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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Fun and Creative Uses For Your Old Book Collection

Fun and Creative Uses For Your Old Book Collection

If you're an avid reader or you've had a big collection of books growing over the years from relatives and kids, chances are they're sitting in a box somewhere taking up valuable space in a basement, closet, or attic. Although you may not be interested in reading them, there are plenty of other uses for your old books around the house as decorative pieces. By taking some of these ideas into consideration - you can clear out that storage space while giving your home a creative, personalized touch.

• If you've ever liked the idea of having a "secret door" in your home, the solution may be behind (literally) your large collection of books. By covering the entire side of one of the doors in your home with bookshelves, you can glue books into place so that they won't fall off every time the door is opened or closed. By leaving a discrete, but accessible, space for a door knob or handle - you've put a unique and creative spin on an office or study room's door. By adding other "knick knacks" to the shelves, you can create the true feeling of a bookshelf right on the door itself. Just be sure to glue everything down so that the quick swing of the door won't send anything flying.

• If you have a variety of paperback books, you can create some creative and one of a kind artwork that's great for living room, home offices, or even bedrooms. By cutting covers apart and gluing them onto a canvas, you'll be able to truly have control over what your finished product looks like. By keeping with your "book" theme, you can even tear pages out of the books for fillers behind the covers. If you'd like it to have a more "worn" look to it, instead of grabbing a pair of scissors, just rip the pieces with your hands. You'll end up with more random pieces and the edges won't look so "clean cut". Once you've finished, frame the finished product and hang it wherever you'd like or give it as a gift to a book worm.

• If most of the books you've seemed to collect over the years are hardbacks, you can create some unique mantle end pieces out of them. Hardbacks are good at standing up on their own, so they'll work better for this project than most paperbacks. By gluing various sized books together, you'll end up with a modern looking decorative piece for your mantle. By making one for each side, you can create a coordinated look in your living room or dining room. Aside from gluing the books themselves together, placing a dab of glue in the middle of the books themselves will help keep them from spreading apart on the shelves over time.

So whether you're an avid reader looking to find uses for your hundreds of old books or a loved one has left you with their old collection, brush the dust off of the boxes and get those creative juices flowing. Book accent pieces make great additions to studies, dens, guest rooms, living rooms, and even bedrooms. Sure, you could lug the box down to a local thrift store and give them away - but getting the most out of the "clutter" in your home will help you feel like you truly put your old books to good use.

Jim is Vice President of Your Home Supply (YHS) the definitive website for home improvement tools, and gardening supplies. Your Home Supply offers a wide range of door hardware and cabinet knobs.

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Monday, October 9, 2017

Book Review - Private Dancer

Book Review - Private Dancer

I did not discover this book until after a couple of visits to Thailand. I truly wish I had found it earlier, Private Dancer should be in the seat pocket of each flight into Thailand. In a lot of ways it is a very grim tale and also slightly exaggerated to make it's point. However, reading through it after being to Bangkok I could see much of my own early naivety in many of the characters.

The story revolves around Pete, a freelance writer, who has been hired to work in Thailand. Almost immediately upon arrival he is introduced to the Bangkok nightlife scene and meets a beautiful Thailand woman named Joy. Joy is of course a go go dancer and sex worker. Pete falls head over heels in love with Joy, utterly heedless of the warnings from his friends. So strong are his feelings for her he continues to ignore and dismiss the mounting evidence that her claims to "love him and only him" are lies.

It is gradually revealed through friends and a private investigator that Joy has not only been seeing other customers but is also married to a Thai man. Pete has been nothing but an extra source of income, a human ATM unwilling to believe he is being used by his sweet girlfriend.

The story is told through a series of viewpoints, from Pete and Joy through to a number of other acquaintances. Two of the most interesting and sobering views are delivered through the eyes of a private detective and another through that of a professor who studies prostitution. So many of the problems in the book are caused by cultural differences. There is a world of difference between a westerners view on prostitution and love to that of a Thailand woman. Many of them are poor with families to support and see nothing wrong with telling men what they want to hear to get more money.

This book should be a must read for any man thinking of going to Thailand and maybe meeting a Thailand woman. I in no way condone the message the books seems to send that all bar girls are schemers and liars. Just as in any group of people you have your good and your bad ones. Private Dancer should be viewed as a cautionary tale to ensure guys new to Thailand are going in with their eyes wide open and not falling for all the usual tricks of the trade.

