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Converting A Word Document To An Xml

Converting A Word Document To An Xml
How convert Word to XML

We all know that Microsoft Office gives us an option to save our Word files as XML Document in its Save as Type field. All those who have tried using it, are aware about the dreadful experiences one can have in Word to XML conversion. It is Microsoft Words content structure and how it displays data compared to XML, the difference arises. Data does not appear exactly the same way when generated in two different data structures, it better you take help of Word to XML conversion Services. Here are a few tips to make your documents conversion easy for use.

Use basic font

Convert your document using regular fonts. Though Microsoft Word is font friendly that displays a variety of fonts in its files, same is not the case with XML format. Even most people may not be able to display any additional font packs that you may have installed on your system. Hence, it is better to use basic fonts in your documents while converting, if required use Arial or Courier from the old ones.

Paragraph format

While conversion it is advisable to format your paragraphs appropriately, adjusting to use Words proper indentation format. Use Words built-in indentation formatting prior to converting the document. If you are still a learner you may turn on the formatting marks to differentiate paragraphs. Adjust a paragraphs indentation manually to fit in an outline, use spaces instead of a tab to give a perfect look.

Table format

Tables in Word to XML conversion is easy to handle for a program, as text boxes can easily be duplicated with that of Microsoft Words function of table. You may change text boxes or manually formatted tables for a suitable table results. If not rightly positioned, text boxes will jumble after running the XML conversion procedure. To get better results, you may use either auto-formatting or Tab key, otherwise there are chances an XML converter not recognizing your table and ending up to a mess. Since Microsoft Word and XML processes tables differently, adjust height and width in rows and columns in the tables to avoid later confusion. Table construction in Microsoft Office is easier as it gives you flexibilities, whereas XML does not give such flexibilities.

If you are not confident about your skills to convert Word to XML, do not waste your time on it. It is always better to get it done by expert hands, those who are well versed in it. Take help of word to xml conversion services provided by and you be relaxed, focusing in your skilled area.

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