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Friday, August 11, 2017

Pay Attention The Ball Position

Pay Attention The Ball Position

Ball position and body position are very important as well as giving yourself a stable foundation to play the shot.


With the ball below my feet the first thing I do is widen my stance. I need to get lower to the ball and that helps achieve this. I'll also point my left foot out a bit towards my target so I can get more of a clearance of my hips as I swing through the ball.


The big worry here for amateurs is that they don't maintain their address posture and the result is a low slice or a topped shot. Because my swing is more restricted because I'm lower, I will tend to take a little more of a straight-faced club than the yardage maybe dictates.


For example if I have a 7-iron yardage I'll take a 6-iron, holding the club more toward the butt end of the grip. The ball is going to be naturally moving left to right so I'll aim a little bit to the left and try to make sure my weight doesn't get out on to my toes, while keeping my balance.

With the ball above your feet, obviously when you play the shot, the arc of your swing is naturally going to make the ball go right to left. So first thing is aim further right so the flight will bring the Callaway ERC Hyper Driver back to the target.


In terms of club selection I will tend to take at least one more club for the distance. For example if it's a 7-iron yardage and I'm going for the green from this lie, I'll take a 5- or 6-iron and always grip down because the ball is close to me than it normally would be with a flat stance.


Because my left leg is up slightly for this shot, it's going to put all my weight on my right. I won't have enough balance to turn on to my right side because slope will push me over. So I want to try and stay as close to impact as I can because when I hit it on the upslope I'm obviously going to start to fall back.


Remember when playing the shot, stay as level as you can with your hips until after impact and allow for the ball generally to go up and high right-to-left.

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