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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Using Ultra Spinnable Articles to Boost Your Google Rankings

Using Ultra Spinnable Articles to Boost Your Google Rankings

Spin articles are variations of an original article, the sentences and words vary and are reassembled to give you a new article. This allows you to create many articles from one original article without much hassle. You can spin articles using certain tools. However, they don't give the best results. These software programs use synonyms to spin the article, leaving it very rigid and dry. Such tools are not the best way to go, the better choice is to use human powered spin.

These are written by real humans, by hand, and can give out unique articles that make sense and are interesting. After you have received your spin article, use it again to create even more variations then published it all over the internet to get a multitude of backlinks connected and a higher search ranking. You can also use these articles to keep your website fresh and updated which is another factor search engines evaluate. In order to get these kinds of results, it takes a lot of time and effort, and some good writing talent. is a new service available that can spin the articles for you, saving you time and energy.

Spin ready articles written by humans still require time and effort to produce, and it might crowd an already-tight schedule to get them done on a regular basis. Fortunately, at, you have access to a team of professional writers that are able to produce extremely spinnable articles any day you want them. First they write an original article that passes the Copyscape test in the marketing niche of your choice, or a review of a Clickbank product, then they create the spinnable article from the original.

These ultra spinnable articles are created by a manual rewriting of each paragraph five times, then each sentence is also rewritten five times; this means that the super spinnable article can be used to generate over 100 millions of trillions of singular variations from that one original article. You never have to worry about how unique these spin ready articles will be and each member can create as many unique variation as they desire, because only 300 members are permitted at any one time.

Dario Montes de Oca is an affiliate marketing expert and reviewer of easy methods to make money online. Currently, viewing one of the most useful tools for leveraging articles for massive amounts of backlinks and website traffic using The Leading Articles content creation software.

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Sunday, November 5, 2017

6 marketing tips to help law firms boost their business

6 marketing tips to help law firms boost their business

The recession has put law firms under pressure and the competition for clients gets fiercer every day. While looking for new leads is clearly important, it’s even more important to get more business from existing clients. After all, it’s easier because they already know you and trust you. Here’s a few ideas to generate more business.

1. Conduct a survey of your existing clients. A few simple questions like “Have you made a will etc” will provide valuable information for targeting your services. Obviously, if someone replies that they haven’t made a will then you can follow up with advice why making a will is essential for the sake of your children. Surveys also give useful information for articles such as “60% of people could be creating problems for their children by failing to make a will”.

2. Stage free seminars about legal developments, preferably at your offices to keep down costs. Free advice will always be appreciated by both your existing and potential clients. Remember, even if people don’t come to the seminar, just the fact that they were invited will make them feel appreciated and remind that you still value them. That could pay dividends in the long term.

3. Cross sell your services… if you draft someone’s will, make sure they know about all the other things you do. This is one the easiest and most effective ways of winning new business

4. Offer existing clients an incentive to introduce you to a new client. Word of mouth is powerful marketing tool so give it every encouragement. A small discount or relatively cheap yet lavish sounding gift such as bottle of champagne can encourage to your clients to spread the word for you.

5. Offer free initial consultations for say, 30 minutes, so that people can get a little free advice to see whether they need any further help. Even if they don’t hire you immediately, you will get to know them and start to build up a relationship. You will also invoke the feeling reciprocity, which simply means that if you do something to help someone, they instinctively want to do something in return for you.

6. Create an email newsletter. This is so easy these days as many firms offer readymade templates and will allow you to send out thousands of embedded email newsletters at minimal cost. These newsletters should feature genuine legal news as well as information about your firm. They will help generate new business and also build client loyalty, an important defence mechanism as other firms may try to poach your clients.

While striving to attract new clients it’s easy to forget the ones we already have. Yet your law firm marketing should first and foremost concentrate on getting as much business as possible from existing clients because they are the ones who are easiest to reach and easiest to persuade.


Peter Woan is head of law firm marketing at Media Coverage.

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Saturday, November 4, 2017

XML Conversion - A Facility to Boost Online Business

XML Conversion - A Facility to Boost Online Business

As world is becoming village, all business wants to be at global. This helps business to have larger customer base and bigger market. This is easily possible through online presence of the business. Website is one of the powerful ways to create online presence. This helps you to capture the global customers, but just website is not enough!!

One of my clients told me that he had got new visitors but his ratio of returning visitor was very low even though he keeps promoting new benefits/discounts to the customer. The reason is that old visitor is not getting any updates about the website's new offering/discounts. XML conversion can be the best solution for this problem.

