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Friday, October 6, 2017

Multiple Alternative Solutions with Online Support Desk

Multiple Alternative Solutions with Online Support Desk

The companies dealing a lot with customers and requiring 24/7 service for customers need an important service termed as help desk or support desk. The central areas for end user support are Help Desks or Support Desks, which are able to meet and exceed customer expectations.

A good Online Help Desk Software can be researched in the market to streamline your support to customers and employees with their IT related issues. You will find multiple alternative solutions and it may be a cause to confusion.

What is a Help Desk or Service Desk?

Help Desk is an information and assistance resource that troubleshoots problems with computers or similar products. Corporations often provide help desk support to their customers via a toll-free number, website and/or e-mail. A Service Desk is defined as a primary IT capability called for in IT Service Management (ITSM) as defined by the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). It is intended to provide a Single Point of Contact ("SPOC") to meet the communications needs of both Users and IT and to satisfy both Customer and IT Provider objectives. (As defined by Wikipedia)

Know the best practices to monitor the efficiencies and performance of a Help Desk or Service Desk?

It has been indicated that you cannot ensure an effective help desk if providing support alone to the wireless user base. The key metrics such as resolution and satisfaction should be identified and monitored. It is much difficult to make informed decisions for increased efficiency and effectiveness without these key metrics in place.

Below mentioned information list will assist in establishing the efficiencies and performance tracking, which are much needed to provide performance goals and accountability assignments for that goal attainment.

Key Performance Indicators - To establish performance goals and assign accountability for achieving the tasks and ability to track and trend performance, identify, diagnose, and correct performance problems.

Below mentioned list of the five keys must be tracked for the highest performance and accountability:

•  Cost per call or contact (foundation metric)
•  Customer Satisfaction (foundation metric)
•  First Call Resolution Rate (FCR - biggest driver of customer satisfaction)
•  Employee Satisfaction (this is important for lower turnover, lower absenteeism, lower handle times)
•  Overall Help Desk/Service Desk/Call Center Performance

The utilization of these Key Performance Indicators, you will not only more effectively measure your performance, but will also enable you to:

Follow your system performance and trend over time
Benchmark your performance against your peers
Develop actions to improve performance
Identify not only strengths but weaknesses
Identify and understand underlying drivers of performance gaps
Establish performance goals for both the individuals and the entire group as a whole
Wireless Help Desk/Service Desk

Outsourcing Wireless Help Desk/Service Desk will be greatly determined by your staff and your wireless users.  

An efficient Support Desk installation will only save time, but also end up saving a lot of money as well. The way to get to this place with your website is simply by setting up a Support Desk on your website.

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Alternative to Google AdWords

Alternative to Google AdWords

Generally speaking, Google has held the biggest market share of online users for quite some time. So, it wasn't always worth your money to go somewhere other than Google Adwords for a Sponsored Search Marketing campaign. But now, with the merger of Yahoo and Bing, it's more worthwhile to explore an alternative to Google AdWords.

Microsoft's adCenter is helping people reach those online users who are searching with Bing and Yahoo. They claim that their users can reach as many as 57 million unique searchers with their PPC ads.  While Microsoft's adCenter has a lot of very similar features to Google AdWords, the main difference seems to be the level of customization that adCenter provides. Their targeting capabilities allow you to decide if you want to apply each level to the entire campaign, or just a specific ad group. However, they are currently only offering text and mobile formats, where AdWords has text, image, video and mobile formats for their ads.

Another alternative to Google AdWords that shouldn't be ignored is Facebook. Facebook anticipates having over 1 billion users by the summer of 2011. That's a huge number of potential clients for your business that simply shouldn't be ignored. Facebook's sponsored ad campaigns allow you to customize your links by user's locations, interests and age providing you with the best possible probability of getting clicks. For example, perhaps you have a new restaurant opening in Miami that is very modern and targets a younger audience. You wouldn't want to advertise on users pages in Michigan who are over 40. Facebook allows you to have specific targeting capabilities to narrow their huge base of users to ones your business will most appeal to. This provides you with a huge amount of bang for your buck.

Deciding to embark on a PPC campaign is defiantly a big step for your business, one that needs to be monitored and maintained if you want it to be successful. Many business owners don't have time for the amount of work a PPC campaign can be. It seems like you should just be able to set it and forget it right? Wrong. A PPC campaign must be constantly watched and tweaked to reach the ever changing online market. Who has time for that when they're trying to keep a business going? That's why sometimes it's best to hire someone to manage your PPC campaign. That way, if you choose Google AdWords, Microsoft's latest Yahoo/Bing hybrid adCenter, Facebook or a combination of these three giants, you can be assured your PPC campaign will be a success.

Hiring a professional who's familiar with PPC campaigns and what they entail and has a good success rate with other company's PPC campaigns is always a good step. While it may cost you more in the short term, it's an investment in yourself and something like that always pays dividends down the line.

The professionals at Optimum7 understand the intricacies of Google AdWord and its alternatives. They can help you decide what route is best for your company, and will maintain your PPC campaign once it's off the ground. Contact Optimum7 today to get started!

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