Friday, November 10, 2017

Starting a PPC Publishing Business

Starting a PPC Publishing Business

You have heard about the various PPC publishing programs and you are eager to try them out to see if you can earn some money online. Here is how you can promote your publishing sites to earn more money from the various programs.

If you are not familiar with PPC publishing businesses, let's just say that it's one of the easiest business to put together. You have to have 3 things to make this work.

Content + Traffic + ADs

Let's take a look a content. The best type of content for your PPC business is product related content. Bear in mind that your primary goal as a publisher is to deliver targeted traffic to your advertisers. If traffic shows poor conversion rates, no advertisers will continue to advertise on your site.

For example, you can post product reviews on your site. Content can include product specifications, pros and cons, and personal recommendations. This type of content is best for the PPC publishing business.

Once you put a few pages of content together, you may then add the Ads into your web pages. Make sure that your ads are visible. If you are doing this to make money, then don't be afraid to display the ads! Some people tend to hide the ads because they don't want to provide a negative experience for their readers. If that's the case, then it's alright to not display ads in visible areas. But if you want people to click on the ads so that you can earn some revenue, then you have to show the ads prominently.

Your website can be hosted with or without a CMS. There are many popular sites making thousands of dollars each month with only static html pages. The search engines find these pages very bot friendly, and give them very high rankings. That goes to show that it doesn't require a lot of tech savvy to be a successful publisher. But it does require you to be committed to generating useful content for the readers.

Once you setup the whole site with content and ads, it's time to drive traffic to you site. Be careful about where you get the traffic from. If you drive untargeted traffic from shady ad networks, you may get your account banned. That's because the traffic is not converting. Visitors are just clicking and clicking and they are not buying.

The best traffic is from the search engines. Someone going to a search engine to search for information related to a product is a hot lead. There is a very high chance that this person will end up buying something, especially after reading the great review that you have posted.

So how to get organic traffic from the search engines?

You get traffic by performing SEO. If you don't know what that is, pick up a good book about SEO and learn everything you can about how to boost your search rankings. The higher your rankings, the more traffic you get. That leads to more clicks and more money for you!

Darren Chow is a full time article marketer and SEO specialist who has helped hundreds of clients promote thousands of websites.

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