XML is abbreviation of eXtensible Markup Language. This is compatible with most of the platforms. This contains precise information about your product or services. Searching becomes very easy and speedy. XML is having structured information which is very easy for search engines to read.

Most of the companies around the world providing below mention conversion services:

• Text to XML
• Word to XML
• PDF to XML
• Excel/rtf to XML

You can get various benefits through xml conversion:

• You can publish the data very easily with higher compatibility.

• You can capture old customer's attention by updating xml information.

• This format is easy to read for search engines so it helps you to boost you ranking in various search engines across the world.

If you want large amount of conversion, it is wise to outsource xml conversion. This allows you to have benefits like;

• Conversion Company can help you out through professional xml conversion.

• By outsourcing, you can save huge amount of cost accruing to the company.

• They provide such a good conversion accuracy that surpasses 99%.

• They do use the superior, automated system which can generate the result quickly.

• They deliver the output as per you specification.

So XML Conversion helps you to boost the customer retention ratio as well as ranking in search engines over the world.

Bea Arthur invites you on Data Entry India, which provides Data Entry Services, Data Processing Services and Data Conversion Services. They are having expertise in XML Conversion, XHTML Conversion, HTML Conversion and other data entry services.

Friday, November 3, 2017

How To Use Backlinks To Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

How To Use Backlinks To Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

Using link exchanges has always been a popular method for building website backlinks. Link exchanges have been used for numerous years. However, things have changed because the search engines have gotten smarter when it comes to ranking websites and now value one way backlinks more.

But, this doesn't suggest that reciprocal linking does not exist. You just have to be a little more slicker about link exchanges and steer clear of the wrong sites. There are websites that were created for the sole purpose of creating links, but don't bother using them. Instead, exchange reciprocal links with sites that are in the same niche as yours.

For instance, you might have a blog in the martial arts niche that focuses on judo training. You can locate other blogs that also talk about judo training and determine if there is an interest in reciprocal linking. When you do this, the search engines will have to go along with it because it is above board and relevant to your website. One other way that's great for getting backlinks is to utilize the social voting websites like Delicious. These sites have become highly popular in the past few years, making them the apple of Google's eye when it comes to high rankings.

Plus, the content on these sites is updated all the time and it's usually quality. Google will take sites like these and will make sure all eyeballs can see them, because the sites offer information people can use. The search engines really look up to them these days. What you should be trying to do is get the most out of these websites without people thinking you're just sending spam.

Last but not least, the best technique you can do to get as many links as possible is to create the kind of content that others want to add their links to.

Those sites that have hundreds of websites and blogs linking back to them provide quality content that people enjoy reading. If you want to get a fair idea of this method, just logon to and check out all those articles that got dugg the most. They are there because they offered high quality. If you can create content that's high quality and that people will find enjoyable, then backlinking will be one of the simplest things you've ever done. In summary, link building can be seen as a step by step process that gets complicated if you try to rush in and miss a few steps.

Dario Montes de Oca is an Internet entrepreneur who has studied and implemented countless online marketing strategies. Don't make mistakes that will KILL your business, go to to claim the best backlinks ever for UNBELIEVABLE website ranking with SEO!

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Boost Your Sales Using The Best Pay Per Click Advertising Techniques

Boost Your Sales Using The Best Pay Per Click Advertising Techniques

What better way to boost traffic to your sales letters than Google Adwords advertising. This ad scheme, once implemented correctly, can truly bring hordes of potential customers to buy the products that you are selling. But of course, there is a price to pay in order to avail Google Adwords advertising. 

Depending on the keywords that you are bidding for, your expenses will most likely depend on this factor. Thus, if you don't want to waste your money on online advertisement such as this, you have to be knowledgeable about how the whole system works. I know there many internet marketers out there who have lost vast amounts of money due to poor Adwords management. 

If you want this to work for you have to listen to what I will say here. I'm pretty sure that you have read books written about Google Adwords advertising and still end up with losing bids and ineffective campaigns. Perhaps, we can go back to the basics this time. 

Keep in mind that PPC Click Through Rates are very important. If you fail to hit the high mark, then I don't see any reason why your ads would not dwindle as well. It is through click through rates that you will measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. This will give you a quick heads up on how your copy is written and how appropriate are your keywords. 

It is important that you are able to identify which ads are earning great results and which are not. Once the CTRs are low, it only means that you may have to abandon that particular campaign and come up with a better one. Google Adwords advertising will require you to closely monitor your activities. 

