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Do Thoughts Create Reality?

Do Thoughts Create Reality?

Conscious growth and awareness goes beyond just thinking positive thoughts; it is about coming to the awareness of, and understanding the "Justice" that governs life. From the beginning of time, those who have dared to move past the mere appearance of things and sought to understand what lies beyond the horizon of life have come to one conclusion - we become what we think about.

What is very striking is the unanimity with which this conclusion has been reached by the many people who have made great contributions to this world. From the titans in commerce and industry, prodigies in the field of sports, scholars in psychology, philosophy and theological studies all the way to the great leaders who have ever walked the face of the earth from the beginning of time; all attest to the proclamation: "we become what we think about."

Yet from time to time, you come across people who question the legitimacy of this conclusion. For many these are genuine questions they ask and therefore seek genuine answers. Most of these questions are prompted by incongruence observed in their own lives and the lives of many others. I write this article to these searching souls; there is hope for every man and woman who genuinely wants to find truth. For those bent on cynicism and ego centered arguments, not even this article will help you. I am incapable of convincing you otherwise.

Do thoughts really create our reality? Do we become what we think about? Are we responsible for what we become in life by virtue of the thoughts we choose and the perspective with which we view life? If so what logical explanation can we give to satisfy the limitations that we see in our lives and the lives of others in as far as manifesting our desires is concerned?

Thoughts do really create our reality. The reality we see is nothing but our concept of this reality. You see, perception is creation; the mind creates the very thing that it perceives; no wonder it becomes very difficult to convince anyone on the conclusions that have been made about the mind. Because perception is creation, one can find evidence for just about anything they believe to be true. The mind is a double edged sword with the capacity to not only perceive truth but create illusions and as far as the perceiver is concerned, these illusions are taken to be truth and reality.

As beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, the true nature of reality is in the mind of the perceiver of life. What you think about life is what life is as far as you are concerned. The meaning of life to you is the meaning you attach to life right now. You don't get anything beyond what you think of life; you don't get anything less. You get exactly what you honestly think life is. What you perceive you create.

To put it more crudely, we are all living in an "illusion" of some sorts. The experience of life for each one of us is the illusion we have created for ourselves. It is not a question of whether you are living in an illusion or not; we are all in an illusion. The greater question is about the kind of illusion you are living in; is it limiting or empowering you?

It is very difficult, if not impossible to convince anyone about the meaning of life and the workings of the mind. For all I know to be true about life and the workings of the mind, no one really convinced me; it just dawned on me. I therefore, run away from the trap of trying to convince anyone about life and how the mind works; I am not capable of convincing anyone unless that other person is convinced himself. We should only seek to find witnesses in other people, not convicts.

The working of the mind is truly marvelous. The mind will give you evidence for anything you focus on. Some of your thoughts about life are so deep rooted that they have become "unconscious thoughts" otherwise known as your habits or personal conditioning. These are the thoughts running and coloring your life. You will always operate within the limits of what you "know for certain"; for good or for ill. By the way, what you honestly believe may be different from what you profess, wish or even consciously think about. It is what you honestly believe that gives you evidence for anything you believe.

Reality cannot be accurately perceived from outside one's own perspective; and because your perspective is your own, I cannot accurately perceive your reality just like you cannot perceive mine. What I think is your reality is just my perspective of your reality; it is therefore my reality and not yours. This is the reason why we ought to "Judge Not". Every time we judge another person, we judge our self because it is not that person's reality we perceive and judge; it is our own perception of that reality and therefore our reality; hence judging ourselves.

Your reality therefore is your perception. It all comes back to the old truth - your thoughts about reality create reality and this can be a life where all things are possible or one where nothing is possible. Either way you will get the evidence to support what you honestly believe.

Christopher Kabamba is an IT professional with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from the Copperbelt University, Zambia. He is a student of personal growth and development. He desires to take up a professional career as an Author, Public Speaker and Life Coach. He documents some of his thoughts on Personal Growth and Development on his blog:

Why Every Internet Marketer Needs to Be Connected

Why Every Internet Marketer Needs to Be Connected

There's no question that the internet is the largest, most extensive human connector in the world at this time in history. It can, however, be the most isolating and largest separator of people and significant relationships. That's because it is so easy to hide in front of a computer monitor and avoid deeply engaging with the outside world.

There exists a fundamental truth that you have to be connected to get connected and have connections. When you can take care of your being state, you allow the rest to emerge through an orderly process of growth. And how can you experience being and staying connected in your chosen markets? Your own Strategic Visioning process will help you clarify your success arena and consciously connect in-person with experts in your marketplace.

Start With A Powerful Intention
Ask yourself, what do you really want? What is your idea behind this connection? How will you benefit? How will these connections help you choose, understand, and conquer your marketing arena? How will you feel in this connection? See yourself enjoying the fruits of this connectedness.

Go into your imagination
Feel the deep purpose of your intention. What will you be having and doing as you enjoy the fruits of your connection? Go beyond what is already familiar to you. Even Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge.

No limits are allowed here. This way you can free your mind from the clutches of familiarity and history. You need to train your mind that what you have imagined is reality. Then it will accept and allow you to imagine it. It's a paradox.

Order Your Imagination Into A Vision
Organize it into a picture. Connect the imagination pieces together into a form. See it in great detail, with all your senses. Frame it. Live in it. Make it your reality. Focus on it fully. Hold on to it. And guard your thoughts with faith in your vision. Allow no distractions. Know it's already yours.

This Creates The Power To Manifest Your Desires
You will start doing and having out of the power of your intention, imagination, Visioning and Manifesting process. Be prepared to be tested in your determination to succeed. Let your consciousness lead the way. Don't give up. And don't give in to overwhelm. The more aligned you are to your vision, the lighter and more capable you will become.
(ref: Tulshi Sen. "Ancient Secrets Of Success For Today's World", p143-157)

Consciously Connect
Get the best and latest information on how to communicate with and market to your prospects and customers. The fastest, most accurate and effective way to do this is to learn from the top marketers who have already succeeded in your arena.

There are so many ways to do this online: live online interactive courses (teleseminars and webinars) and replays, home study programs, blogs, forums and social media, etc.

If you intend to succeed in a big way on the internet, nothing beats in-person learning, networking and socializing. There is a special dynamic that takes over. It eclipses other types of learning and accelerates your success process significantly. It works even better if your intention and vision are clear before you attend.

The Power of Live Events
At the best events, you are effectively immersed with like-minded people. You form relationships and future partnerships that otherwise would not have been possible. And you benefit from the power of sharing and problem-solving together.

