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Friday, December 1, 2017

Add Sound to Your Remodeled Bathroom

Add Sound to Your Remodeled Bathroom

If you like to listen to music in your bathroom, you're in luck. Nowadays you can have music emanate from just about every bathroom fixture and many of the accessories. Many manufacturers make gadgets designed for safe use and stand up to the heat and humidity in a bathroom. Consider some of these options during your next bathroom remodeling project.


Toilet Lid Music – A special device plays music when the lid is up and turns it off when the lid is closed. The unit perches on the top of your tank and comes with pre-programmed music or nature sounds.


Mirror Music – Now you can connect your MP3 player to the bathroom mirror and play music through built-in speakers, or you can do the same with a mirror designed for use in the shower. Make sure you get waterproof speakers to go with it!


Toilet Paper Holder – This is more like an MP3 dock with a built-in toilet paper dispenser. It comes with four moisture-resistant speakers for a quality sound experience.

Speakers in the Ceiling – Today lots of houses have built-in stereos. If you're planning a bathroom renovation project, you can add a bathroom to a whole-house system with ceiling speakers. Integrate the system with your cable, DVD, or TV, and listen to the game while you're taking a bathroom break. If your bathroom is large enough, you can even have speakers on two channels. One family member can listen to the news at the sink while another listens to music in the tub.  Keypads and waterproof remotes allow you to control the sound from anywhere in the room.


Underwater Sounds – For a completely relaxing experience some new bathtubs come with panels that bathe your body in sound waves emitted through the water. These baths play original musical compositions or you can add your own music through the digital interface.


Digital Showering – Some luxury showers include computers and light panels that glow in your choice of colors. You can pre-set your favorite combination and the computer synchronizes light, sound, water temperature and pressure, and steam to your liking.


Joaquin Erazo, Jr. is the senior vice president of marketing and public relations at Case Design/Remodeling, Inc. Find a local bath remodeler near you!


Learn more about bath remodeling on our website.


(c) 2010 Joaquin Erazo, Jr.

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Add Comfort With a Bathroom Radiator

Add Comfort With a Bathroom Radiator

A bathroom radiator is a great way to add some extra comfort and convenience to a place that you visit every single day. These units are great because they have a high value to cost ratio. The amount of value you can get from a good looking bathroom radiator far outweighs the initial cost. These devices come in many different models, so it's always possible to find something that matches your tastes. How can bathroom radiators add a little extra luxury to your life? The answer is through added functionality and an enhanced aesthetic feel to your bathroom.

Most radiators designed for the bathroom are specifically designed to keep hand towels or bath towels warm and dry. These units don't have the kind of power output that conventional cast iron radiators do. Often times they are electrically heated, meaning that you can turn them on or off as you desire. A bathroom towel radiator adds luxury to your everyday life by ensuring that every time you reach for a towel, you have one that's amazingly warm and comfortable. There's nothing quite like exiting a refreshing shower and having something warm to dry off with to start your day off right.

If the aesthetic is more important to you than the practical, you should look into the wide range of designer bathroom radiators. These have been specifically crafted to enhance the look of the room. The extra appeal derived from a designer bathroom radiator is immensely attractive, especially if you're relaxing in a comfortable jacuzzi. Designer bathroom radiators are essential to an aesthetically comfortable experience.

If you want to add a little extra comfort to your life without having to worry about incurring massive costs, look into a bathroom radiator. Whether the practical or the aesthetic appeals to you more, these heating units are definitely going to increase your everyday comfort.

John Scheid is a handy-man and author who enjoys the comfort provided by bathroom radiators. He more commonly writes articles related to vintage cast iron radiators.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Satin Nickel Towel Bar - Add Satin Nickel Accessories To Your Bathroom!

Satin Nickel Towel Bar - Add Satin Nickel Accessories To Your Bathroom!

If you are in the process of remodeling your bathroom, then you may want to consider adding some accessories to make your bathroom not only look nicer but much more organized. Adding a satin nickel towel baris a good idea. Having nowhere to place your towels can be such a big hassle, which is why adding towel bars is always advised.

