Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Creative Advertising Ideas for Your Grand Opening

Creative Advertising Ideas for Your Grand Opening

Your store grand opening is one of the biggest and most important day's of your new business's life and a very big part of ensuring it's success over the coming years.  One of the main aspects of a grand opening is advertising.  New businesses usually don't have a lot of money to spare on advertising and promoting, but not advertising is obviously not an option.  If necessity is the mother of invention, then new entrepreneurs are in need of grand opening and creative advertising ideas.  Here are some creative grand opening ideas (some are common sense) to help give your business a kick-start.

One of the best grand opening ideas is to have a goodie bag (either a zip close sandwich baggie, party favor bag, or some other small container and put your new business cards, some candy, a coupon for your new business, an invitation to your grand opening, one of your new promotional products, or whatever you think would be best to include in the first impression of your new business.  Have a few with you wherever you go and hand them out!  Leave it with your waitress' tip (make sure it's a good tip too!), offer it to the person behind you in the check-out line, give them to friends and family at your child's sports event, ask your hairdresser to give one to her next customer… anything and anyone you can think of to get the information about your new enterprise into as many hands as possible.  This is much more memorable than simply handing out a flyer for your first day or offering your business card to acquaintances and gives a much better first impression of you and your new company.
Another creative advertising trick is to ask local businesses and apartment complexes if you can leave fliers inviting people to your store grand opening.  Be sure this flier has all pertinent information on it (directions to your new store, phone numbers, websites, email addresses, coupons, etc).  Also offer special coupons and discounts (maybe even some freebees) to the employee's and owners of those who agree to let you advertise to their clients.
Grand opening promotions is all about advertising your new company in a high traffic area without having to pay the big bucks for a top advertising agency. Find some way of specifically targeting those who spend the money and do the most shopping for themselves and their families – moms and wives!  That might mean asking for permission to post fliers at local daycares, parks, grocery stores, or schools.  And be sure to remember that this niche market is often very big on a good deal.  Women love a good, honest, coupon.
Places of worship and other religious facilities are another good place to announce your store grand opening.  Most churches hold a spring and fall festival where booths are very inexpensive.  Set up an inviting table, well-stocked with some kid-friendly promotional products as well as plenty of information about your new company.  An additional grand opening idea is to have a contest drawing for anyone willing to exchange their contact information.  This will give you jump-start on a potential customer listing.


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