Getting to know top marketers in person is always less intimidating than experiencing them on screen or in writing. The feeling of sharing in the seminars, at meals and breaks, and the fun and laughter that ensue, transforms their perceived personas into a shared friendliness. You'll find yourself getting into the groove of the atmosphere and may even come up with a few insightful gems of your own.

I know this, because I have traveled to powerful marketing gatherings. After just a few days of live meetings and training, I found myself buzzing with new inspirations for weeks and implementing new winning strategies.

When you allow yourself to be around great marketers, your own ideas will start to percolate and take form. Fellow participants around you, almost always, will affirm them, because you brought out a unique perspective they had not thought about beforehand and you ended up brainstorming right there on the spot. So go ahead and treat your being to a live event.

I wish you wonderful connections in every learning format you choose.

May Success Be With You!


Note: This coming November, a group of the world's top marketers are gathering in Las Vegas for the world's most popular Internet Marketing Seminar called Armand Morin's Big Seminar 13. Every Tuesday night until the Big Seminar event, internet marketing authority Armand Morin interviews one of the Top Marketers that will be presenting at the Big Seminar. Take a look.

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Sharepoint Consulting Services In Drastic Demand

Sharepoint Consulting Services In Drastic Demand
SharePoint Consulting Services incorporate a suite of different server capabilities which can enhance organizational effectiveness by providing comprehensive content management and enterprise search. SharePoint 2010 helps the acceleration of shared business processes, and promotes inflow and outflow of information for better business insight. Microsoft Office SharePoint Consulting Services are part of exciting business packages in the IT world today. This Microsoft product is highly popular all over the world and known to be beneficial to several businesses. It helps to make business processes more efficient without much training required beforehand.

As Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is fast catching up with enterprises and is surely making an impact with the businesses far and wide, many companies have geared up with added services in the domain. Recently, survey found out that SharePoint skills are one of the most sought-after skills. Skills of an average Microsoft SharePoint Consultant is placed in the list at number ten, according to the report by WindowsITPro. SharePoint 2010 is also viewed as flexible software that is adaptable to a range of tasks and helpful to many businesses.

Communication and collaboration is vital to the life of any business organization and also its success, with respect to both external communication and internal. SharePoint implementation services enable businesses to communicate through a central source storing all information with access restricted to authorized users only. This keeps relevant staff informed and clients satisfied.

The best part here is SharePoint 2010 can be easily integrated with Microsoft Office applications. There are hundreds of ways through which SharePoint 2010 services can boost productivity and restructure businesses processes. Many companies have noticed that the advent of SharePoint implementation and its integration with common applications has permitted their employees to work more effectively and efficiently. Additionally, projects have been scheduled for completion at faster rates resulting in fantastic optimization of company resources.

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Indusa ( is an SEI-CMM Level 4, ISO - 9001:2008; ISO 27001:2005 Certified, 150+ people Custom Software/Web Development and IT Consulting Company. We have been offering software outsourcing service since 1989.

Avoid Analysis Paralysis

Avoid Analysis Paralysis

One topic that is frequently debated amongst sales professionals is the amount of time you need to spend researching a customer before you contact them.

This topic applies mainly to business-to-business sales, although it can relate to most selling situations, regardless of who you are selling to. The big question is how much more effective is your selling approach when you have more than the normal amount of knowledge about a particular customer.

I have worked with sales people who spend extreme amounts of time researching and looking into a customer before making contact with them. They need to know everything they can in order to feel comfortable initiating dialogue.

They spend hours on their website. They dig through the Internet. They comb through their company database to search for potential history. They talk to as many people as they can about a particular customer or account. They leave no stone unturned. They could tell you everything about an account, including information that is completely useless when it comes to successfully selling to or building a business relationship with someone.

Sorry researchers, but I just don't understand this. I have found that sales people who say they are "researching" are really just apprehensive about the selling situation and use the research as an excuse not to do the most difficult part of the selling process; prospect. They find comfort in the fact that they are actually putting in some type of effort. Unfortunately, that effort is often wasted time.

Now don't get me wrong, I do believe in having knowledge about a customer. Information you can gather prior to meeting with a customer can definitely help increase your probabilities of success. Customers want to know that you have done your homework. They want to feel important and they need to know you are serious about their business. Doing your homework and having pieces of relevant information can surely help you throughout the selling process.
There are also products and services that require an extensive amount of knowledge in order to properly qualify and move a customer forward in the selling process.

I understand and respect that type of sale. But for the majority of salespeople who are proactively selling and managing customers, you know what I mean. When you spend inordinate amounts of time researching prospects, you are taking away from the time when you should actually be selling.

The biggest issue I have seen with those who spend too much time researching is they develop inaccurate assumptions before they even start selling. Assuming is one of the most dangerous words in the profession of selling. It causes people to miss opportunities and pass over potential customers due to their preconceived notions.

I have found the best and most effective way to research a customer is to talk to them. Forget the hours on the Internet. Ignore the urge to dig. Instead of doing that, gather the necessary amount of information you need and call or visit your prospect. Spend time learning about them by getting accurate, real-time and relevant information directly from your customer.

Not only will your information be more accurate, you will also begin building a relationship with your potential customer, you will uncover more valuable information and most importantly, you will avoid what is often referred to as "analysis paralysis"!

Christopher Thompson founded Catch 22 Solutions and hosts the Business Advantage Show on WKXL 1450AM. For more information visit

Cook up your own combo site

Cook up your own combo site

If you were a chef walking into a Web kitchen, one of the most fun dishes you could cook is a mash-up. Think of it as going into a walk-in pantry and picking ingredients - any Web content or service- for the dish. In Wikipedia geekspeak, though , a mash-up is a Website or Web application that seamlessly combines content from more than one source into an integrated experience. A good example: The site mashes ( combines ) Google Maps with rental and sale listings on craigslist, an Internet classifield site. The idea behind mash-up is to mix and remix content or Web applications that are available on the Web to create completely new perspectives. Music aficionados will be familiar with the term mash-up. For them , the term refers to songs that are made completely from parts of other songs.  According to ProgrammableWeb , a website devoted to mash-up, there are about 3 mash-up created every day. The rate of growth is steady, not exponential. That is probably because complex mash-up require programming skills. Here are a few mash-up ideas to get you started:-

( 1 ) Celebrity mash-up : Mix book titles from Amazon, listings on eBay, photos from Flickr and bookmarks from, tagged with your favourite celebrity's name.

( 2 ) Travel mash-up : Combine your own travel photos stored on Flickr, with news     headlines from dig and blog entries from Technorati, tagged with the name of your travel destinations.

( 3 ) Music mash-up : Grab events from, video from YouTube and news from BBC tagged with the names of your favourite artistes. 

Create your own mash-up. 

Doing one from scratch is no easy task for non-techies. Websites like come to the rescue. 

