Thursday, October 19, 2017



Are you feeling like life is getting out of control? Your child forgets what he’s doing in the middle of every chore, during homework or even while he’s talking to you? It’s possible you’ve tried medication or programs before, but this free program is different. If you are just learning that there are ways to help ADD symptoms without medication, you’ve come to the right place.

What’s different here? The name “Let’s Get Fit To Focus” tells you a little bit. Did you know exercise can clear your mind, even if you have ADD? If you find a sport your child enjoys, they’ll get exercise and learn skills at the same time. Imagine if you can find a physical activity or sport that you can do with your child. You will both benefit from getting exercise, spending time together, feeling good about yourselves and possibly getting outside. That’s a win-win all the way around! This is one of the many tools you’ll find in this free ADD program.

How do you get ADD help and get things under control? By week three of the program, you’ll have learned:

· How to reinforce the concept of unconditional love,

· How to catch your child in a positive effort,

· How to assess your own feelings and your child’s about ADD, and how these feelings are affecting your lives both at home and in school

· And how to help your child work on an area of mastery, where your child attacks a task by breaking it down into simple steps. This produces increasing levels of success as it addresses the given issues and builds self-esteem.

Do you see how this free program offers great and unique tools? The lessons explain all of the information and walks you through how to implement steps.

Wouldn’t it feel great to catch your child doing something good? You can compliment her and focus on her, not ADD.


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