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Monday, August 7, 2017

Digital Outdoor Marketing - Awareness What Is Involved

Digital Outdoor Marketing - Awareness What Is Involved

Dynamic outdoor advertising is deployed to market every thing from food, clothing to cars; due to the hardware used this method of promoting is so flexible and can be geared to buyers needs.

Gone is the day of the printed promotional poster, now these are being replaced by electronic outdoor signage, the motivation is due to the move in systems and the less technophobe consumers who are demanding data and if a merchant or manufacturer can not meet the command for the hardware the consumers will move on to someone who utilizes and integrates their hardware with a technology based solution.

This is why the movers and shakers such as Nike are using automobile mounted dynamic advertising to update customers in cars that a Nike shop is at the next exit on the parkway, this will then split a trip up and provide some retail therapy for the travelers.

Dynamic outdoor marketing ordinarily consists of an electronic display, a computer that stores the ads and power. These can be on trucks, at the side of the road, on gas pumps, on the roof of a taxi.

The equipment can be supplied in the structure of a modular video wall, or a commercial screen and a electronic sign case, these provide the fortification needed for extreme weather. The solution will rely  upon the setting, the elements and most notably the budget to conclude the project.

With the introduction and increase in LCD advertising screens and LCD advertising screens, indoor dynamic advertising demand is soaring fast, these are undoubtedly not for outside use as they do not have any protection for water or dust ingress and these will definitely become damaged if used outdoors without protection.

Dynamic marketing has been around for a while and now there are solutions for interior and outside purposes, based on expenditure anything is possible, with the digital poster range in sizes from 17" to 80" and LCD monitors accessible in popular sizes from 15" to 80", but it is clear a digital sign case is needed for outside use to protect commercial and domestic televisions.

The most important section that links them all is the display and a memory device for the ads and the ability to run ads in a set sequence, the similarities stop when you start talking about scheduling updates so an entire electronic marketing network synchronizes and refreshes the media with fresh advertisement campaigns.

It then gets different when sundry kinds of media players are installed from 3g for mobile electronic marketing, wireless for ease of deployment and hard wired media players that are used to offer a redundancy free solution.

When done right they are all amazing, still get it incorrect and the entire project can be beached before it takes off. When thinking about any digital advertising campaign, it must be planned down to the last aspect, from setting, to the availability of apparatus to produce the solution required. Trying to skip a solitary planning step will make problems later in the project, so the best is to plan the solution is to evaluate every part of it.

Graham is the leading manufacturer a range of LCD enclosures, this range of product is supplied to digital signage integrators throughout the world, now they also offer an indoor solution a digital poster, but it does not have the protection of an LCD enclosure.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Increasing Awareness, Marketing and Branding – Outdoor Digital Signage

Increasing Awareness, Marketing and Branding – Outdoor Digital Signage

Promotion is part an parcel of nearly every business; from retail to education, manufacturing to finance, getting the message across is an essential to increase awareness and drive up revenue.

Outdoor digital signage is one of the latest marketing tools in the advertisers' arsenal. It's a term to describe the use of any type of digital, LCD or plasma screen, used for promotion in place of traditional signage.

An outdoor screen has many advantages over other types of outdoor advertising such as the static poster of billboard.

Not only are outdoor digital signage screens brighter and more colourful than static signs, the use of transitions and moving images makes the digital version far more noticeable and engaging.

But there are other advantages to outdoor digital signage too. Because of its digital nature, content can be uploaded remotely, this means unlike billboards and static signs, no technician is required to put up new content or replace the older adverts.

As content is digital it also means that multiple advertisements can be used on the same screen, this is extremely attractive to advertisers who can maximise revenue from a single display but equally it drives down the cost of outdoor advertising as more space is available.

Another great advantage of outdoor digital signage is the flexibility of it. Content on outdoor screens can be timed for particular events, days or times of day รข€“ equally content can be uploaded instantly, making outdoor screens ideal for use as narrowcast information or emergency displays.

The only downsides to outdoor digital signage is the high initial cost of sourcing the screens, protection and installation; however, this cost can be driven down by using an LCD enclosure combined with a standard commercial grade screen rather than an expensive waterproof outdoor LCD. Content too can be generated in-house, further reducing costs and making outdoor digital signage more available.

Richard N Williams is a technical author and a specialist in the digital signage industry helping to develop outdoor digital signage and protection for plasmas. Please visit us for more information about LCD Enclosures or other digital signage solutions.