine optimization but also, the more content that you have out there the more likely someone is to see something that you have written. If a potential customer likes what they have seen wherever they see it on the internet, they are more likely to click on a link to your main website and then make a purchase from you. You need to earn trust before making a sale and not develop it after the fact.


Engage with an audience to build a community of raving fans- Social media is just that- social. You need to interact with your audience for it to be worthwhile. It is not just an avenue to put out a carefully scripted press release. You need to engage, you need to show some personality. If someone asks you a genuine question you need to respond. If people get pissed off by you they are going to bad mouth you. I am sure you would rather see positive things said about your business when someone searches for you in Google instead of saying bad things.


Social Media is not just for young kids and university students with too much time on their hands. The adult market for social media is growing. There are 500 million people on Facebook and chances are some of them are your clients. Take the leap and get involved today.


Hamish Jones is the founder of Greenlight Communications, as specialist agency that helps customers create conversations with their clients and prospective customers. Become a Fan on Facebook to get great advice on how to grow your business online.

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Friday, October 20, 2017

Creative Brief Document Template ? Bring Direction to Your Vision

Creative Brief Document Template ? Bring Direction to Your Vision

It doesn't matter what kind of business or organization you're running, if you don't figure out a way to create awareness about your products or services, your business is going to fail. Too many business owners think that just because they've come up with a good idea for a product or service, the public will find out about their offering on their own and start flooding the company with orders. However, the most successful entrepreneurs often know that strong sales come from effective marketing efforts created by qualified marketing professionals.

The need for a Creative Brief Document Template

If you're thinking about working with an outside marketing firm or creative agency for the first time, it might seem like a daunting task to communicate everything your company stands for and has worked so hard to achieve over the past years. Unless you're willing to spend hours of your time explaining all the details of your company to the creative team, you might find it hard to communicate your needs and wants in regards to what you're looking for in your next advertisement or marketing campaign.

What is a Creative Brief Document Template?

One simply way to make sure that your creative team is on the same page as the rest of your company is to use a Creative Brief Document Template. This document is an industry standard for communicating your vision for marketing materials to an outside creative team. Instead of starting from scratch and wondering how to record all the necessary details about what your brand needs from a marketing campaign, this easy to download document works with your current Microsoft Word software, and has plenty of opportunities for customization.

When you open this document, you'll see that it gets right down to business. The opening section allows you and your staff to clearly delineate which company you're working with for each marketing campaign. It will then continue on with company background and corporate facts so that the creative team with have concrete information about the business and brand to refer back to when they're coming up with new marketing ideas. From there, the document will help you to slowly focus and fine-tune your vision so that the third party marketing company will have a clear idea of what you're looking for, thus reducing the chance that revisions will be needed. (Demand Metric Research Corporation) is a leading provider of an assortment of online tools & templates that aid in business analytics, measurement, planning, presentations,decision making, team building etc. Further information on Advertising Effectiveness Evaluation and Creative Brief Document Template visit


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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Google AdWords Traffic Secrets That Will Bring You Buyers - Bidding Strategies You Can Use Right Now

Google AdWords Traffic Secrets That Will Bring You Buyers - Bidding Strategies You Can Use Right Now

One of the most important things you can do to increase your profits with Google AdWords is to make sure you are focused on using the right bidding strategy. Most people have no clue how to do this the right way. In this article I want to show you the right way to bid on keywords in your market so you can increase your profits.

The Problem Most People Have With Bidding On Keywords In Their Market...

When it comes to getting more visitors to your site from this source you have to realize that the biggest problem most people have is they can't figure out how to buy traffic at a break even point or for a profit.

Most people simply start bidding on keywords and hope they will somehow make a profit doing what they are doing in their market. You have to realize that if you are doing this you will end up losing money.

There is too much competition in most markets to simply hope you are going to make a profit using the keywords in your market. You have to make sure you know exactly what you are doing and that you are using the right strategy or you will end up getting yourself into all kinds of trouble.

If you bid too high for a search term and end up not getting enough traffic to your site, you might be tempted to simply bid higher and higher thinking that will solve all your problems.

Here Is The Right Way To Bid On Search Terms In Your Market So You Can Increase Your Profits...

First - You have to make sure you know what your break even point is.

The bottom line is that you need to know how much money you are making from every visitor that you get to your site. If you don't know this number you are going to end up going broke before you figure it out.