Let us create a map mashup on using Google maps and news feeds from Reuters. 

( a ) Create an account on

( b ) Click on Create a Map. 

( c ) Fill in the Title and Description. 

( d ) Click on Create. 

( e ) Click on add feed and type in the following feed from Reuters feedUrI= 

( f ) Click on the Title of you map to get out of editing mode. 

( g ) Click on full screen to enjoy your map. 

You can add as many feeds as you like to your map. The key thing to remember is that feeds must have geographical data ( e.g.  longitude and latitude ). Feeds with geo data are also known as GeoRSS feeds. 

Learn SMART. 

Blogging Your Way to Prosperity

Blogging Your Way to Prosperity

People love to share their experiences. When the internet was not so famous, they used to pen down their experiences in a dairy that they shared with their near and dears only. Those dairies contained more of the private information and as the writer's details were available through the dairy, the dairies were kept secured. With the internet came blogging.

You can share almost everything you want. You can publish your blog under your real name and details or you may choose to remain anonymous as most of the bloggers who write intimate details do. Remaining anonymous, they can share everything good and bad about anything, be it their life, their favorite topics, their office, their married life, or even their love affair.

Creating a blog is easy. You can create a blog on several platforms most of which are free. For example, you can create an account on Blogger in less than five minutes and start blogging about anything you want. You may write about your college life and your friends. If your blog contains interesting posts, you are sure to get good traffic.

You may also take blogging course available online through several websites. These courses explain how to put in your thoughts into words. You have plenty of thoughts and you want to share them with the world but you cannot find the right words. The blogging courses help you create interesting blogs that will not only attract visitors to your blog but also make them stay on your blog reading your stories or blogs.

Once you have a successful blog running on the internet, you can also make money out of your blog. You can get some ads placed on your blogs and whenever the users click the ads, you get money transferred to your blog. If this interests you, you may also be interested in how to make money blogging courses. These courses are often in form of downloadable PDFs accompanied by videos. You can also order hard copies if you want. You can keep both the electronic version and the hard copy if you are willing.

There are plenty of books and guides available on making money through blogging. Most of them will tell you about creating an adsense account and placing the ads on your blog. However, simply placing the ads on your blogs will not help. You will have to compel the user to click on the ads. For this, you will have to use several techniques such as selection of ads that match your blog, placement of blogs and the many other factors that play an important role in generating cash.

The way you write is also a major factor. You can buy one of the blogging courses and follow it dedicatedly to earn money from your blog. However, you need to know which book or course is the best for you. To know about the best blogging courses, you can use the internet. You can read the blogging course reviews by googling its name. You may find both positive and negative reviews for each of the blogging courses. Select the one that has maximum positive reviews and start making money.

Tony Schrementi is a successful internet marketer helping people to enjoy the right path to earn money through blogging courses. For more information log on to the website and get the full benefits of 7 day E-Course Blogging Secrets today.

How Add A Movie Into A Website - Extremely Important!

How Add A Movie Into A Website - Extremely Important!

In case you're wanting to add a movie into a website, you'll likely find this the most enlightening introduction that you could possibly find. As with anything new, you can go about it by scratching your head or learning from experience; it's just a matter of your willingness to try new things. Without a shadow of a doubt - should you find yourself ready to embed videos into your webpage you must take a look at what i've learned about all this.

Click Here to add a movie into a website now!

What a huge help the internet can be - it's fast and simple to locate answers to various questions and desires, e.g., how to embed videos into your webpage. It's likely that one of your motives for trying to find reliable and accurate info is that you have previously acknowledged that embedding videos on your website isn't always that trouble-free. Devoting my time to a thorough internet search, hoping to locate truly effective solutions in this field, i believe that i found it with a helpful on-line videos guidance. We know that it enables you to display formats such as .ASF, and i assume you are aware of that, still, it is very worthwhile to bring it to your attention. I also discovered that it enables you to brand web videos and therefore i definitely recommend you to check it out.

The recommendations in this article all stem from what i have learned about this, but it's your own experience that matters - maybe you'll become a believer, too. You'll find that "thinking outside the box" can result in a number of other ideas that will benefit you even more - here's one example: use it to upload business related videos on your site. Naturally, this is just one of many ideas that i thought of, and it's very likely that you can think up some additional unique and worthwhile purposes.

Having read most of this article now, i'm sure you'll want to take a minute to add a movie into a website - you may find that it was recently updated, so check it out for the latest info. I'm sure that you'll come across a variety of information on this right after reading this report, my advice is to make choices through careful consideration of all the benefits and drawbacks. You can easily spend more "research" time on video marketing - however, what i have just shown you will let you achieve your targets much faster; also, you are not alone in the fact that you will soon benefit from this... As you probably know, internet searches on this reveal many sources; it can sometimes be difficult to verify the specific assistance that you are searching for. I'm sure you'll agree that this material supplies the background you'll need to get started and access what you need in order to reach your objectives.

Learn how to add a movie into a website right now!

What Are The Main Uses Of An XML Editor

What Are The Main Uses Of An XML Editor

XML is by definition Extensible Markup Language. It has become increasingly popular because documents are able to be delivered in a text format that is quite flexible. An XML editor is perfect for creating this kind of page no matter if it is in a text only format or whether they are pictures included as well. This means that users can create projects that can be used across many different computer systems, regardless of operating system and hardware.

It is similar in many ways to the HTML style, except they each perform two very different functions; HTML is the formatting of text while XML is actually used for the transport of it. This does not mean that XML will be replacing HTML anytime soon, but it can enhance the former's ability to propagate due to the ability to be used across a wide variety of platforms. Each of these tools is very similar to the original markup language -- SGML which was first instituted by ISO (the International Standardization Organization) in 1986.

XML editors are very versatile in their great variety of applications. Since XML does not carry the limiting formatting tags as that of HTML, it can be used for more than displaying web pages. There are actually an unlimited number of tags, so the number of applications is also unlimited as well. This means that software designers can use these editors to perform many different functions quite readily.

This is one reason that XML has seen a rise in popularity among users since it was first introduced to the Internet way back in 1998. This is now seen in the enormous number of programming languages that show support for this particular style, and has also been the impetus for the large number of interactive websites that now give consumers a chance to provide feedback to online retailers. This allows many different tasks to be made available to consumers, such as checking on the status of their order directly from the merchant's website.

XML editors are being used more and more in many different areas. This includes academia as well, since that vast amount of library and tutoring services currently online now are being formatted in this language to become even more user friendly. XML has found its way into office documents as well, for databases and spreadsheets in particular. Designers of websites can now upgrade a page to XHTML which is actually XML in place of the current HTML.

