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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Blog: A 'Diary-Like-Format' Website

Blog: A 'Diary-Like-Format' Website

A blog, also known as web log, is basically a 'diary-like-format' website containing entries in reverse chronological order with the most recent entry on the top, enabled by easy-to-use tools and open for everyone to read. The entries can consist of any content, which you would like to present to the viewers. By bloggers we mean the users who take part in blogging. In blogs you can see many links to other sites, the individual ideas and thoughts of bloggers on anything and everything he feels like telling others through net (sharing his views, to be more precise!) and other bloggers' comments/suggestions on the available topic of discussion etc. The authors may have different goals, uses or writing styles but have one thing in common - the format. It is a 'diary Web logs simply provides a framework to express the bloggers' views.

People may be motivated by different reasons under different environments. The motivation behind posting on a topic may include:
• Starting a conversation, looking for a feedback
• Clarifying ideas or concepts, articulating ideas to understand them
• Capturing and organizing ideas to oneself or for others
• Contributing to an idea development by commenting or by connecting different ideas

With blogging gaining popularity day by day, the expansion of RSS is remarkable reaching new heights and depths in various fields. Since some blogging soft wares generate RSS feeds automatically, some people who maintain blogs publish RSS feeds without even knowing they are doing so. Blogging need not necessarily mean a personal affair it can also fuel business opportunities looked upon by various marketers and publishers. Also many big companies are using blogging to keep their employees, colleagues in various departments and customers posted on the latest topic of discussion.

Blogging, though the name was coined by Jorn Barger during December 1997, dates back to the time of invention of Internet. The Internet was started as a tool for scientists, researchers, academic professionals, students and the government. But, it took a real pace when it was explored for commercial purposes. The early days of World Wide Web consisted of lots of personal sites and free information, which made people take a tilt towards posting whatever they wanted at any time.

Still, people are interested and they have more things to say than before! Users are enthralled by the fact that they can create a website whose main purpose was to give ongoing updates on anything current affairs, social issues, technical advances and so on. To top it all, they can give their opinions too! These comments/opinions often written in a witty manner with a well-researched outlook as well, hook people to read blogs. The fact that you need not get a job as a reporter or a writer to publish your views to the reading world is what keeps blogging on wheels since the day it was invented. Blogging is the true democratization of publishing. Bloggers find it fun to write anything, anytime for anyone, anywhere in the world.

The best part of the web log is that, you need not be a geek to be the master of your web log. The most vital point to remember while having a web log is that, it should be updated regularly. If you are not doing that, your readers will loose interest and will certainly go in search of better pastures to graze. After all there is no meaning in hanging on somewhere, where there is nothing to read. If you are in search of dollar, first formulate a frequency for your blog, which you are quite comfortable with. A perfect blog is one which is daily updated with relevant features. To blog daily, you need to manage your time, very carefully, unless you have plenty of time with you. And who can argue the fact that the owner of a quality blog also has some excellent time management techniques.

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