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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Panda Bear Facts and Bedroom Theme

Panda Bear Facts and Bedroom Theme

In the mountainous Bamboo forests of South Western China, you may find a "xiong mao" sitting on an upright position and chewing on a couple of Bamboo leaves. Pandas are considered a national treasure in China. They have been around for millions of years now. These beautiful animals are well-known for their black eye patches, muzzle, legs, shoulders and white fur. The Panda was once considered to be part of the raccoon family because of its similar qualities to the Red Panda. This may be the reason why the Chinese call the Panda, "xiong mao", meaning large bear cat. Believe it or not, the Red Panda is just as obsessed with Bamboo plant as the Panda. Pandas can eat about 3,500 stalks of Bamboo a day. Now that's a lot of Bamboo!

Although the Pandas diet is 99% Bamboo, it is classified as a carnivore because of its powerful jaws that are able to tear flesh. Other vegetation, fish and small animals (rodents) make up the 1% of its diet. Male Giant Pandas weigh around 175 - 250 pounds, although it all depends on its diet and environment. Their average length is 5 - 6 feet long and the height is about 2 - 3 feet tall. Females tend to weigh and measure less than the male. Pandas are considered a little anti-social since they tend to avoid others and prefer to be alone, most of the time. Unfortunately, only about 1,000 of these beautiful bears survive in the wild. People have been cutting down their main food source (Bamboo) to make way for farming, this making it harder for them to survive.

Many people like to associate the Panda Bear with the Yin Yang Symbol because of its black and white features. The Yin Yang Theory is one of the main theories in Feng Shui. It is believed that there exist two complementary forces in the universe, The Yin is the positive and the Yang is the negative. Neither one is better than the other and together they create a perfect balance. Creating balance in the bedroom can be fun and easy using the Yin Yang Theory with our favorite bear. First, start with the bed. Use white sheets and a black duvet cover or vise versa. Throw a couple of black and white decorative pillows onto the bed, one pillow being of a Panda Theme. Peel and stick bamboo murals and images of Pandas onto the walls, but don't forget to add plants and a lucky bamboo to create a perfect balanced room.

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Panda Bear Stuffed Animals

Panda Bear Stuffed Animals
There is no greater feeling as an animal lover when you get to see one of your favorites up close and personal. Such is the case with panda bears; they are simply fascinating, beautiful creatures you wish you could get as close to as possible. Since that's not a reality, panda bear stuffed animals will have to do instead and do they do! Next to the teddy bear, panda bear stuffed animals are some of the most adorable plush toys on the market today.

In the region of Sichuan there are more than 12,000 species of plants and 1,122 species of vertebrates along with more than half of the habitat which is where the giant panda population lives. It has been estimated that at least 60 percent of the panda population was affected in some way due to the 8.0 earthquake on May 12, 2008. In the South Minshan region, a combination of satellite imagery, field observations, and published research was used to determine exactly how much habitat was lost and how much of the population was fragmented. Using comparisons of satellite images from 2007 of forested regions in the area, which are the main vegetation types the pandas use, researchers were able to see what it looked like as compared to images taken following the earthquake and subsequent aftershocks. The results were then combined with the criteria that is needed to deem whether or not a forest is suited for a panda including slope incline, elevation, and the all important presence of bamboo - their main food source. The results revealed were worrisome; some 201 miles (or 23 percent) of the pandas habitat was just bare land after the earthquake took place. What remained of the habitat had turned into pieces of land that were both smaller and scattered about as compared to what it was prior to the earthquake this in itself is as dangerous and harmful to pandas as all out habitat destruction.

With the loss of this percentage of living space, it means that the population once living there estimated to be about 35 individuals could become extinct in the wild as it isolates them from breeding with other pandas. To try and combat this issue, research teams proposed a plan in which the pandas would be encouraged to move between what was now scattered patches of land, by erecting in essence what would become protected corridors. In addition, they made the recommendation that any areas located outside the nature reserves should be protected given the earthquake was responsible for twice the damage there as compared to inside the reserves.

One could argue as to exactly what it is that makes panda's so endearing but there is no doubting the facial features of panda bear stuffed animals are one of the keys to its attraction. That, is followed closely by how its plush black and white fur feels when handled. Either way, the very allure of panda bears and panda bear stuffed animals is what makes these soft toys so timeless. They are one of those plush toys in which children form very close and passionate attachments to, and accompanies them everywhere as well.

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Stuffed Panda Bear Facts

Stuffed Panda Bear Facts
All plush toys have their own personalities and looks that we find appealing. It's pretty tough to find anyone that isn't instantly attracted to stuffed panda bears given we find the real thing simply irresistible. They translate very well into plush toys and are another bear that's been modelled after the teddy.

Like the teddy bear, stuffed panda bears are extremely popular. Unless you live in one of the few places in the world that have zoos with panda's, the only place to see them is on television or in the movies. While a stuffed panda bear can't ever make up for seeing the real thing in person, at the very least, a stuffed panda bear is a forever keepsake that you can have (and look at) for a lifetime.

If you want to find a panda bear in the wild, you will have to travel to China, where they live up high in the mountains amongst bamboo filled forests. On the other hand, for a stuffed panda bear, no travel is necessary beyond hopping into a car (or going on the Internet) for a trip to the local toy store. Southern and eastern China, along with Burma and northern Vietnam, were once able to boast about high populations of pandas, but due to expanding human populations, along with loss of their habitat because of ongoing building, pandas now only exist in about 20 patches of forest (in the mountains of China). Along with China's government, the World Wildlife Foundation is working to create wildlife reserves for the pandas, in addition to extending reserves that already exist, so the bears can thrive and live in peace. In the Minshan Mountains [of China], an astounding 45% of the panda population can be found (around 720 pandas). In the Quinling Mountains, an additional 20% of the panda population resides (around 200-300 pandas).