If you don't, then you might just be paying for passive ads. Let's quickly tackle some major causes that can result to poor Adwords advertisement. First, the copy was lamely written. With the limited space and characters that Google Adwords advertising gives its clients, you cannot falter at writing a lousy copy. 

You need to make your copy catchy and direct to the point. It is actually recommended that you check out the adverts by your competitors. Do some comparison and see whether you are on the right track or whether you are doing it better than they do. Such problem can also be aided by knowing your market better especially the language and the common words (jargons) that they use among their group. 

Second, the keywords that you are bidding for were not appropriately handpicked. See the keywords your competitors are using in their Google Adwords advertising campaigns. You might just get an idea. With a good copy in place coupled with the right keywords, I see no reason why you will fail in having the best pay per click advertising on the net.

Menno Spijkstra is a successful underground Internet Marketer who has been online for many years, selling his own products in many niches. Menno now decided to share his knowledge and experience through this site,

Saturday, September 16, 2017

PPC Search Engine Management to Boost Your Business

PPC Search Engine Management to Boost Your Business

Pay Per Click management services are mainly involved in handling the PPC campaign of your business/website. However, along with it, they usually also offer other services such as pay per impression, article submission/marketing, SEO, SMO and other related services. Consequently, they are able to increase the traffic to your website. Although, the end result is due to the combined efforts of various techniques employed PPC i.e. Pay Per Click is a major contributor towards the achieved results.

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click or PPC is a type of internet marketing wherein you pay a stipulated amount to a search engine for every click on your ad. These ads are created targeting certain keywords and appear alongside the search results irrespective of the ranking of your website. It is to be noted that the ads will be displayed for free and you will have to pay only when a user clicks on it. So to speak, the visibility of the ad is free! PPC is widely considered to be one of the most effective internet marketing techniques to obtain quick and valid results. Needless to say, it is being opted by many businesses.

PPC management services

With many businesses using the PPC marketing technique, you should be able to step into the picture with a difference. Various factors contribute towards the success of a PPC campaign and some of the major ones include the keyword selection, the placement of ads and the management of the campaign as a whole. There is no formula-based strategy and the strategy needs to be adapted as per the changing scenario of the market. The results need to be monitored regularly, along with the trends of the market; the competitors etc and future decisions need to be based on them. Thus, it demands the expertise and full-time effort of a professional team. There are various PPC consultant firms who can guide you with the appropriate PPC campaign strategy, SEO firms and various other aspects pertaining to PPC services as well as internet marketing techniques. It would be beneficial to do some research on individual company, their prices etc before making establishing a deal with them.

This article is written by a technical writer, working at a leading Pay Per Click management services firm. We have years of experience as a PPC consultant company and offer PPC services services to worldwide clients.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Give Your Website Rankings Instant Boost With Aggressive Off-Page Optimization

Give Your Website Rankings Instant Boost With Aggressive Off-Page Optimization

In order to rank your website on top of search engine results you spend your endless time and hard earned money. There are several aspects in Internet Marketing and Search Engine optimization that can help you in getting top ranks in search engines easily. However, if you have just started your online business and looking forward to an easy way of getting top ranks without spending lots of money on Paid Links Submission or paid contextual advertising (like Pay per Click), then off-page optimization can provide a relief to your pocket without compromising your ranks in search engines.

What Exactly is Off-Page Optimization

Off-Page optimization deals with the promotion of your website through various means. Article submission, blog submission, press release distribution, forums advertising, social marketing and social bookmarking are some most popular segments in off-page optimization.

The most important goal of off-page optimization is to create maximum quality back links, and supporting contents for your website. It is a proven fact in Search Engine Optimization and online promotion that off-page optimization drives maximum traffic to the intended website. Not just by directing visitors through the inbound links, but also by improve the rankings in Search Engines.

Quality Contents and Back Links - Essential for Boosting Search Engine Ranks

Nowadays, search engines gives equal importance to contents and quality back links. That means if you have generated enough contents highlighting the products and services being provided by your website it will certainly add more reputation for your website ranks in search engines. Quality contents on your blog describing the exclusive features of your products or services will create interest in blog readers to view your website. That means increasing organic traffic to your website that will end up increasing your sales.

Apart from that submission of keyword rich articles (describing the need and importance of the products and services offered by you) to article syndication websites is also helpful, as it generates quality traffic to your website and also create quality back links on popular websites. Social Bookmarking and Social business networking using Facebook, MySpace, and twitter also helps in creating instant awareness about your website.