This means the editors are becoming even more popular. It has seen an inordinate amount of growth since being first introduced over a decade ago. An XML editor is now a must for designers and programmers in order to make computer programs and interactive web page that much more special. Since formatting is no longer a problem for most users, editing documents in this type of format can mean a great reduction in the number of hours it normally took to decipher the content for actual use.

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Network Support Through It Consulting Services

Network Support Through It Consulting Services
Most offices these days use computers and networks for communication and information sharing. Management and employees alike consider computers indispensable tools in the creation of reports and documents needed for business operations. Basic computer programs allow users to efficiently organize data and present it in a more understandable way. Computers also enable the easy and convenient storage of important documents.

Computer networks, meanwhile, come in handy for information and resource sharing within a company. Business documents no longer need to be physically transferred from one department to another; networks and servers act as document repositories that can be easily accessed by business owners and employees. Documents only have to be uploaded to the server to become widely accessible. Networks may also enable instant messaging, which makes internal company communications faster.

Given the benefits provided by computers and networks, many business owners opt to hire IT support teams. These support teams are often called upon for technology-related issues, such as defective hardware and software, or network and server failures. By resolving these issues quickly, IT support teams help maintain business workflow and employee productivity.

IT support teams also help business owners who want to upgrade their workplaces existing computer systems. Whether for hardware or software upgrades, businesses can rely on IT support teams. Hiring small business IT consulting services for any system upgrades may be the safer route to take, since modifying the system without sufficient technical knowledge may just damage the system permanently.

One of the most common reasons why businesses use computer networking support is system maintenance. During routine maintenance, IT support teams check all hardware and software for errors or problems. Existing issues are resolved, and troubleshooting for possible problems is performed. IT support teams may also implement backup procedures to prevent data loss.

Computer networking support teams also use various methods in repairing system failures and errors. The teams consultants usually try to resolve technical issues over the phone first. This method may fix the error considerably faster; it saves business owners the hassle of having to wait until the consultants reach the site. The support team may also try fixing network errors via remote access. When these methods dont work, the teams consultants visit the clients workplace to repair the error on-site.

For detailed information, please visit us at

Order generator IBUonline

Order generator IBUonline

The eternal topic for business people is the tempting and tough order. Usually the completion of a transaction takes long term repeating negotiation and a lot of paper work time. Any individual who wants to accomplish the whole running will be out of the question. Winning order is like troops passing by single plank bridge under the condition of buyers' market, few warriors can make it.

Why call IBUonline (The only vertical B2B portal) an order generator? It has much to do with its high conversion rate of order. A set of well designed plan explains how does that works?

First step, investigate demand of targeted market. The more you know about your customer, the more chance you will gain to win order. You could start your investigation from purchasing power of local market. Then analyze specific requirement and purchasing habit of these people. Next, you should make yourself fully understand the government rules of the market. International standard and local product qualification certificate are also crucial to your further movement.

Second step, promote product or service of yours with customized measures based on the investigation of first step. As long as the analysis is objective and complete, remarkable return will come to you for sure. Soon your product or service will be recognized widely.

Third step, after the recognition of your product or service, I am afraid it is hard not to sell well in that market. It is just the problem of negotiation. IBUonline adopts the "one to one" communication, which is thought to be more precise and effective. So long as customer's requests are proper dealt with, order is around the corner.

Fourth step, special person is appointed to a specific order. It is unnecessary for you to worry about the delivery or product quality any more. Your private assistant will report you every process of the product you ordered. Additionally, it is always available to ask a third inspection party to check product exactly to your own requirement.

The four steps discussed above are connected with each other. The failure of one single step could affect the other three. Thus whatever you might do, whenever you are ready to start your business, do it carefully and continuously even it seems not much important to your entire business.


As the unique global one-stop & two-way B2B marketplace, IBU is designed and published by Shenzhen IBU Co., Ltd, which formerly named as Hotnewnet Trading Co., Ltd and has been engaged in international trade for almost 10 years and served thousands of enterprises in the field of FPC, LED, Electronics, Building Material and Home Furnishing etc, always devoted to offer superior qualified and effective foreign trade services for companies throughout the world.


IBU is more than an international business platform; we not only connect global buyers and suppliers, but also participate in the whole process of international trade, provide a series of practical services (off the platform) to greatly enhance the efficiency of global trade. Working with us, you can benefit from the real one-stop service for the first time.

Why Blogs Can Make You Profits

Why Blogs Can Make You Profits

Blogs which are also known as web logs are the innovative things along the internet. They are pretty much a platform that you can use that will grant you to post your views on virtually any field that you want to. They can be hand-down for journaling, promoting, writing, and publishing, anything that your mind desires while the skies are only its limits. Nevertheless, if you are a beginner and new blogging as well as internet marketing, there are some very important things that you will want to acknowledge.

Blog marketing is pretty simple if you have a marketing brain. You are going to notice that a lot of folks use blogs as a diary, and a lot of times these blogs that are used for this purpose are not meant to make them money, but simply a manner to put there thoughts out there and notice some people that have going over to the same stuffs. If you have never even had a blog before, the simplest thing that you can come up is to start one, and just journal in it for sometime. This would allow you to see just what it takes and what it is all about to keep up a blog. When you are just publishing your ideas and what is on your ideas, yet you make nothing to lose and nothing to gather. You don't even have to get your blog into public if you do not desire people to read what you have published. That is just a personal preference. Even So, doing this will get you find out how it works. Then you can move on to trying to market a product or a service.

Practicing a blog to market products or services is way cheaper than using a website. This is due to that there are so many free ones out there that you can use to get the word out of it, and they are virtually just as good as having a website that you pay for. There are of course numerous of advantages to having your own URL, but for a beginner, just a free one will turn out awhile until you get the hang of it and want to move it all throughout onto your own server. The free blogs are just not that customizable. If you are not in common with HTML, you will need to find that your blog will look like everyone else's. But, that is good in the start. You can always make changes afterwards on once you are becoming successful.

When you make your personal blog, you are in the point of the contents that is posted on it. You can decide what is stated, and what is not. You are after all writing it all, right? Thus, the cosmos is just the limits. Whether you wish a blog that answers website reviews and takes people to talk with, or you want to be affiliated and sell things that you make out of your home, the choice is still yours. Using a blog to let the word out about whatever you want too is a big way to market and promote products and or services.

Blog marketing can get complicated if you let it. It is really only as hard as you build it. While there are some bloggers out there that are doing a six figure income with just the use of blog marketing, people know that it can be done. We just want to know how it was done. Well, for any beginner, start small, and be consistent. The six figure bloggers all did. They started with one, developed it up, and then added another blog, improved it up again. Then, sustaining both blogs and not letting them settle down behind, they proceeded to add more and a lots of. Of course they had aid, and they outsourced most of their works. If you are searching to held a large income with blogging, you will need some help.

