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Friday, August 18, 2017

Appliances Into The Entertainment Marketing Channels First Age? - Channels, Marketing, Entertainment

Appliances Into The Entertainment Marketing Channels First Age? - Channels, Marketing, Entertainment


Noisy all summer, "

Super Girl

"Finally in the eye in the fall of the curtain, in the entertainment season, the Super Girls is like a shot in the arm, aroused popular entertainment craze, and willingly crazy for it and weep. This summer, people are most memorable, not the heat, but bring the fanatical ultra-female. "Super Girl" who's a star, so many unexpected, but the process of super-woman fortune, that a bit of propaganda, arrests the eye of the show is essential, especially red over the course of female red is the perfect classic advance of speculation . "Super Girl" set off not only a recreational economy, as early as Davenport's best-selling book "Attention Economy" has been elaborated on in the new economy, attention is itself property, money and attention will be force with the flow. Is not this the show referenced


It? Today, most cattle in the age of stars, super-woman to zero threshold conditions


Star, which makes the country hundreds of thousands of girls dream of doing the star caught a straw, in the broad participation of women by the concern over the more, to focus on the super-woman does not want to make money in this focus on it is difficult, and therefore the attention of the Super Girls economy along with the economy came into being.

In today's home appliances industry, the major channels of giant first smell the aroma of this cheese and courage to try. Continue

Five Star

Organized the first "Five-Star Cup" National Electrical


After the competition,


Recently held "COS Star" National Star debut of another competition show. This zero-threshold, zero restrictions on the draft national competition to recruit people in the household appliance industry has seen the "Super Girl" shadow. In the "national pastime" era,

Home appliance chain

Giants keenly felt the courage to do this and the first "who eat crabs." So, out of "

Price war

"Of a single


Approach, turned to experience marketing, attention marketing channel for the transition of home appliances on the right track yet? This month's "home appliance market," senior editor of the Yi Deng invited the Associate Director of Planning Five Star King Star, the industry veteran such as what days together on the topic discussed.

Of Yi Deng: I heard that Five Star's "power model" contest attracted a lot of elderly people and even boys, to break the model by the beauty


Situation. Can be seen in the "national pastime" under the influence against the backdrop of people's attitudes have undergone great changes, more and more people are willing to accept some new concepts and models, this is fun for first time home appliances into the lay a good foundation?

King Sing: We should say that exactly fits the situation down the theme of this event, because the requirements of appliance models differ from ordinary models, except models must have the natural beauty, its image and products have similarities, the becoming an electrical model with the following two conditions are needed: one to have a certain affinity; Second, models need to have some knowledge of electrical principles, only to grasp the characteristics of products, electrical models can be used to display products best manners. Competing application in the elderly, also based contest considerably.

No doubt, "Super Girl" is a very successful

Marketing case

Not just Hunan Satellite TV, there are




(This is the audience) is the real center and the owner, they were not just consumers of the products or services, and their products and services to participate in this process, promote the best of two slogans "like her, on the left She, "" want to sing sing "the slogan is there chops. This kind


Of entertainment, not more, but less, some say the ratings is the root of all evil, I think this was in line with the changing times of the outcome. We appliance industry should also be keen to capture this change, or only to be eliminated.

Any day: a long time, most people express their needs at the way, are suggestive, insinuating nature. In particular, some traditional values that are "bad", it is not there a little bit of disclosure, fear of others labeled "alternative", "immoral", "vulgarization" of the name first. In fact, many consumers need only a manifestation of its nature. For example, taken seriously, and cared for, to be prominent, be manifest! Of course, relax, indulge and so want to play another short period of time their psychological needs. These needs, through conventional means is difficult to be satisfied. The "entertainment" to the owner of a very good platform. Because it is entertainment, so it can be unconventional, because it is entertainment, so it can be off the traditional, because ... ...

Based on this, entertainment is becoming a noticeable trend in.

Channel marketing for the entertainment appliance trend, if we are to meet customer needs look on, to find, in fact everything is inevitable. This is a huge current information both inside the life of practical reasons, another reason for the marginalization of consumer information received.

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Increased integration of global digital TV industry in China concern - digital TV, set-top boxes - household appliances

Increased integration of global digital TV industry in China concern - digital TV, set-top boxes - household appliances
Cisco Motorola NXP, the global telecommunications, mobile devices and semiconductor industry, the prestigious company, has all the digital TV Industry have been very active. Early November, Cisco announced the acquisition of DVN China Limited (DVN) set-top box business. Acquisition has just landed on the spread of Motorola set-top box business who want to sell the news. Before that, the semiconductor giant NXP to set-top box, TV-chip product line and IP services to sell to the other a digital TV chip business Trident. Integration, acquisition, sale of digital TV set-top box business is big business restructuring, especially for digital TV market gradually expanded after the industry to scale and intensive needs. This reporter learned that, despite industry consolidation and M & A giant moves frequently, but the Chinese market, they increase the intensity of investment and the layout down, grab the Chinese market as they are diversified, global strategic layout of the key. Global digital TV industry, competition 11 2, the global networking solutions provider Cisco Systems announced that no more than 44.5 million U.S. dollars will buy the digital set-top box business world in China. DVN DVN Group subsidiary is the industry leader in set-top box, set-top box of its holdings in China topped the market first. Cisco's acquisition just landed, the industry came another one on the news: Motorola is its set-top boxes and other cable television equipment manufacturing sector to seek potential buyers, and hope that buyers bid to reach 45 billion U.S. dollars. Motorola said in March last year, the company will split into two separate businesses, a main Mobile Business, another in set-top box and enterprise mobility solutions business. Set-top box business integration also occurs in semiconductors. October, NXP and TV chip company Trident Microsystems Electronic Announced the merger of both digital TV and set-top box division. Trident's acquisition of NXP's set-top boxes, TV-chip product line and IP services, NXP merge the business through the payment of 30 million U.S. dollars and receive 60% of Trident company shares. To create economies of scale and complementary in resources is the increasing integration of the power industry, where companies. The acquisition of digital set-top box business world, the Cisco vice president, general manager of KenKlaer international cable business, said: "Through the acquisition, we will bring our customers products with the digital world of Cisco IP Next Generation Network platform, powerful combination." NXP CEO RickClemmer in the "China Electronics News" during an interview, said NXP and Trident cooperation, will create a focus on digital TVs, set-top box chip's leading semiconductor companies, to NXP's cash flow and capital structure to focus on digital consumer semiconductor market; In addition, as NXP holds a 60% stake in the new company, thereby ensuring NXP gained in the digital TV market, the real advantage of that. Trade integration was not surprised about this, they think this is the inevitable result of market competition. Broadcom's Broadband Communicate Senior Marketing Director Business Unit JohnGleiter told reporters, from a global perspective, digital TV market, mature, and competition based on the needs, set-top box companies, chip companies will experience more integration, smaller, relatively weak financial strength of enterprises will fall into being out of position. Oligopoly or show Recent years, the rapid development of global digital TV market, the market research firm InformaTelecoms & Media predicts that by 2012 there will be 504 million global households to become digital TV users, digital rate of nearly 50%. Such a large market to attract more and more enterprises to participate in market competition, the result is superior resources gradually come to understand the "minority" in the hands. Cisco's acquisition of DVN set-top box business, will be cross-border competition in the capital.

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