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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

How to Remove a Facebook Application From Your News Feed

How to Remove a Facebook Application From Your News Feed

As much as I love my Facebook friends there are some applications that I don't want or need to see clogging up my news feed. The application can be removed from the news feed, although it isn't obvious, and you won't have to de-friend your first boyfriend.

For this example, let's use... hmm... I don't know... how about Mafia Wars? While I am thrilled that so many people enjoy playing this on Facebook, I am not playing and the status updates telling me you just got a new gun or killed the bad guy mean absolutely nothing to me. And when I really busy and am trying to get caught up, they are completely annoying.

So here's what you do.

Login to Facebook and go to your Home page
On the left is the news feed. Click on the More Link to view a list of applications.
By selecting on of the Applications (ahem... Mafia Wars) you can filter the news feed to only show Mafia Wars updates.
Hover over one of the status updates and a hidden Hide button will magically appear. Yes, logic doesn't apply when we have to unhide the hide button.
Click on the Hide button. It will ask you to select whether you want to hide the person who has the update or the Application. Since I love my friends, I'm going to choose to Hide the Application (Mafia Wars). And then poof! it's gone.
The news feed will now be empty because we had filtered it to only show updates from the application we just removed. Just click on News


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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Understanding the Application Service Provider Model

Understanding the Application Service Provider Model

ASPs have constantly been around us in some shape. The demand for them mainly originates when the total lifetime cost of a service is excessively high. You can conceive of it like electricity generation. We all demand electricity for our common activities and can also buy generators to satisfy our own demands. But such big generators are expensive and purchasing fuel for them turns out be yet more pricey, if we compare the prices with traditional electrical energy bills. That's because the fixed costs get divided amongst hundreds of buyers and get nominal at last.

This likewise happens on the internet, where businesses invest a lot of money to build up computer software and then provide a package to possible buyers. This is done largely on a per user basis or on a monthly basis. In several instances, it can be a combination of both, like on-demand computer software designers charge a specific fee per x number of users per month. And time has merely viewed the thriving increase of such ASPs as their demand continues climbing.

Let's take a look at some of the popular features of an application service provider to visualize why this industry is springing up with time. Firstly, they manage the basic investment and purchase all the devices from high-tech servers to desktop computers. Then, they commit yet more to make the software package and clear it of all bugs. These software system also demand maintenance and superintendence at all times, which involves the presence of skillful labor. The ASPs attend to this end as well and employ PHP programmers, web designers, help desk people and more. Then comes the issue of occasional updates to remain abreast of the modern exploitations in the technology industry and to see to any laws if they apply. All these matters result in big expenses and these costs are divided amongst clients. In several examples, the product is offered free followed by advertisements. E-mail is an example of such a free offering, where developers like Yahoo and Google let us make a free email account and finance it with adverts.

Mohsin Khan is a writer for DistantJob, an IT Provider. You can hire PHP developer or other qualified Asian staff if you want to create your customized software.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Browser-based Map Application For Easy Creation Of Maps

A Browser-based Map Application For Easy Creation Of Maps

Nowadays enterprises utilize Flash map to display the locations of branch offices across the regions, as well as showing sales performance to company's shareholder regularly. For personal users they can display a map sharing their travel adventures, with a mouseover tooltips displaying additional information.

In the past, Adobe Flash software together with Flash editing and programming knowledge were a must to create a Flash interactive map, while many non technical users refrain from doing so because they were too busy to learn Flash or they thought it was too technically challenging. Therefore, many people just outsource the map development task to the professional map developers and designers which involved a considerable amount of money. Nowadays, everyone can take full advantage of the advanced technology and create a professionally looking Flash map in a matter of minutes using digital map builder. The map builders provide a lot of ready made map templates and an easy-to-use interface for users to pinpoint location, modify colors, add labels and display information box. With online map builder, you can customize maps with points of interest that appear as beautiful static or animated icons. For example, you can use footprint icons to label and locate the places you have visited; transportation icons include icons of various transport facilities that can be used in logistics, tourism and transport industry. Those icons in the icons gallery are of high quality and you can even import your own custom icons in JPG, PNG or SWF format according to your own preferences.

However, most of the digital map builders available in the market are designed for Windows Application, which means those Mac and Linux users will not be able to enjoy the ease-of-use and simplicity offered by those programs. Apart from that, users need to register a webhosting account prior to upload the Flash interactive map and make it publicly viewable, and embedding the map into some content management systems may not be possible sometimes as those systems will prevent you from adding the embed code.

Comparing to the traditional map program that is solely designed for Windows application, the advanced digital map builder doesnt leave out Mac and Linux users. All the maps are made via the browsers so there is no software to download and install, and the tool is free of any operating system conflicts. The user-friendly map builder is also compatible with different popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Besides, everyone entitles to a set of username and password upon registration; user can save the Flash map online directly and reopen the map in any computer with Internet connection. Unlike other map program in which web hosting signup is required to store the map, the digital map builder expedites your web hosting process dramatically. Once the map is published, a set of embed code is generated for users to integrate their map into the website easily. No signup of web hosting service is needed. The most important thing is, even if your computer crashes the maps will not be done as they are saved online. All maps are saved in the map server in which user can access to their saved creations anytime anywhere.

Here are the major features of web based digital map builder: - Allows editing of maps right from your browser, no need to download and install any program - Save your map projects online and re-open it on any computer for further update - Easily embed the map into your existing HTML page/layout - Compatible with different Operating Systems such as Mac, Linux and Windows - Runs in various platforms - PC / Notebook / Netbook - Select the ready-made map template and simply customize it according to your preference - Map hosting is included - No prior map design skills or software tools required - Flash map can be displayed on all major browsers with

Visit our website today to download a free trial version of interactive map software that does not require coding and programming to create an interactive map. You can also find web design software including a flash gallery, music player, video player and flash website creator.

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