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How Does Your Product Page Measure Up?

How Does Your Product Page Measure Up?
Your product page is an incredibly important part of your website. It is really the showroom floor and the salesperson wrapped up into one place. Your product page has to make teach the potential buyer about your product, point out the benefits, create enough visual appeal to show off the product and close the sale with the pricing or other features. That is a tall order but it is necessary. Use our evaluation tool to monitor how you are doing.

Page Organization
It is a big help to make your page very organized and very consistent.
Are all product pages similarly organized?
Are the pages uncluttered so viewers can find the right action buttons?
Does each product page contain links to contact information, terms and conditions, guarantees and so on?
Is there a search box on every page?

Product Image
Your customer can not walk into your shop and pick up your product. That means they can not feel the smooth finish, notice the great shine, appreciate the vivid color, recognize that it is just as beautiful on the back as on the front, get a sense of how the size will fit into their home, be impressed with how heavy and substantial it is and so on. You will need to use product images to accomplish most of these subtle evaluations that are taking place in a bricks and mortar environment.

Do you have a crystal clear product image? Be sure that the image is not blurred and that the lighting is sufficient to show the true colors.

Do you have either multiple images so the product can be seen from all angles or do you have an interactive function that allows the product to be turned and magnified?
Do you show the product in all of the available colors?

You need to both paint a picture and convey relevant information in your description.
Do you describe what the viewer is seeing in the product picture?

Is each product description unique? (versus the same tired spiel with a word or two changed)

Do you provide the right information including weight, materials used, sizes and colors, personalization options, pricing differences associated with options?

Call to Action
Have you asked the viewer to buy your product?
Do you show availability?
Do you show delivery options and estimated delivery date?

The pricing needs to be clearly distinguishable from the rest of the content.

Is the pricing obvious?
Are all fees disclosed so there are no surprises?
Do you have the ability to add sales and other pricing promotions to the page?
Do you provide international pricing or conversion?

Customer Reviews
Nothing sells a product better than a customer who gives it a positive review.

You should always supply options for people who need to think or who may be poised to buy more.

Do you have a save for later option?
Do you provide information on related products on the same page?
Do you have a printer friendly option?

Small changes on your product change can create big jumps in conversion rates.

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