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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Building Backlinks and Your Blogsite

Building Backlinks and Your Blogsite

A few months ago, I decided to develop a blogsite and nearing its completion, I began researching how to build backlinks to increase traffic to my site. I read article after article that mentioned several ways to increase traffic to your site. Some articles further explained, what you should do and what not to do. Needless to say, I was eager to get started on this project, but failed to realize the amount of work that was involved and the tasks that I needed to complete.

Most of the articles that I read, only hinted at the amount of time that you should devote towards this ongoing project. First, I began submitting my blogsite url to search engines and directories. I was off to a good start and decided to join a couple of social networks too. I said to myself, "That was easy. I can build up an audience from my social networking blogs and include a few links to my main blog site."

My next goal consisted of searching for forums to join. I could learn more about the social networking industry and gain some exposure conversing with other members. I joined several forums, but this is where I hit a snag. Nothing earth shattering, but a snag in my opinion is an obstacle to overcome.

When you begin to build backlinks and decide to join a forum, your main goal is to increase traffic to your site. First of all, you really should plan ahead for this project and develop a regular work routine. Also, try to stay organized and keep records of your accomplishments. Most forums are concerned with keeping spammers away and to avoid being banned from their sites, you should not overlook rules or terms of agreements. Forum administrators encourage members to interact with each other and emphasize the main purpose of their forum, including the topics that you can discuss.

Forums are great places to hang out and share ideas. They are worthwhile joining, especially if you have a great deal of leisurely time on your hands. But let's keep in mind, your main purpose for joining a forum is to receive more traffic to your site. When I began joining forums, I learned that several forums will not allow new members to leave a signature link for their website. New members must make at least 10 or more posts to be entitled to leave a signature link.

Right now, I consider my time too valuable. I wanted to devote more time developing my main blog site. I appreciate the opportunity to network with forum members, but making 10 or more consecutive posts on a particular forum is just too time-consuming. So, I began thinking of ways to overcome this obstacle. I came up with a few good ideas and while I am experimenting with how to increase traffic to my site, I'm also keeping track of the number of visitors that visit my site on a daily basis.

Here's a few helpful tips that can help you to become better organized while you are building backlinks for your site.

Create a spreadsheet document and list website names, addresses etc. Include important information about forums, blogs, social networks and other sites that you plan to become a member. Keep track of the dates that you made posts to forums, blogs, social networks and when you left comments on websites.

Next, develop a work schedule and refer to your lists often. Overtime, you will acquire an extensive database file. Keeping track of this information will help you to stay focused on your goals. You will be able to develop a creative work routine without feeling overwhelmed or discouraged from building backlinks for your site.


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