Monday, December 18, 2017

Shoes Central Coupon

Shoes Central Coupon
Located on the West Coast in scenic Ashland, Oregon, Naot NaturalFootwear is one of the largest independent distributors of Naot footwear in North America. Included in our price is fast, free shipping to anywhere in the U.S., taking just 5 to 12 business days to all locations.

Additionally, Naot NaturalFootwear offers a dedicated, conscientious staff available Monday-Friday to serve all your Naot footwear needs. Whether searching for footwear for your own enjoyment, or as a gift for a friend or loved one, we are confident our catalog and stock availability make us one of the best sources for Naot footwear online. Because of Naot NaturalFootwear the popular Naot clogs, shoes, and sandals are no longer so perplexingly hard to find! It is our aim to treat our customers with the same high quality Naot footwear provides your feet!
Do you have a secure server? Am I safe submitting my credit card information to you over the Internet?Yes, you are safe submitting your credit card information over the Internet. Our websites are hosted by Pair Networks. Their servers are extensively tested against security exploits. All unnecessary services are disabled, all security patches are up-to-date, and servers are audited regularly for attempted break-ins. Their systems administrators actively maintain awareness of new security developments. Their custom network monitoring systems ensure that attacks are identified and responded to promptly.

We are an independent retailer of the products we sell; therefore, we do not have information about other retail store locations. You must contact the company directly to obtain this information. All ground shipments within the US are shipped to you free of charge.
At this time we are not able to ship internationally, though we are currently researching this possibility. Please check back in the future for this option.
We cannot take back worn shoes, as we will not be able to resell them. Returned shoes cannot show any perceivable wear (e.g. wrinkles on the upper, dirty soles, imprinted footbeds, scuffs, etc). Shoes returned in worn condition will be sent back to you with a $ 7 per pair shipping charge to your card.

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