Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Lead Net Pro ? The Perfect Sales Lead Generator System for Network Marketing

Lead Net Pro ? The Perfect Sales Lead Generator System for Network Marketing

This is a good review of why I think Lead Net Pro is the "Perfect sales and marketing software program" for marketers, whether they market an online business or a local offline business.

If you have been marketing online for any length of time, before Lead Net Pro came online, you have probably bought leads or some system that could bring you leads.  If you haven't done that you probably know someone that has.

About six years ago I personally remember spending about $ 5 per lead and the leads had been beaten up or sold many, many times making them virtually worthless.
Another problem with those leads were that they were not very targeted.  If you bought opportunity seeker leads you may end up with leads of people who gave up their contact information because they thought they were going to get free shaving razors.

How successful would you be if you were calling people who signed up for a free razor and you tried to get them to buy into a business opportunity for $ 1500?  Needless to say, I was not very successful with those leads and to be quite honest that business opportunity was out of the reach of most people in regards to what they wanted to pay for an extra income stream.

Then a couple years ago, there were a few software programs out there that claimed you could make a ton of money scraping the internet for leads.  Ok, the main problem with these programs was that the leads you got were not targeted at all.  Another problem with those systems was that once you got the leads you had to find another program that you could use to contact those harvested leads.

The next piece of software you may have heard of was and is still a good piece of software.  I am writing about IBuzzPro.  This was the giant leap into being able to contact many people in an automated fashion.  One of the problems with IBuzzPro was that you still needed to find the leads to call and you couldn't use IBuzzPro to email your leads.

Fast forward to today!  Lead Net Pro allows you to gather highly targeted leads off the internet from many different sites and using different methods.  Lead Net Pro also enables you to place calls to those leads for the lowest cost per call available.  And thirdly, Lead Net Pro lets you email those highly targeted leads.

With these three abilities, I believe Lead Net Pro is the "Perfect Storm" for all marketers from online marketer to local businesses just looking to increase their revenue by finding local customers.
If you want to learn more about Lead Net Pro, then give me a call or send me an email.  Over the next couple weeks I am going to be giving you an over the shoulder view of the system working and even giving away free leads.

Why would I give away free leads generated from Lead Net Pro?  First, I want to show potential investors in Lead Net Pro that power of the system.  Secondly, some of the leads that I will generate are leads that don't fit my business model and I wouldn't have a use for them anyway.  Thirdly, I am a damn nice guy and really think that Lead Net Pro is here now to change peoples lives.

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