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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Barcelona's Wonderful Sites

Barcelona's Wonderful Sites

Barcelona city of Spain is a wonderful place for tourists to visit and have a glimpse of what it has to offer. From monuments to museums to great seaside, it is one of the best cities you could pay a visit when in Spain.

The weather here is very friendly when you choose a perfect time of the year to do your expeditions whether for learning purposes of just for fun. There are games and sports to help you relax and forget your hectic daily living. There are lots of sites that are worth checking out to really have a feel of this Spanish City.

La Pedrera- Casa Mila

Apart from the Sagrada Familia church, Antonio Gaudi also created La Pedrera building which was previously known as Casa Mila. This is among the most visited sites in the city of Barcelona. The name La Pedrera means quarry and this is evident on the building as it is characterized by colorful tiles and beautiful wavy brick which make the building quite a sight to behold. This is one of Antonio Gaudi's masterpieces.

Barcelona FC Muuseum

Football lovers will find this museum very exciting as it has pictures, trophies and statues of great football players. When here, you can choose to see the stadium museum only, or choose to buy two tickets so you can access the museum, VIP lounge, changing rooms as well as the area where press conferences were held. This is a great place for football fans.

Barcelona Zoo

You can access the zoo by following signs from Ciutadella park in Parc de la Cuitadella. Children can have a time of their lives by viewing a variety of animals normally put on show here. There is also a shop, restaurant, picnic areas, electric cars, mini train and ponies to spice up the visit.

Miro Museum

This museum concentrates on the art work of Miro from way back in 1914. Apart from the paintings, the art gallery has tapestries, early sketches of Miro as well as sculptures. Art lovers can have first class experience of Miro's work.

The magic fountain

When in Barcelona, be sure to visit the popular Magic Fountain in Montjuic for a water, music and light extravaganza touch. The site is very popular for fun lovers and is should be considered by the young and young at heart. It will definitely relax your mind and spice your vacation.

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