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Promotion Of Green Energy

Promotion Of Green Energy

National Standardization Technical Committee

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Home Appliances

Refers to the design, manufacture, use and recycling process to consider the low consumption of resources and the environment on human health and damage to small appliances. Resource consumption of green energy-saving appliances and the environment on human health and the extent of damage at different times of the requirements are different, but the idea of green energy-saving appliances is the same. Green energy-saving appliances is a permanent issue, everyone has a responsibility and obligation to promote.

Present, the technological level of China's home appliance industry to the EU WEEE (



The waste product instructions), RoHS (restriction in the electrical and electronic equipment on the use of certain harmful ingredients instructions), EUP (with


Product eco-design Framework Directive) 3 directive is no problem. In fact, their standard household appliances on the environment and the use of the safety of personnel is a requirement, but these three commands added to a number of indicators, or to raise a number of values of certain indicators.

Therefore, China to promote green energy-saving appliances home appliance industry is not a technical issue, but the confidence and resolve. Our first priority is the firm belief, the determination to do the green energy-saving appliances can not be shaken. While green energy-saving appliances in the design, manufacture, recovery of the road will face many new difficulties, but difficulties and problems can be any concept of consciousness and technology through innovative solutions and can not hesitate.

Second, the promotion of green energy-saving appliances is not only manufacturing the issue, it relates to everyone in society, we have the determination, conviction, and even existing home appliances, as long as the same can be achieved by the rational use of energy saving, reduction consumption results. On the contrary, even the green energy-saving appliances, if they are unreasonable use, simply be thrown away, would lose the value of its own energy. Therefore, we should strengthen our convictions and from now on, I start from. "Two sessions" on behalf of the resident removed a one-time equipment, the General Assembly to shorten the meeting time is a good example.

Finally, the promotion of green energy-saving appliances is a long term, should be gradual, not to be "across the board, swarm" like to promote, impulsive, anxious, and thought one step is not desirable.

Imagine all the current people's homes are replaced with energy-efficient electrical products, at least 4 years to 5 years. Therefore, promotion of green energy-saving appliances should be able to realistically be carried out from ourselves and from every day life to start. For example, turning off lights every day to hand off the tap

Air conditioning

Temperature of reasonable adjustments, less open day car, in the time and place designated place abandoned household appliances. Everyone must have a saving families, saving the community, the idea of saving society. Promotion of green energy-saving appliances in the process must start from a little bit, do not do costly "achievement projects" flashy "image project" one step "ideal project."

Green energy-saving appliances is a philosophy, is always our goal. Promotion of green energy-saving appliances should be able to realistically implement, step by step to advance.

In this issue appliance industry, there is no reason to become arrogant, complacent. The challenge of economic globalization, especially in the international


Test before the crisis, if our spiritual slack to make progress, it will miss opportunities.

Green energy-saving appliances in the industry pushed for many years, but progress is not satisfactory. These events reflect the industry's overall awareness, sense of urgency, responsibility is not enough, mainly for the management of relaxation, not enough solid work. Therefore, the promotion of green energy-saving appliances to establish a sense of responsibility and urgency, should be continued.

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