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Monday, September 11, 2017

How to Write Blog Posts that Get Attention

How to Write Blog Posts that Get Attention
If you have been an online marketer for a while, then you know how essential it is to have a blog. It helps you reach out to your target audience and at the same time gives you the opportunity to market and build a brand. There are plenty of online marketers that start blog but do not have a clue about making response driven blog posts. If you intend to get a lot of attention, then this is the one area that you should spend a lot of time in. This article explains three very important suggestions for creating appealing blog posts.

1. One wise plan for writing an engaging blog post involves writing down your daily thoughts and telling everyone how you overcame something bad in your life. Blog readers generally like it when you provide personal accounts because this provides them with a special chance to learn something about you and from you. Anyway, blog posts that give out this type of information are useful and informative. For instance, if you were good at a particular method of doing something that might interest your readers, share your strategy with your readers from start to finish. The main reason that these types of blog posts work well is because they give the readers details that they are interested in and place you in a position of expert.

2. Do an analysis of a product or a trend in the industry. People love it when you take apart something that they are curious about. For example, you can list out the pros and cons of a certain software product that you think will be helpful to your readers. Make these posts easy to read and understand, because you don't want people to get confused in any way. You should be very honest during your review because not only will this say whether or not your post is quality material, but it will also be when you readers decide if it is made of quality too.

3. You also have the capability to talk to other experts in your area and share this information with your blog visitors. Once again, this touched on an opportunity of value to the visitor because he or she can learn from an expert's opinion on a subject. In exchange the expert talks with more people and builds up his brand. Another good plan would be to create a questions and answers forum with your blog readers and professionals, where the blog readers can ask various questions and get answers from the professionals. There are many innovative things that can be done when you begin doing this, so go do it.

All in all, this article will explain how to create blog posts that get clicks. It is not that complex to do if you focus on doing the basics better and doing your very best. If you are just now starting out, it will take a little time, but your traffic will also start to grow and your blog will become popular as well. When you really get comfortable with writing these types of blog posts, it really gets easier with time.

Joe has been a full time internet marketer for about a year now, as an IT consultant he is interested in using technology and sometimes writes on this anonymity online blog. He uses security products to protect himself online and to obscure his IP address through this ninjaproxy network.

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Friday, August 11, 2017

Pay Attention The Ball Position

Pay Attention The Ball Position

Ball position and body position are very important as well as giving yourself a stable foundation to play the shot.


With the ball below my feet the first thing I do is widen my stance. I need to get lower to the ball and that helps achieve this. I'll also point my left foot out a bit towards my target so I can get more of a clearance of my hips as I swing through the ball.


The big worry here for amateurs is that they don't maintain their address posture and the result is a low slice or a topped shot. Because my swing is more restricted because I'm lower, I will tend to take a little more of a straight-faced club than the yardage maybe dictates.


For example if I have a 7-iron yardage I'll take a 6-iron, holding the club more toward the butt end of the grip. The ball is going to be naturally moving left to right so I'll aim a little bit to the left and try to make sure my weight doesn't get out on to my toes, while keeping my balance.

With the ball above your feet, obviously when you play the shot, the arc of your swing is naturally going to make the ball go right to left. So first thing is aim further right so the flight will bring the Callaway ERC Hyper Driver back to the target.


In terms of club selection I will tend to take at least one more club for the distance. For example if it's a 7-iron yardage and I'm going for the green from this lie, I'll take a 5- or 6-iron and always grip down because the ball is close to me than it normally would be with a flat stance.


Because my left leg is up slightly for this shot, it's going to put all my weight on my right. I won't have enough balance to turn on to my right side because slope will push me over. So I want to try and stay as close to impact as I can because when I hit it on the upslope I'm obviously going to start to fall back.


Remember when playing the shot, stay as level as you can with your hips until after impact and allow for the ball generally to go up and high right-to-left.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Cartoon Maps Attract the Attention of Readers!

Cartoon Maps Attract the Attention of Readers!

Cartoon Maps...

Most of you might not be familiar with the term cartoon maps but might have actually encountered them several times already. By definition, a cartoon map is an illustrated map of a certain place, be it a city or a town. The difference of cartoon map from all the other kinds of maps is that it contains caricatures and illustrations of landmarks, people, transportation, and everything in between. Cartoons are meant to catch and hold the attention of its target audience with its colorful illustrations and funny, sometimes witty, depiction of events or situations.

Maps are powerful advertisement materials. Because they are fun, colorful, and non-threatening, people respond to them positively. A good cartoon map also entertains its viewers while making its message stick to their memory for a long while. For those who want to attract attention to their business or service, cartoon maps can provide the ideal solution.

I have had ample experience in making cartoon maps. I have designed some pretty simple ones and some huge, complex ones. And I have dealt with all kinds of people from varied industries and sectors. This has allowed me the flexibility to cater to whatever creative demands the client has.

As usual, the process starts with the client telling me all that they need me to do. They do this by sending me a brief, detailing me with all every specifications they want. Cartoon maps may be built around a central theme or a central place, or might just feature several businesses that need to be promoted. Random activities may also be depicted, to provide humor or visual interest, whichever the client specifies. Depending on the complexity and size of the project, I will make the preliminary sketches on the soonest time possible. The client gets the first look and may ask to tweak a detail or two. When approval for the whole image is given, the final product is made and delivered.

The advantage of making cartoon maps is the seemingly infinite possibilities derive from it. Apart from observing relative accuracy of landmark and street placements, virtually anything can be done and included in it. Clients can choose to make caricatures of people they wished to be emphasized in their cartoon maps. Illustrations depicting business goals or organization goals can also be done. Maps can be informative or downright funny, depending on whatever concept or message the client wishes to be conveyed. Cartoon maps may contain texts to further enhance its informative quality or none at all.

As promotional strategy goes, cartoon maps are not only effective, they are also cheap compared to traditional promotions. They don't take weeks to plan and finish. It is because of this affordability and convenience that has made cartoon maps quite popular when it comes to visual promotions.

Having long-term experience in this profession has also allowed me to produce high quality products. This means no confusing or ambiguous image or illustration. You will truly get what you pay for, and more. I can guarantee a product that not only draws eyes but maintains the viewer's interest, too.

Richard Duszczak has been a freelance cartoonist for nearly 30 years, drawing cartoon maps, cartoons for educational books, motivational and training, advertising, PR, magazines and the web.
Cartoon Studio Limited
Tel: +44(0)1246 209034
"Working to make you and your clients smile!"

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