Submission of press releases stating latest happenings and introduction of new products and services is also a popular phenomenon. PR distribution websites syndicate your press release to several websites providing instant boost to your website.

Always remember, your well planned move for off-page optimization of your website can result unexpected improvements in search engine rankings and generated sales. That means, you should stop planning and start taking actions. Contact an expert SEO service provider today and put one step forward towards success in Online Business.

Easy Submission simplifies the complex task of website submission to search engines, article submission, directory submission, and social bookmarking for optimizing websites. For more information visit us at:

Two Tips to Boost Search Engine Ranking With Outbound Links

Two Tips to Boost Search Engine Ranking With Outbound Links

Too often I hear how Incoming links (links to your website from other websites) influence search engine ranking. It is true, when a website links to yours, the search engines are satisfied and your ranking improves. It is part of the formula for SEO. However it is not a one-way street. Search engines also like to see the "web"- the tie between websites that link to you and the sites you link back to. This is literally the web that connects everything together on a virtual plane.

However when I recommend outbound links to clients I hear grumbling. There is resistance to giving out a free link to another business and fear that if their web visitors follow an outbound link they will not come back to their website.

Remember what we learned in kindergarten about sharing? The web is a lot like the playground; we have to share to make friends and get a good "grade"-in this case it is making the grade in search engine ranking.

Skip the grumbling. Follow these two tips to improve your search engine ranking with quality outbound links that will not look like a "freebie" nor will they direct web visitors to your competition.

Social Networking. What if I told you that you could link to someone your web visitors would like to know more about and it is someone who will never steal a customer-link to you! When you are short on outbound links, create text links to your social networking accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and any others you use.

Known Experts and Authorities. If you apply Metcalfe's Law to the increasing number of websites online, each website uses other websites as resources and thus becomes a greater resource. Fulfill your website's duty by becoming a resource and adding links to other websites that support your philosophy, skills, product recommendations, etc.

Choose websites that compliment rather than conflict with yours:
-Link to your vendors and suppliers who often have detailed product information on their websites.
-Link to related articles on Wikipedia, EzineArticles, and other resource sites.
-Link to complimentary websites to cross promote to the same customer base.

Keep things simple and comfortable. These two tips help you be a vital part of the growing web with outbound links that improve your searchability.

Vanessa Wood believes "All the world's the web!" There's room on the internet for your venture to be the next Internet phenom. Vanessa has years of corporate and small business experience that she brings to clients' web and blog design. She is the owner of Design to Spec LLC. Vanessa is an avid blogger on social media topics and best practices for the web.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Discover 5 On-Page SEO Secrets to Boost Your Website Rankings

Discover 5 On-Page SEO Secrets to Boost Your Website Rankings

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a part of internet marketing that every serious online marketer should have a basic grasp of. SEO is simply a means by which you can boost your website ranking in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing (the top 3 search engines amongst many others) and subsequently lead to more traffic.

Now there are 2 types of search engine optimisation namely on-page and off-page. Now while search engine experts have come to the conclusion that off-page optimisation is a much more powerful and effective way to boost your website rankings, on-page optimisation also has its place in improving your rankings.

What is on-page SEO?
On-page search engine optimisation is what you do the pages of your website to improve their visibility in the SERPS. Below are 5 things you can do to boost your on-page SEO. These are things that I do on my websites and work for me.

1. Title Tag
This is the title that appears at the top of a web- page. If you look at the top of this page, the title tag is the title of this article. Now you can improve your title tag by making sure it includes your important keywords and is composed in a way to entice web surfers to click on it when it appears in a search engine search results. Make sure you limit the characters in your title to about 60 characters. Anything higher and you limit the potency of your major keywords.

2. H1 Tags
Make sure you have your major keywords in a H1 tag somewhere on the page you desire to have high rankings for. Preferably, you want this to appear towards the top of the page. Also include H2 tags on your webpage.

3. Meta Description
Your meta description is the brief description found in SERPS results when your website is shown in a potential customer's search results. You want to ensure that you have your main keywords in your description and you write it in a way to describe your web page in a way to entice someone looking at it to click and find out more about your website's products or services.

4. Meta Keywords
Instruct your web master to include the main keywords you want your web page to rank for. Make sure you do not have a repetition of the same word more than 5 times. For example if you have a website that sells fitness equipment, you could have different keywords that have the word 'equipment' in them. Limit your keyword phrases/terms with the word 'equipment' to five.

