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Why Every Internet Marketer Needs to Be Connected

Why Every Internet Marketer Needs to Be Connected

There's no question that the internet is the largest, most extensive human connector in the world at this time in history. It can, however, be the most isolating and largest separator of people and significant relationships. That's because it is so easy to hide in front of a computer monitor and avoid deeply engaging with the outside world.

There exists a fundamental truth that you have to be connected to get connected and have connections. When you can take care of your being state, you allow the rest to emerge through an orderly process of growth. And how can you experience being and staying connected in your chosen markets? Your own Strategic Visioning process will help you clarify your success arena and consciously connect in-person with experts in your marketplace.

Start With A Powerful Intention
Ask yourself, what do you really want? What is your idea behind this connection? How will you benefit? How will these connections help you choose, understand, and conquer your marketing arena? How will you feel in this connection? See yourself enjoying the fruits of this connectedness.

Go into your imagination
Feel the deep purpose of your intention. What will you be having and doing as you enjoy the fruits of your connection? Go beyond what is already familiar to you. Even Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge.

No limits are allowed here. This way you can free your mind from the clutches of familiarity and history. You need to train your mind that what you have imagined is reality. Then it will accept and allow you to imagine it. It's a paradox.

Order Your Imagination Into A Vision
Organize it into a picture. Connect the imagination pieces together into a form. See it in great detail, with all your senses. Frame it. Live in it. Make it your reality. Focus on it fully. Hold on to it. And guard your thoughts with faith in your vision. Allow no distractions. Know it's already yours.

This Creates The Power To Manifest Your Desires
You will start doing and having out of the power of your intention, imagination, Visioning and Manifesting process. Be prepared to be tested in your determination to succeed. Let your consciousness lead the way. Don't give up. And don't give in to overwhelm. The more aligned you are to your vision, the lighter and more capable you will become.
(ref: Tulshi Sen. "Ancient Secrets Of Success For Today's World", p143-157)

Consciously Connect
Get the best and latest information on how to communicate with and market to your prospects and customers. The fastest, most accurate and effective way to do this is to learn from the top marketers who have already succeeded in your arena.

There are so many ways to do this online: live online interactive courses (teleseminars and webinars) and replays, home study programs, blogs, forums and social media, etc.

If you intend to succeed in a big way on the internet, nothing beats in-person learning, networking and socializing. There is a special dynamic that takes over. It eclipses other types of learning and accelerates your success process significantly. It works even better if your intention and vision are clear before you attend.

The Power of Live Events
At the best events, you are effectively immersed with like-minded people. You form relationships and future partnerships that otherwise would not have been possible. And you benefit from the power of sharing and problem-solving together.

Getting to know top marketers in person is always less intimidating than experiencing them on screen or in writing. The feeling of sharing in the seminars, at meals and breaks, and the fun and laughter that ensue, transforms their perceived personas into a shared friendliness. You'll find yourself getting into the groove of the atmosphere and may even come up with a few insightful gems of your own.

I know this, because I have traveled to powerful marketing gatherings. After just a few days of live meetings and training, I found myself buzzing with new inspirations for weeks and implementing new winning strategies.

When you allow yourself to be around great marketers, your own ideas will start to percolate and take form. Fellow participants around you, almost always, will affirm them, because you brought out a unique perspective they had not thought about beforehand and you ended up brainstorming right there on the spot. So go ahead and treat your being to a live event.

I wish you wonderful connections in every learning format you choose.

May Success Be With You!


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