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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Layouts For Booklet Printing: 7 Tips And Techniques

Layouts For Booklet Printing: 7 Tips And Techniques

Do you need a guide for the layout of your booklet printing? Well, look no further. Below are seven very useful tips and techniques for layouts that you can easily follow when you print booklets. This should give you a chance to produce better, more effective and more appealing layouts for booklet printing.

1. Outlining is key - One thing you should remember is that outlining is key. If you do not outline your content with a logical flow of concepts, the color booklet won't be as useful as you think. So even before you think of color themes and images, outline your content first and setup a good framework for composing your content. This will make creating your layout a little easier.

2. Divide into different sections - Now, in terms of a proper layout, you should always divide key points in your outline into different sections or chapters. This not only helps you write your content faster, it also is a boon in making a good color booklet. Everything from images, text and the work schedule can be organized into chunks via each section. Of course, this also helps your readers since they can easily go to the section that they really want without needing to read through others.

3. Use headers and sub-headers - Within sections, you should always use headers and sub headers to divide your paragraphs. This helps readers skip to important parts of a section more easily. Reference booklets and other information booklets benefit from this technique since people don't have to read whole sections to find what they are looking for.

4. Use only 2 styles of fonts - It is good for a color booklet to have only 2 font styles. This keeps the whole layout to look more clean and coherent. Moreover, this is just the professional way to do it, since color booklets with lots of wild fonts is a mark of an amateur.

5. Always add a break after several paragraphs - Now, whatever the situation, it is always wise to add a break after your content is several paragraphs long in a booklet. This not only helps readers rest their eyes after a long time reading, it also makes the whole booklet a little more interesting. People can usually understand messages faster via image than text. This is the way to make your content more manageable and appealing.

6. Balance your images - You must however be keen when using images for booklet printing. You must not just print them wherever you like. Always balance it with other elements in your booklet. If there is a text box or logo at the right for example, you might want to add your images to the left. This simple balance gives the booklet a little symmetry making it more appealing to the eye.

7. Add textboxes and previews - Finally, It is quite recommended that you add text boxes and previews of your article in that text box. This gives the reader a chance to browse through the content without really getting into the meat of it. They can just look at the preview and see if they really interested in the article or not. It is a great way to showcase a particularly long article with short snippets.

Just use these layout tips above, and you should discover that your booklet printing will become more effective, useful and look more professional. It is that simple but it really works for color booklets. Good Luck!

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