Blog marketing is a huge matter too . If you can sell things from a blog, you can sell them anywhere. Making money by using a blog is just one of the most adequate things that you will ever discover how to do. Just do not expect to make profits over a single night, know that you have to work hard at it consistently everyday, just be persistent and remember to put into it on what you wish to acquire out of it.

Discover and Learn the Basic and Advance Techniques, Strategies and Powerful Tips to Blogging, Link Building, SEO and Making Money and Stuff especially for the Beginners.

Online Webinar "?" For Cost Effective Marketing

Online Webinar "?" For Cost Effective Marketing
Thanks to the internet and advancements in communication technology, organizing a seminar has drastically changed in the last few years. An online webinar is a seminar conducted online with the prospects attending the event from the comfort of their homes and offices. Opting for an online webinar over a traditional seminar offers much more than just convenience for the organizers and guests. The organizers are able to save a significant amount of money they wouldve spent in organizing a traditional seminar.
Webinars can be organized for a number of purposes such as marketing, introduction, product launch, education, and many more. Organizing marketing webinars is arguably the easiest way to gather desired audience for the promotion of your company and its offerings. The process starts with generating leads for the webinar. Based on the nature of your webinar, you need to find people who will be interested in attending the event. Leads for marketing webinars can be generated using social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc.
Once you have a list of the desired prospects, you need to contact them to inform about the upcoming event. The prospects can be contacted using a number of modes of communication such as e-mail, telephone, fax, etc. Once you have received the acknowledgements of the prospects who have agreed to attend the event, you can start working on the content for the webinar.
When deciding content for the webinar, try to be as clear and concise as possible. Prolonging a webinar will not only waste time, it may also lead to boredom for those attending. Try to design an interactive webinar that should welcome the participation and contribution of your guests. Ensure that the webinar ends with a question-answer session to let the guests clear their doubts if any.
Organizing a webinar is simple but needs great expertise to ensure the event is a success. If you are planning to organize a webinar but are unsure about certain aspects of organizing one such event, it is advisable that you avail the service of a professional agency having specialization in organizing webinars. A list of all such companies can be easily found using any popular search engine.

The author is an experienced Content writer and publisher on the topics related to online webinar and Marketing webinars.

Simple Secrets to AdSense Success

Simple Secrets to AdSense Success

AdSense is a fairly simple application and an easy way to make money. It is the competition that makes it difficult for everyone to achieve AdSense success. A large number of web masters are trying different techniques to get high traffic to their websites and high CTR for their ads. It is in their interest that new web publishers consider it difficult to make money through AdSense as it can help keep the number of competing websites from increasing. But, the truth of the matter is that if you follow some simple tips, AdSense success will be assured for you.

Professional Website

If you are intending to make money through AdSense, it is important that you treat this venture as professionally as you would like any other business venture. You wouldn't turn up at work shabbily dressed and in the same way you should not present a shabby website to your visitors. It is important that your website is professionally designed and is geared towards making the visitor's browsing experience pleasant. For AdSense success, it is important that visitors can easily navigate through your site and access every page. This means that more pages of your website get viewed by every visitor, dramatically increasing your chances of a high CTR.

Purposeful Website

Visitors go to a website for a purpose. Your website also needs to fulfill some purpose for the visitor. It is important that your website is a resource for web users to visit for information, service or product. Identify the purpose of your website and design the website around it. Ensure that the website is filled with original and relevant content. Both visitors and search engines can easily see through websites that are not really offering any information and are simply platforms for AdSense ads. AdSense success is difficult to come by if you simply focus on serving ads and not on serving a specific purpose through your website.

Original Website

The ads displayed on your website depend upon the content of your website. This is why it is important that you have keyword rich content on your website. But, it is also equally important that the content on your web pages is original. If you have copy and pasted the content from another website simply to create a platform for serving ads, your ruse will be quickly seen through by Google and you risk being blacklisted from using AdSense. For AdSense success, it is recommended that you write original content for every page of your website. These days it is very easy to hire freelance writers to write original copyright free content for you.

Fresh Content

For AdSense success, it is important that you get high paying ads for your website. One of the ways to ensure good ads on your website is by ensuring that you keep adding fresh content to your website. Fresh content is equated with more relevant content by Google and your chances of getting high paying ads on your website substantially increase by adding fresh content on a regular basis.

There are many other simple practical tips to Make Extra Money Online. To find out more, visit today.

Add Some Egyptian Earth

Add Some Egyptian Earth

"If a man finds a corpse for the first time (Without previously having found a corpse in the same spot, and without knowing that it was there) lying in the usual position he may remove it together with the soil it occupies. If he finds two, he may remove them together with the soil they occupy: Where is this law of the soil [a corpse] occupies to be found in the Torah? R. Judah said: The verse says, "You shalt carry me out of Egypt," [signifying] carry with me [some Egyptian soil]." (Nazir 65a)

Even though Jacob was never buried in Egypt, we can rely on this verse to support the law. (Tosafot Yom Tov in the name of the Rambam)

Perhaps, Jacob's request to be buried in Israel with some Egyptian earth was to indicate to his family that he would remain connected to them as long as they would remain in Egypt.

It is also possible that Jacob wanted some of the earth from outside Israel to be placed in his grave as a gesture to Joseph, whose mother, Rachel, was buried "along the way." This would explain why his request to add some Egyptian earth was only mentioned to Joseph, and not when Jacob repeated his instructions to his other children.

One of the members of my congregation in Saratoga Springs wanted to have her husband buried on their farm. It took a few years for her to file all the necessary paperwork and, after having me dedicate the "cemetery" according to Halacha, was ready to have him disinterred from his grave in Long Island, and rebury him on the farm.  She watched as I scooped some earth from his original resting place and wondered why.  I explained the law of "Tefusah," taking some earth from the original resting place, and that we were honoring the place that held him until he was buried in his permanent grave. She didn't respond, and sat silently for the entire ride from Long Island back to her farm high up on a hill near Saratoga. Once the crane lowered the concrete box into the freshly dug grave, she asked me for the container of soil so that she could pour it into his final resting place. "This earth is a symbol of his journey through life even after his physical death. Long Island wasn't a "holding space," it was part of his journey. Thank you."

Author Info: Learn & discover the Divine prophecies with Rabbi Simcha Weinberg from the holy Torah, Jewish Law, Mysticism, Kabbalah and Jewish Prophecies.