Most local home improvement stores will have a small selection of satin nickel towel bars.  If you want to select your new satin nickel towel bar you will need to shop online.  You can click on the links at the end of this article and find out where you can view a very large selection and you will also be able to buy at discount prices and even get free shipping!

The satin or brushed nickel finish is very popular with today's homeowners and you will be able to find other accessories to go with your towel bar.  For example, there are satin nickel cabinet pulls, satin nickel soap dispenser, and even a satin nickel toilet paper holder.  Click on the links below to learn where you can find them online.

There are many different types of satin nickel towel bars, these include:

Single Bar

The single type is perhaps the most common type. It comes in a single bar where you can hang your towels. This type is typically placed right outside the shower door or beside the bathroom sink for easier access.

Double Bar

This type, as the name suggests comes, equipped with double bars, to accommodate more than one towel at the same time. Some varieties come equipped with multiple bars so that more towels can be hung.

Circular Bar

This kind of satin nickel towel bar is often used for hand towels, as they typically only accommodate small sized towels. If you want to add this to your bathroom, you can place it beside the bathroom sink.

The satin nickel towel rack or bar is perhaps the most popular type of bar, as it comes in many different classy designs. It is also relatively durable and is easy to clean. If you want your towel rack or bar to add to the aesthetic value of your bathroom, then you should definitely choose a style that best suits the interior design theme of your bathroom. Whether you want silver, bronze or gold, you definitely have access to a lot of options.

There are some bathroom accessories that are sold in sets to ensure that everything matches in your bathroom. You can get a set that comes with a bar for your bath towel, one for your hand towel, one for the hand soap and other such items that you need proper storage for in the bathroom. If you know exactly what style and color you want for your bathroom, then you should have no trouble choosing.

If you want your bathroom to be organized and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, then you should definitely invest in a satin nickel towel bar. You can find a wide selection of towel racks or bars in the market, you just have to choose the best one that is suitable for your bathroom needs. When it comes to bathroom design, you can never go wrong with a satin nickel towel bar.

Get the best selection and discount prices on a Satin Nickel Towel Bar and also you browse a large selection of Satin Nickel Door Knobs at discount prices!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Create Your Own Bathroom Design

Create Your Own Bathroom Design

Depending on your bathroom, getting a new design can be as easy as a new coat of paint or as challenging as a complete remodel. Changing all of the fixtures in your bathroom might seem like a big project, but if your vanity, toilet, or tub is starting to show wear, a remodel can provide a much-needed facelift to an older home. Your first step is to look around your bathroom and decide what you would like to change. Pick out new paint colors and towels if you're unhappy with your colors and the general theme of your bathroom. Go ahead and commit to your remodel if the shape of your vanity makes you miserable or your toilet looks like it survived the first moon landing.

Choose a Theme for your Bathroom Design

By choosing your theme ahead of time, you can give yourself the opportunity to choose fixtures that represent your style even before you start to pick out paint or think about toothbrush holders. You can find bath vanities and mirrors that have a distinctly rustic design if you have always loved the American west or that have an antique finish if you enjoy the intricate details of the Victorian era. By shopping on the internet, you can get a good idea of what is available in your price range and get inspiration for themes you didn't think of.

Pick your Colors

Once you have an idea of what you're looking for you can start looking at different color options. Your theme might even prompt you to look at some unusual colors that you might not have been interested in before you chose your theme. Think of the colors of your current fixtures if you're keeping them or the colors and finishes that you liked while you were surfing the internet; maybe a rich sunset color will complement your cowboy chic or a light sandy color could give a beach feel to your Newport inspired design. You might not want to purchase paint or towels until after your fixtures have arrived and you get to see their true colors. Some handmade pieces vary when they are finished and can throw off your carefully selected bathroom colors.

Once you've made your decisions about which style and colors fit your bathroom best, it's time to put your plan into action. Knowing ahead of time what you want will make it much easier for you to find all the elements you need to create your bathroom design or make substitutions if you need to. Whether you do it yourself or hire a contractor to come in, your bathroom with reflect your taste in no time.

John Drew is an interior designer who has lots of real world experience in interior decorating. Believe it or not, his expertise is in bathroom vanity decor. If you're interested in learning all about the wonderful world of bathroom vanities, turn to

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