Friday, December 1, 2017

Fighting The B2B Lead Generation Demons

Fighting The B2B Lead Generation Demons

Success in lead generation through telemarketing is what every company hopes to achieve all the time. After all, sales leads are the oxygen that breathes life to all businesses. The inability to get high quality prospects will render a business entity dead. True enough, lead generation might appear easy and hassle-free. However, firms would not seek help from experts onshore and even offshore to do lead generation services if it is a piece of cake. The truth is that there are a lot of demons that can impede sales victory. First and foremost, I am not talking about monsters with hideous countenance or supernatural beings we often see in Hollywood movies. These evil forces I am referring to are obstacles that a firm may never have the capacity to eliminate, thus, failing a lead generation program.

The life of an organization is at stake if and when a strategy in getting sales leads does not work. Not only will the company cease to exist but other aspects will be affected, too. These aspects include jobs for hundreds or thousands of people, taxes, and products or services. In order to avoid businesses from shutting down, it is every firm's mission to defeat the demons in lead generation. Below are examples of those demons and how your business could conquer them:

Demon No. 1. The inability to have a well-targeted prospects list. The first pit stop in lead generation is the list. Information relative to a prospect must be gathered and compiled comprehensively. Then, this list should be secured in a computer database. However, a good list of potential prospects can be difficult to obtain.

Before initiating a B2B lead generation campaign, you need to have a database that contains recent information about prospective clients.

Demon No. 2. The incapacity to target qualified sales leads. After obtaining a list of prospects, teleprospecting follows. This is one of the three most critical angles of lead generation, alongside appointment setting and the sales presentation. This is so because there is a need to target the exact audience that your firm would like to market your services/products to. Furthermore, it is a must for sales leads to be pre-qualified. Meaning, the leads should possess all attributes of a qualified sales lead. These characteristics, both quantitative and qualitative, are abbreviated in the acronym BANT (budget, authority, need and time). The prospect's interest in your product or service does not always mean qualification. A well-qualified sales lead must have the financial resources needed to purchase, be the key decision-maker and be in immediate need of solutions.

To avoid getting poor quality sales leads, you should choose cold-calling specialists who use effective call scripts under strict management supervision and aided by advance technology.

Demon No. 3. Zero or less number of qualified appointments. Gathering a pool of qualified sales leads is a good omen of your future business status. However, you should not celebrate yet. These sales leads will not matter if they are not converted into paying customers. Also, no matter how many sales leads you get, if they are of poor-quality, your sales conversion ratio will remain bottom low.

Only competent, experienced and highly trained appointment setters can put your sales representative right in front of the decision-maker.

Aside from the above-mentioned challenges, there are more lead generation demons that can be crushed when you seek the help of a reputable lead provider. You may also select from various business-to-business lead generation programs being offered today. These include the pay per lead compensation model, which guarantees pre-qualified sales leads and appointments to help boost your business' bottom line.

Sarah Barnes is a telemarketing expert with 11 years experience as a sales leads analyst for small and medium companies. Sarah invites you to visit for more information on pre-qualified sales leads and appointments.