Converting A Word Document To An Xml

Converting A Word Document To An Xml
How convert Word to XML

We all know that Microsoft Office gives us an option to save our Word files as XML Document in its Save as Type field. All those who have tried using it, are aware about the dreadful experiences one can have in Word to XML conversion. It is Microsoft Words content structure and how it displays data compared to XML, the difference arises. Data does not appear exactly the same way when generated in two different data structures, it better you take help of Word to XML conversion Services. Here are a few tips to make your documents conversion easy for use.

Use basic font

Convert your document using regular fonts. Though Microsoft Word is font friendly that displays a variety of fonts in its files, same is not the case with XML format. Even most people may not be able to display any additional font packs that you may have installed on your system. Hence, it is better to use basic fonts in your documents while converting, if required use Arial or Courier from the old ones.

Paragraph format

While conversion it is advisable to format your paragraphs appropriately, adjusting to use Words proper indentation format. Use Words built-in indentation formatting prior to converting the document. If you are still a learner you may turn on the formatting marks to differentiate paragraphs. Adjust a paragraphs indentation manually to fit in an outline, use spaces instead of a tab to give a perfect look.

Table format

Tables in Word to XML conversion is easy to handle for a program, as text boxes can easily be duplicated with that of Microsoft Words function of table. You may change text boxes or manually formatted tables for a suitable table results. If not rightly positioned, text boxes will jumble after running the XML conversion procedure. To get better results, you may use either auto-formatting or Tab key, otherwise there are chances an XML converter not recognizing your table and ending up to a mess. Since Microsoft Word and XML processes tables differently, adjust height and width in rows and columns in the tables to avoid later confusion. Table construction in Microsoft Office is easier as it gives you flexibilities, whereas XML does not give such flexibilities.

If you are not confident about your skills to convert Word to XML, do not waste your time on it. It is always better to get it done by expert hands, those who are well versed in it. Take help of word to xml conversion services provided by and you be relaxed, focusing in your skilled area.

Do visit at for more information. Jhone Rambo is a conversion specialist at Outsourcing XML Conversion. It is worldwide recognized convert to XML Company providing accurate XML conversion services for entire business needs at affordable rates.

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Hassle Free Blogging Through WordPress

Hassle Free Blogging Through WordPress

The World Wide Web has forever been an amazing resource for data, but in the last several years, some people have also been utilizing it as a way to show their feelings. A new trend has swept across the World Wide Web known as "blogging," where anyone can utilize the web as a journal to convey their thoughts and share them with the world. Bloggers can show their ideas to the globe as opposed to a personal diary, leaving others to learn what they have to say. With this immersion of the blogging community has followed a rising variety of technology that makes developing blogs quick and understandable. One of these technologies is named WordPress, and it lets people work with templates to post their blogs. It's among the easiest tools in the web, and it has revolutionized the way that individuals post their opinions.

WordPress was made in 2003 as a way to simplify Internet discussions, but it has become the largest blogging computer program in the globe. It has tons of user-friendly aspects, but the most useful feature of all is that it's totally free. Anyone can have WordPress to produce their blogs into a sleek graphic web design. Because WordPress is so easy to use and is always obtainable across the net, individuals have latched onto WordPress. There genuinely isn't an easier instrument out.

Aside from being totally free, WordPress is also popular because of its versatility. People can manipulate the templates provided to fit their needs without having to know HTML, XHTML, or any other net design languages. It's the best answer for the majority of net bloggers who don't understand the ins and outs of the Internet universe. WordPress could be employed during the creation and management processes of a blog. It offers management tools that let bloggers have complete control over what they put up. Indeed, its the best solution for anyone who wants to write a blog but doesn't know how to go about it.

Elle Wood alerts you to businesses and organizations that provide value and exemplary service. For additional information regarding web designers please visit

Cms Plays Spoiltsport on Your Pay

Cms Plays Spoiltsport on Your Pay

Owing to the flawed Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula to calculate Medicare fees, Medicare payments to doctors are also due to fall, and medical practices will face a perfect storm of payment nightmares.

Practices are not sure what will transpire on January 1, 2011. Some newly-elected Senators and House members will be in place in the new year, and it's not clear whether the present Congress will make changes affecting 2011 pay prior to January or whether they'll leave these issues for the new Congress to solve.

Some specialties will face additional cuts apart from dealing with conversion factor fluctuations.While the most affected practices will be those that specialize in radiology, the cuts will most certainly have a significant impact on specialty practices that are already financially stretched.

The Fee Schedule also incorporates several provisions of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 that was passed last March. Firstly, you will see that coverage has been established for annual wellness visits for Medicare patients. The rule that was issued on November is a major step toward improving the health status of Medicare beneficiaries by providing coverage for an annual wellness visit that will allow a physician and patient to forge closer ties to improve the patient's long term health.

"If you carry out a procedure that meets CMS's description of an annual wellness visit, you shouldn't report a code from CPT's preventive medicine section to your Medicare carrier," indicates the Final Rule.

CMS doesn't make payments for preventive medicine services billed under 99381-99397. Instead, you should report one of the following newly-established HCPCS codes:

G0438 -- Annual wellness visit; includes a personalized prevention plan of service (PPPS), first visit

G0439 -- subsequent visit.

Even though most of these wellness examinations are normally carried out by the patient's internist or family physician, occasionally a urologist will carry out this service. If so, think about the above codes and information to help you bill properly and be paid for this service.

CMS has assigned 2.43 physician work RVUs to G0438 and 1.50 RVUs to G0439, and these codes will be effective on January 1, 2011. Beneficiaries who have been enrolled in Part B for a year will be eligible for an initial preventive physical exam, (also known as an IPPE, which is billed with G0402).

Post the first 12 months of Part B coverage on or after January 1, 2011, beneficiaries would be eligible for an initial preventive physical exam. After the first 12 months of Part B coverage on or after January 1, 2011, beneficiaries would be eligible for an annual wellness visit as described by the new G codes, thinking that the patient has had an IPPE within the preceding 12 month period, states the Fee Schedule.

We provide you simple, instant connection to official code descriptors & guidelines and other tools for 2010 CPT code, HCPCS lookup that help coders and billers to excel in the work they do every day.

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Google Cash Sniper Review

Google Cash Sniper Review

If you are reading this article then odds are you have already heard of Google Cash Sniper. In addition you are probably avidly trying to pursue at a minimum part time employment in online marketing. Online marketing is a fierce and competitive world inside the cloud that is the internet. There are many wrong turns and dangerous paths that you can go down. You think your reading about something helpful which leads you from one link to the next until you have so many tabbed windows open that you forgot why you even began searching on the internet to begin with.

Once you start down the quest of pursuing knowledge in online marketing and looking for the real answer by time you even get close to it you have you given out your email to more and more opt in boxes that you start to think you should have set up a separate email just for this quest of knowledge.

