Thursday, September 21, 2017

How To Choose A Web Host For Wordpress Blogs?

How To Choose A Web Host For Wordpress Blogs?
Web hosting is undoubtedly one of the key features for running a website. In order to run WordPress, you need web hosting as well. But are you aware about the specifications required for running a WordPress?

Well, this might come across as a surprise package for you that WordPress is a very light-weight script for a normal blog account, compatible with almost all web hosting providers. WordPress essentially requires PHP 4.3 or greater, MySQL 4.0 or greater and the mod_rewrite Apache module. Generally a majority of Linux web hosts come pre-installed with WordPress, so you can stay relaxed and not worry about the requirements of WordPress.

WordPress, being a light-weighted script, does not require you to have a dedicated server. Many shared hosting websites are also offering unlimited resources these days, you can look for. However, if you are unable to find a service offering unlimited resources, you need to first evaluate your requirements, such as web space you would need, to accommodate your downloads and images on your website, if any. A WordPress website can operate effectively under 100 MB disk space. Then you would also need to estimate your websites bandwidth usage needs. You would like to be on the front page of social media networks and get huge web traffic. It is advised to start low and later upgrade your bandwidth, when required or when your blog makes a mark in the industry.

Some of the well-known web hosts for WordPress who offer unlimited specifications are HostGator, Super Green Hosting, Host Monster and Blue Host. HostGator offers a wide range of plans to its clients worldwide, and have hosted more than 2 million domains. Super Green Hosting is very user-friendly to WordPress as well as environmental-driven quality service provider in the industry. Host Monster is again a reputed name in the web hosting industry, while Blue Host too has proven its name and quality services to its users for a long time now.

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