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Ecommerce Web Design Vital Elements

Ecommerce Web Design Vital Elements
Any Ecommerce website needs to have some characteristics that are vital for its success. Here success is in terms of maximizing a number of visitors and optimizing the conversion of visitors into buyers. This implies that revenue generation and return on investment are the scale to measure the success of any ecommerce website. Some of the prominent elements that are vital for a successful website design are as follows.

Color has been attracting the human beings since the dawn of civilization. With reference to marketing the biggest impact of the color was seen on colored advertisements in print and television. This was before the advent of internet. The growing penetration of internet has led to the importance of colored websites. For any human being there are basically two types of colors; the bright ones and the somber ones. Bright colors include colors like red and yellow while the somber colors include colors that are on the lighter side. The color schemes play very important role in drawing the attention of the visitor. Bright colors are aggressive and eye-catchy but at times can have a negative impact on the visitor. If the color of text as well as the background is nearly of the same type and lack contrast it becomes difficult to read it. It is always better to have a contrasting color scheme. Usually a light colored background and dark colored text is recommended.

The size of the font should depend on the age of targeted audience. If the business knows that the market segment targeted through the website is more than forty then the font size should be on bigger side. The visitor should not find it difficult to read the text content of the webpage.

While elements like color and font re responsible for making the website appealing, it is the functionality that plays a vital role for the revenue generation of the website. Some of the prominent elements of functionality include adding to cart and tracking the order. Nowadays there are many ecommerce websites that offer the facility of paying the bills through the website too.

Many ecommerce websites need the embedding of the images on the website to convince and convert the visitor into buyer. This does not mean that the website should be stuffed with images. Overcrowding of the website with images can slowdown the downloading speed of the website. If the website does not download quickly, the visitor may just switch on to another website.

Search engine:
The web design should not only be user friendly but also search engine friendly because it is through search engine optimization that the traffic to any website can be maximized. More the number of clicks on a website more are the chances of increase in the business.

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