As someone who has stumbled down this journey of trying to acquire useful knowledge amidst dozens of sales pitches trust me when I tell you that I finally have stumbled upon a tool that will prove useful in my search of how to successfully make money online.

Google Cash Sniper is vastly different that other programs I have for one main reason and that it fills in all the gaps. Who has bought a system or e-book that seems like it is telling you everything that you wanted to learn and then it gets to a key point and they just brush over it.

Leaves you wishing they would have covered the topic in much more detail, but by time you look back at your email you have a sales pitch waiting for a product to fill the gap from the individual who you bought the first product from.

Maybe that's just my experience. Maybe yours has been paved with Benjamens from the beginning. I hope you have been that fortunate, but in case you haven't Google Cash Sniper is going to be released to the masses on 7 July.

Chris Fox's Google Cash Sniper is the most all inclusive tool that I have come across in my pursuit of useful knowledge in online marketing. It comes complete with 6 modules that will continually be upd


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Inventory Tracking

Inventory Tracking

Every business has a stock or inventory of goods and products that it deals with. Inventory management helps to ensure that the stocks maintained help in providing customers with the good they ask for in the quickest time possible. This will help in enhancing customer satisfaction, but can work effectively only if the entrepreneur is able to predict his customer's future requirements. This can be done manually but would prove to be an extremely complicated system. An efficient system of inventory management helps all businesses give better service to their customers.

Tools of Inventory Management
Inventory management is possible by using various types of tools like mobile computers and barcode printers. These help improve the productivity levels of the labor force and extremely accurate records can be maintained. The tools are also inexpensive and easily usable to provide quick solutions to customer requirements. Efficiency is the buzzword of this system of inventory management.

Mobile Computers are useful for receiving orders from customers, tracking inventory and the final picking up of the required product. The problem solving process in inventory management gets easily with the aid of computers. On receiving an order, the computer is able to track all the relevant customer information and the product details for the order.

Barcode Printers bring far more accuracy into inventory management and are able to eradicate errors that may crop up at any step. The barcode printer is equipped to print clear and crisp receipts in no time. This facilitates the process of stock verification with the required accuracy.

Both mobile computers and barcode printers enhance levels of accuracy and efficiency by issuing receipts, labels and invoices, along with details about orders like delivery dates, all of which can be useful as reference tools. The label formats can be varied and sizes of barcodes can also be modified depending on the purpose they are supposed to be used for.

The information stored by the two is convenient for maintaining business efficiency and helps in providing customer support facilities. The coordination between the sections taking orders, dispatching the product and delivering it to the customer also becomes easier and can be easily monitored. Time saving is a natural consequence and a streamlined process can be put in place more easily.

Mobile computers and barcode printers as tools of inventory management fit in perfectly with technology-driven systems that allow precision, efficiency, time-saving and accuracy. In short, they assist in creating a smooth functioning base for businesses.

Barcode scanners can be a excellent business device, however, many firms are now finding they require far more data and so are turning to hand held computers. With increased processing power they're proving a popular choice with many companies. A number of the most popular units available are the Motorola MC9090 handheld, these are extremely durable and perform any job you may need them to.

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Affordable Self Storage Rental Company

Affordable Self Storage Rental Company

You may have items in your house that you want to keep but maybe your home is too small. As your family expands, the house remains the same and you will find that you are lacking space. De-cluttering your house is essential and you can store any number of items for any reason. You may be moving, travelling, relocating your business or simply having a clear out whatever the reason you should consider self storage.

Moving can be very stressful and sometimes when you are trying to sell your house then you will need to make it appealing for buyers. An option that is becoming very popular is to remove a majority of your items. These can then be stored in self storage units safe and secure until you have moved. There are always items that you do not need laying around your home and these can sometimes get in the way. Self storage is easy to use, very affordable and can offer alternatives to space issues.

You will need to decide the size of the self storage unit that you will need and for how long, often the companies will be flexible so that you can choose very short periods. Often you will not know how long you will need the storage if it is to be used when moving. Finding a flexible storage company is essential as you want one that will understand your needs. You should also check to see how often you can visit the units and what security they have. You will want to know if they have CCTV to monitor everyone coming and going.

You want your items to be safe and secure when in the companies hands and you want to know they are insured for fire or floods. Although it would be devastating to lose your items knowing they are financially covered is essential. You are placing your belongings in the hands of strangers so you want to know they are being cared for.  You will have to think about what features are important to you when choosing the storage company. You may be lucky and find one that is affordable, flexible, secure and friendly if not then you will need to compromise.

Some storage companies offer a full package, helping you to move and pack your items as well. This service is great if you are busy and struggling to do it yourself. Businesses will often use this extra service when trying to box up paperwork and office items.  Whatever storage companies you choose you have to ensure that they suit all of your needs and your budget.

Storage can be an excellent solution to your problems but you need it to work for you.  Research is very important and getting quotes from several different companies will give you an idea of what is on offer. Armed with the right information you can make a clear decision which one will suit your needs and then begin to pack.

At Centron Self Storage, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service through our full range of services.

For a storage solution, visit Self Storage for more info.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Web Page Keywords - Make Your Site Smoking Hot

Web Page Keywords - Make Your Site Smoking Hot
Finding the right web page keywords so your website will show up on the first page of Google, and other search engines, is the main goal for internet marketers. The good news is that it really is not that hard to do, with a little patience and a little practice you can optimize your web pages and benefit from free traffic too.

It is really quite simple, if you do it the right way and you get that coveted first page ranking for your website, you will get a lot of traffic, quality targeted traffic, for free.

These are called organic searches. Someone will go to their web browser and type in a search term. Let's say someone is looking for golf balls. If they search for that term and if you've optimized your web pages with those keywords your website can show up very high in the search results.

This is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and it is a great way to get a ton of very targeted traffic which is completely free.

By ranking so high it also gives your site a lot more credibility. The average internet web surfer does not really know that much about how it all works. For that reason, many people assume that the websites listed on the top of the results pages are the best.

And in a way they are, they are the best at optimizing their web pages so they can cash in on all that organic traffic.

So, how do you benefit from using these keywords to land on the first page of the search engines? Well, the first thing you have to do is compile a list of keywords. If you really want to benefit from a top ranking you need to target the keywords you use very carefully.

It's easy to think that you should grab all the most searched for keywords in your niche, but that very rarely works because those keywords are just too competitive.

A much better, and more efficient, strategy is to find keywords that are made up of 3 - 4 words. These long tailed keywords won't get the huge hundreds of thousands of searches, but they will get plenty of searches a month and they won't be so competitive that you can't rank for them anyway.

If you choose a dozen, or more, of these long tailed keywords and each one gets say around 1,500 searches a month, you stand a very good chance of ranking for several of them, not just one.