Like the way they look, pandas are a peaceful, gentle animal. They will however, become aggressive if and when necessary. They have few natural enemies but some do exist jackals, leopards, and a relative of the weasel family called yellow-throated marten; it's the baby pandas that are most at risk with these predators. Pandas can weigh up to 330 pounds and have extremely strong jaws and molar teeth - they are equipped to fight back if they have to. In addition to their physical attributes, pandas are also adept climbers and excellent swimmers, so they have other means of escaping a threat besides standing their ground and fighting.

Unlike some species that have the potential to disappear because of over-hunting by their natural predators, panda bear populations are strictly threatened because of humans. But, as humans, we also have the means to save these precious bears. We can donate to organizations that work tirelessly to both educate and ensure panda habitats remain intact. We can spread the word about the dangers to the panda population. Of course, having a stuffed panda bear is yet another way to draw attention to the pandas plight.

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The Giant Stuffed Panda Bear And Panda Habitat's

The Giant Stuffed Panda Bear And Panda Habitat's
When it comes to soft toys, it's pretty tough to beat the giant stuffed panda bear. With the different sizes it's available in, along with its overall pleasing looks, children everywhere can't get enough of them.
Over the years, many resources and effort has been put into protecting the endangered giant panda bear. Nature reserves and protected areas have all been developed for this effort so the panda has a safe place in which it can live. However, in recent research conducted by an international team of scientists, they have discovered that not only are pandas living outside these reserves, but these areas are actually the best places for them to be.

Within the bear family, the giant panda is the rarest member. While it's range was once throughout most of China, northern Myramar, and northern Vietnam, today, less than 1,600 pandas can be found living in the wild in just three Chinese provinces Shaanxi, Gansu, and Sichuan. The panda's habitat has fallen on hard times thanks to logging by humans, the ongoing expansion of farming, and continuous residential development. According to Andres Vinas, a specialist with MSU university's Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability (CSIS), "overall, about 40 percent of the suitable habitat for pandas is inside the nature reserves. Our model also identified potentially suitable habitat outside the currently accepted geographic range of the panda.

With the use of both geographical and environmental information gathered by satellites, researchers were able to develop panda habitat models; this included analyzation in the three provinces of six mountain regions where panda's are known to currently be living. Armed with this new data, scientists were then able to develop a suitable habitat index for the area which covered 48,328 square miles.
This new habitat analysis is critical for both governments and other agencies to have as they move forward with developing conservation strategies and priorities for the giant panda. The data can also be used for other endangered species. The director of the Lab of Urban and Regional Ecology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhiyun Ouyang, says that between 2010 and 2020 the Chinese government plans on adding some 69,500 square miles of land to the country's already existing nature reserve system. With the new research on panda habitats, it allows for the opportunity to not only create new reserves, but also to expand existing ones, and create corridors which connect reserves to each other.

Not unlike the real thing, the stuffed panda bear does in fact have to worry about where it will live. After all, it never knows just who will make the choice to take it home and once there, what kind of home it will be 'subjected' to. The stuffed panda bear requires a great deal of love and attention just like any other soft toy, but in order to really thrive, a stuffed panda bear really must become the constant companion of its new owner.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Panda Bear Plush

Panda Bear Plush
While it's always a treat for a child to receive a stuffed animal, especially when they least expect one, getting a panda bear plush toy is an even bigger thrill.

Panda bears are an animal in which we have an enormous amount of love and fascination for if for no other reason than because it is not the type of animal we get to see everyday. In fact, outside of just a few select zoos in the world (The National Zoo in Washington, D.C., is one) there is no other place to see these amazing creatures except in their wild homes in the remote mountains of China. Since panda bear plush toys have been designed to match the exact specifications of the real thing, our ongoing love affair with these adorable mask-faced bears lives on through stuffed animals.

Giant pandas are black and white in color and have bodies that are typically like any other bear. Its ears are black as are its muzzle, legs, shoulders, and patches around its eyes. The rest of its fur coat is white. Scientists are not quite sure why pandas have such unusual black and white coloring but some speculate that it helps provide them with camoflage within their snowy and rocky homes. The pandas thick fur coat helps to insulate it against the cold in the high elevations in which they live between 5,000 and 10,000 feet. Pandas also have large molar teeth and very strong jaws which they need to crush the bamboo on which they feast nearly all day everyday. Despite how cute and cuddly we think pandas are, like any bear, they can be dangerous if and when threatened. That, however, does not stop us from continuing to love our panda bear plush animals. No matter how dangerous a panda can be, that does not deter us from our continued adoration of all things panda.

Giant pandas are comparable in size to the American black bear, which means that when on all four legs, they are about two or three feet tall at the shoulder and reach lengths of four to six feet. If you want a panda bear plush that is comparable in size to the real thing, look no further than a few online stores. Some boast a panda bear plush that is a stunning 3.5 feet tall a true plush treasure for any lover of pandas. Like most species of animal, male pandas are larger than females weighing in at up to 250 pounds (females rarely, if ever reach 220 pounds.)

Panda bears are listed as an endangered species with only about 1,600 of them left in the wild. Another 300 or so live in zoos and breeding centers around the world though most of those are located in China. To further the cause of bringing attention to the pandas ongoing plight, purchasing a panda bear plush animal is a wonderful start.

Angeline Hope is a collector of giant stuffed panda toys. You can view a selection of giant panda stuffed toys at MyBigPlush.