So make sure you quickly do the math and figure out what your break even point is when you buy traffic.

Second - Make sure you are focused on maximizing your click through rate.

You need to realize that the better job you do at increasing your click through rate, the less you are going to have to pay for the visitors you are getting. Google will often reward you with a lower cost per click price if you focus on increasing your click through rate.

So make sure you focus on doing these two things so you can maximize your profits. Then you will be in a better position to keep adding more and more keywords to your account and you will increase your profits even more.


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Friday, July 28, 2017

How To Bring Huge Traffic To My Website

How To Bring Huge Traffic To My Website

Are you tired of the trickle of traffic to your website in spite of all your Search engine optimization efforts and spending money on google adwords? Do you wish that you can get huge traffic to your website for free without doing anything?

Is that possible? How to bring huge traffic to my website is a question that bothers the best of website and blog owners. Many of us would dream to have hordes of targeted traffic attacking our website with the least effort or money on our part. Well, let me tell you this. Now this is not wishful thinking because some smart marketers have come up with a tool to do precisely that. Yes, whether you believe it or not, with a one-time minimal effort your website can have huge traffic. You heard me right - a one-time minimal effort and after that you do not need to do anything.

You do not need to work hard to maintain the level of traffic as you do with article marketing or search engine optimization or link building. You also do not need to spend any money whatsoever as you do with pay per click marketing or media buys. You can get hordes of traffic for minimal effort and for free. And what's more, it will keep coming to you whether you like it or not.

Would you be game for such a  tool? There is even nothing to download on your computer. All you need to do is install a small script on your website and that's all. This free tool will begin its magical work.

How does it bring you traffic magically? Well its not quite magical. You know, that 99% of your website visitors just hit the back button and wander away. They do not buy anything. Maybe you put in a lot of work or spent a lot of money to get them there. But they are of no use to you because they just leave quickly.

With this tool, you can monetize this traffic. Yes you heard me right, you can monetize the traffic which is leaving your website. For every visitor that leaves your website you can earn advertising credits. With these credits your website or offer will be shown before visitors of thousands of other websites getting you hordes of targeted traffic for free.

Yes that's the greatest benefit of all. You just can't beat the price. It is free. So if you want to sit back and enjoy watching hordes of traffic rushing to your website, its time to take action now. Put in the minimal effort required immediately so you can enjoy lots of traffic in the years to come.

Do you want huge traffic to your website for free? Take action immediately and check out this Free Tool right now.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Increase Blog Traffic - 7 Reasons Why Google Analytics Can Bring More Blog Readers

Increase Blog Traffic - 7 Reasons Why Google Analytics Can Bring More Blog Readers

Google Analytics can be a powerful ally helping your increase blog traffic. It gives you information you need to study your blog visitors actions. Armed with this information you can repeat the steps took to get the targeted traffic. And bring more of the same traffic to your site.

Below are 7 reasons why this is such a valuable tool...

1. Feedback - You will be able to get daily feedback on your blogging efforts. You will know how many people arrive, where they came from and how long the stuck around. This valuable information will tell you what content resonates with your readers, and what doesn't.

2. Keywords - A good program like Google Analytics will show you the keywords people used to find your blog. Letting you know if the keywords you are targeting are the right ones. It will also tell you about ones you didn't know about.

3. Unique Visitors - This category will tell you how any unique visitors are arriving at your site. You will be able to view your results on a daily basis, weekly or any date range you choose. It is great to be able to look at long term trends as well as short term.

4. Source - Traffic sources lets you know how people are finding you. It breaks down into 3 categories. Direct, referred and Search engine are the 3 sources of traffic Google Analytics measures.

5. Bounce rate - Bounce rate is simply checking where people are exiting and entering your site. If they are just landing & leaving from the same page. It means they do not want to explore further into your website.

6. Time On Site - You get to see how long folks are spending on your blog. This is a good measurement of the stickiness of your content. The longer they spend on your site usually means the better they like your content. Giving you more opportunity to make sales or get visitors to join your list.

7. Page views - This will tell you if visitors are looking at multiple pages while they are visiting. One good measure of your blog is seeing how many pages people are reading. Of course the more the merrier. 

And now I would like to invite you to claim your Free Instant Access to Zero To Hero step-by-step traffic generation ebook when you visit