The Author, Ben W, is an avid traveller to thailand and asia who has finally settled down with the thailand woman he always dreamed of. Visit his blog below.
Thailand Woman

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Digital Book World Conference and Consumer Electronics Show: Past and Present

Digital Book World Conference and Consumer Electronics Show: Past and Present

A number of conferences dealing with electronic technology occur on a regular basis. Two of these are the Digital Book World Conference and the Consumer Electronics Show.

The Digital Book World Conference, a conference on publishing and digital change, is for all book-publishing professionals. This includes senior management, editors, agents, marketers, digital strategists, and others. It is unique in that it helps publishers address business challenges created by digital change.

The first annual Digital Book World Conference took place in New York City January 26-27, 2010 at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers. Planners of the conference conceived the idea in June, put together the Conference Council in July, and drafted the initial program in August. They geared panels and talks towards the changing digital book business. It had three main themes: Evolving the Business Model, EBooks: Opportunity or Threat, and Marketing in the Digital Age. Topics discussed included management of digital rights, pricing of eBooks, and timing of eBook releases. The goal was to provide an outstanding program with expert speakers for attendees to takeaway practical ideas, and to include sponsors and exhibitors capable of offering appropriate tools for implementing the strategies individuals learned about at the conference.

Attendees were professionals from five continents representing more than 240 publishing companies including Digital, Barnes&, Crown Publishing Group, Google, HarperCollins, Macmillan, National Geographic Society, Oxford University Press, Princeton University Press, Random House, as well as many others. Individuals from all areas of book acquisition, production, and distribution were present at the conference. Among them were CEOS, Senior Agents, Directors of Marketing & Sales, Editorial Directors, Directors of Strategic Partnerships, and Directors of Digital Assets.

The second annual conference, Digital Book World 2011, coming up January 24-26, will again be held at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers in New York City. The theme this year is Managing Risks; Seizing Opportunities. On Monday, January 24, conference attendees can participate in three-hour workshops in the areas of eBook Design and Production, Content Strategy and Transmedia Development, and Direct-to-Consumer Marketing and Sales.

Planning for this year's conference is well ahead of last year's schedule. As they plan for the upcoming conference organizers need to predict what the relevant digital change questions will be and what will be relevant to the target audience of book-publishing professionals in January 2011.

The Conference Council, a group of about 30 made up of CEOs, representatives from large and small publishing houses, retailers, digital strategists, retailers, and independent leaders, will plan the programs and choose speakers who will address the relevant issues and problems that trade publishers are facing as they move into digital publishing. Not only is the technology of e-readers progressing rapidly, but e-Ink technology is improving alongside it opening new horizons for digital reading. According to the review "What's Next in e-Ink Technology", the new generation color E Ink products are certainly crisper and offer better resolution and color reproduction that anything else seen to date and we expect to see electronic ink begin to compete with LCD displays (Digital Book Readers).

Another conference, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is held each year in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) puts on this technology-related trade show, which is not open to the public. Attendees must have a professional affiliation with consumer electronics. The CEA reinvests all profits from the show. They go towards such things as industry promotion and services, technical training and education, development of engineering standards, and legislative advocacy.

Originally, in 1967, CES was held in New York. Then in 1978, it started being held twice a year. In 1998 the show once again changed and went back to the once a year format. The CES gained popularity in 2004 after Comdex was cancelled.

The 2010 Consumer Electronics Show, held January 7-10, had an attendance of more than 120,000. The most impressive e-book readers at the show were Skiff Reader and Plastic Logic Que proReader รข€“ touchscreen devices with integrated 3G. Also at that show, several companies announced 3D-compatible HDTVs and four companies announced standalone 3D Blu-ray players. Intel demonstrated a new Wireless Display technology (WiDi), and Motorola introduced the new Backflip Smartphone.

The next CES, January 6-9, 2011, will have more than 300 conference sessions covering every aspect of the consumer electronics industry. The full conference lineup will be available October 1, 2010.

Marco Gustafsson is author of articles about ebook readers, e-inc technology and e-books. For more information visit Digital Book Readers - eBook readers guide with reviews and secrets to choose a good portable e-Reader.

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