5. Main Keywords hyperlinked at the bottom of your webpage
This is one secret that I have found to give me an edge over my competitors. Have your major keywords that you want to rank for hyper-linked to your main web pages (from your home page) and locate them towards the bottom of the page. Increase the power of this tip by having these set of keywords located at the bottom of every web page on your website.

So there you have it, 5 secret tips I believe will boost your websites rankings in the search engines. There is so much more you can do to enhance your website search engine rankings and I would love to show you how.

Can I Have Your Attention?

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Boost Website Traffic With Backlinks

Boost Website Traffic With Backlinks

Most people go for the hyped up marketing campaign, neglecting the humble strategy of backlinking to boost page ranking and improve web traffic.

Many website owners fail to understand that there are certain moves that can be made that can boost that search engine optimization. There are certain marketing tools that can aid all of your other marketing efforts. Backlinks are one of the many varied avenues that can help to increase web traffic.

What Are Backlinks?
Backlinks are the links that you see on websites for other websites. Some are called "Blog Roll" while others reside in a section simply known as "Websites We Like". The idea of a backlink is that your website will be promoted through another website. It is incredibly helpful to get click-throughs from other websites - this boosts traffic and improves search engine optimization.

Starting Backlinks With Your Own Backlinks
One way for you to start getting backlinks is to start listing websites on your own website. The website owners who track where their traffic is coming from may find that your links are having significant impact. They may be willing to put a backlink on their own website to help promote your website, as they will want to foster that relationship.

Buying Backlinks
It is possible for individuals to buy backlinks, meaning that websites can actually pay to have their website listed on another website. You pay a company that has a complete network of websites looking to make money. They will pay them to put your website link on their own website. Some companies will offer targeted backlinks, while others will simply offer random backlinks. Either way, you will be sure to get incoming traffic from backlinks when you pay for them.

Asking for Backlinks
If your website is part of a niche community you will be able to simply ask for backlinks. You will be able to talk to the owners of other websites in your community and will be able to work out a deal. You can convince them to insert backlinks on their pages in exchange. You might be pleasantly delighted by the potential of getting a high number of backlinks by simply requesting for mutual backlinks.

It is important for most website owners to understand the backlinks alone cannot help to push a marketing campaign through. Backlinks are simply an aid, a smaller tool that helps to amplify the success of other marketing tools. Do invest a certain amount of time to analyze your backlinks to boost your website hits. Website owners that utilize backlinks in conjunction with other website marketing tools will find that they are more successful in both website traffic and revenue earnings.

Tom Koh has been swimming in the primordial Internet soup since the 1990's. He has pioneered several highly successful Internet ventures. Tom now helps others succeed by sending website traffic to help SEO, Alexa ranking and sales via one of his services:

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Using SEO To Boost Traffic Results

Using SEO To Boost Traffic Results

If you want a sure way to improve the visibility of your site, you might want to consider using search engine optimization on your website. SEO involves the use of optimization techniques in order to increase the traffic on your site. Web pages are optimized so that they would be recognized much easier by the search engines. There are a number of methods and tools used to facilitate SEO. But at the heart of all these techniques is optimizing keywords.

To start with SEO, you need to make a research on the keywords that would most likely be linked with your copy. You can use free keyword analysis tools online to generate the said words. All you have to do is make sure that the keywords are closely related with what your website is all about. Soon as you have the keywords in place, the next thing for you to do would be to optimize them within the copy. You might need to make revisions so that your copy reflects the keywords you have identified. Take note of the density which means the number of times you repeat the keywords within your article. Make sure you keep them within the limit.

Soon as you have your copy in place, you can now begin to use other tools and methods related with search engine optimization. One of them is through directory entries. There are different online directories which you can take advantage of. Among them are article submission sites. Most of these sites can be used for free. All you have to do is create an account and then place your articles under the specified categories. Some article directories give you the opportunity to create links which you can track back to your business website. Take advantage of this because it will cause more hits for your website.

You can also use social media marketing as a means of expanding your website's reach and popularity. Use social networking sites to create better visibility and also target some niche markets. There are lots of free and popular social networking tools these days and all you need is a link or some compelling content to use them to your full advantage. Even these social networking sites can turn up when the keywords you have on your site are used by your target markets.

Creating blog posts and press releases are also an efficient way to beef up your search engine visibility. Just make sure you also use your keywords within such content and also add links to your site.

Do you need help in promoting your business online? Get help from an online marketing professional here: Freelance SEO Specialist

Cedric is an article marketing expert, SEO freelancer expert , link building specialist, and a freelance article writer.

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