Thursday, October 12, 2017

You Can Make A Fortune As An Internet Marketer In The Next Decade

You Can Make A Fortune As An Internet Marketer In The Next Decade
Did you know that the Internet was invented by the US Department of Defense as a means of communication if we were attacked by Russia? True, and it was in 1969. The WWW on the other hand was invented by an Englishman called Tim Berners-Lee in Switzerland in 1989. The Internet dates back to the 1950s and 60s, although few of us knew of it then as it was part of the American defense system.

Now that we are well in to a new decade I thought it would be nice to reflect a little bit on the history so far. How businesses have related, are relating and will relate to Internet:

In 1999 it was maybe 5% of the brick and mortar business that had a website, and they all looked like brochure. In the early 2000 around 10% of the brick and mortar business had a website, and they still looked like a brochure. In the mid 2000 around 30% of the brick and mortar business had a website. Then something rear to happen. About 10% of those started to "get it". They started to wonder if this website that looked like a brochure actually could bring some value and money to the business. They started to look in the concept of what we know as "Internet marketing". And at this point in 2005-2006 the concept of "Internet marketing" started to become main stream.

Now at the start of a new decade we see about 50% of all businesses have a website, and a growing number of them stat to see that there are more to this "Internet thing" than just have a website that looks like a brochure. And my prediction is that in the coming decade we will see close to 100% of all businesses will have their own website, and a ever growing number of those will see and understand that the Internet is a fact of life and can actually grow their business. The question they will have to answer is: How to attract, keep and retain customers? And as a shift of awareness among most people the consequence will be that they will seek knowledge and people with the skills on how this "Internet marketing" works. We will literally see a wave of opportunity come in the next decade that we likely will see in our lifetime.

And how will this affect us? Well for a starter if you even read this article you are way ahead of most people, and since there is no "official education" on this topic they will look to folks like YOU to help them. There are already a number of Internet marketers that are working as consultants to large international companies to help them, and to a VERY lucrative prize. I heard one of the most "famous" Internet marketers Frank Kern, and he told me that he had big multi national businesses paying him $ 100k and 15% of their revenue per year to do this job. That's just to give you an example, and there are going to be a LOT of them in the next ten years. There are actually not enough of "us" to serve the demand that is coming, so GET READY.

Just to give you an idea how good or bad it can go I will give you an example from my home country Norway (I love the four seasons). The two biggest airline companies in our country have a very different story the last two years, The "old" one SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) has very bad results the last ten years, while the smaller one, Norwegian (Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA) are doing absolutely great. They travel to more or less the same destinations, and are competing for the same travelers, but still SAS use way more money than Norwegian. And there are a number of reasons for that, but before I say anything go visit their sites and see if you can see any difference there? You did right? The most basic knowledge in the industry: Norwegian have an Opt-In box. The funny thing is that most traveling with Norwegian is on their list, and when they have a "new" promotion they send it out to ALL of their subscribers. And they have it all the time. SAS on the other hand also have a place where you can sign up for a new letter, but you have to look for it. So if you ask the companies how many they have on their lists and how they use it, you'll get two very different stories. And why do you think the results are so difference? Every time SAS have something to communicate to it's customers they have to have a BIG campaign on TV, radio, newspapers etc. Very expensive, while Norwegian don't need that much traditional advertisement because a great number off people get offer in their in-box. As simple as that.

PS! I have not been in touch with SAS, so please feel free to make a good chunk of money by doing so ;-)

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