That will provide you with plenty of traffic and since the traffic you are getting is from people who are searching for the exact keyword (and item) that you have to sell, you will get a lot of sales.

It's just not that hard to optimize your web pages for search engines. The better you get at adding the best
web page keywords, the more organic search results you will get. That is free traffic and you will make more sales and have a much higher rate of return on your investment of time. Other than time, it's totally free.

Clair Bennet has been writing articles for several years and is a freelance contributor for Save On Your Car Insurance and passive aggressive husband.

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Internet Marketing for Free - Why You Must Use Forum Marketing to Promote Your Website

Internet Marketing for Free - Why You Must Use Forum Marketing to Promote Your Website

Once you have figured out how to create your own website, you will need to find ways of generating traffic to it. An extremely efficient and cost free method of promoting your website is forum marketing.

In this article I will show you how to use forum marketing to create a huge stream of targeted traffic to your site.

Find a suitable forum

Not all forums will be valuable to you. Narrow your search down to forums that discuss your specialized niche market. The best forums should match the following criteria:

a minimum of 1,000 members and 10,000 posts,
receives at least of 20 new posts on a daily basis

Understand the forum rules

You will find that each forum has its own set of rules which you must conform to. Before you create your first posting, make sure that you are clear about the forum's policy and guidelines. For example a few forums won't allow you to insert a signature link. These types of forum will be of no use to you.

Create an account

You don't have to use your real name but instead choose a good user name that will be appealing to other members (steer clear from weird number combinations or strange sounding words).

Avatars are little photos that will appear alongside all your posts. If you wish, you can enclose a picture of yourself. People like seeing who they are talking to and this will help to strengthen your profile. Often people will include a picture of cute children or pets. Whatever image you choose, make sure that it is not offensive or controversial.


Forum signature link

Forum signatures are lines of text or graphics that will automatically appear at the end of every forum posts you make. This is the only place in the forum where you can promote your products or services. In order to take full advantage of this, make sure you insert a hyperlink to your website in your signature.

This link is a powerful advertising tool which will generate traffic to your site.

Every time you make a post your link will be continuously shown to members and visitors. Furthermore, it remains in the forum for as long as the post remains, which could be months or even a whole year.

Spend some time designing your signature. Make sure that it includes a strong message that will incite people to click your hyperlink.

Make valuable contributions to the forum

The true secret of successful forum marketing is to develop and nurture relationships.

Your objective should be to progressively getting to know the members and to create a connection with them. Become an active member by posting quality comments regularly to the forum and reply to queries posted by other members. Whenever possible, offer advice, tips and guidance.

When you have established yourself as a reputable member of the forum, you will then be able to slowly and gradually promote your products to them.

If done properly this is a powerful way to generate targeted traffic to your website.

The whole process of "how to create your own website" doesn't have to be complicated and lengthy.

How to select good keywords, find a niche, locate a profitable market and generate traffic to websites are amongst the top skills needed in Internet Marketing.  All these and the entire necessary skill sets are explained step-by-step in an easy to understand video tutorial: "Create your own website".  Start immediately by accessing a FREE 26 videos training course today!


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The "New Rules" for Survival for Physicians in Private Practice - Part 2 in a 4 Part Series

The "New Rules" for Survival for Physicians in Private Practice - Part 2 in a 4 Part Series

In Part I of our blog series, we explained the "New Rules" for physician compensation based on the post-  reform healthcare system. As we stated, physicians are at the epicenter of one of the most dramatic periods of change in America's healthcare system.  The rules and strategies for physician success are changing rapidly, and most physicians are struggling to understand it. 

The U.S government has made their claim on the American healthcare system and offered up their requirements for physician change, as put forth in the Annals of Internal Medicine, noting "physicians will need to embrace rather than resist change". Change is inevitable. Now, physicians will need to decide what they will change into. Will you become the physician our government wishes you to be or will you forge a new path to capitalize on these changes for your own career path? Regardless of your choice, you will need to understand the "New Rules" and change the way you think and practice.


This is the second in a four-part series of blogs that will discuss the new rules for physician practices on four dimensions of physician life:

Physician Compensation
Managing a Private Practice
Changing Patient Demographics and Attitudes
Physician Career Satisfaction

This article will focus on the "New Rules" for managing the administrative side of a healthcare practice.

Managing a Healthcare Practice

Old Rule: Managing a medical practice could be handled by administrative people with general administrative skills.

New Rule: The complexity and risk of managing a medical practice has skyrocketed, requiring highly specialized expertise. 4,000 new regulations per year are created that affect physicians. Physicians cannot find the required level of expertise in one or two administrative persons. Outsourcing to specialized firms will become the norm.

Old Rule: Doctors could get away with being "low-tech".

New Rule: Patients, insurance carriers and the government will expect physicians to be high-tech. Physicians who are not high-tech will be limiting their income and value to patients and become employees of systems that are.

Old Rule: The billing function of a medical practice could be performed by regular administrative staff.

New Rule: With unintentional billing fraud on the increase, identity theft running rampant and regulatory fines on the increase, physicians must ensure that their billing is done professionally by certified coders with multiple layers of protection in place.

Old Rule: A healthcare practice was not considered a "business".

New Rule: Structuring a practice around sound business principles and an understanding of healthcare economics will become increasingly important in order to survive. Those physicians who run their practice on business principles will survive. Those  who don't will be absorbed by those who do.

Old Rule: The duties of contracting with payers could be handled by the regular administrative staff.

New Rule: Contracting will become increasingly complicated from a legal and business point of view, requiring specialized expertise. Outsourcing the contracting function of a practice will become more prevalent. Additionally, for those practices getting into "Retail Medicine", expertise will need to be acquired for pricing and packaging of services.


The administration of healthcare practices has become increasingly sophisticated. The vast majority of practices and administered by under-qualified and under-trained staff. Physicians are reluctant to pay for the level of talent that the practice requires. The post-healthcare reform system will increase in complexity. Success of physician practices will depend largely on the talent managing it.


For more please visit: and click the blogs tab at the top of the page.






Healthcare Networks of America's mission is to drive more patients to the medical practice through our ever growing provider network and provide the latest resources for managing and promoting a successful practice. For more information please visit


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Website Launch Tips For Small Businesses

Website Launch Tips For Small Businesses

Intended Audience: Small Business Owners/webmasters and anyone new to the world of web design and search engine optimization (SEO) particularly those working with small businesses, organizations and sole traders.

When launching a new website there are a number of key issues to address in order to get your new website off to a good start and get it indexed by the search engines particularly Google.

Create a Sitemap

A sitemap file is used to inform the search engines about the content of your website in terms of the number of web pages, their names, and the priority of each page and the frequency of change. There are a number of online sitemap generators that you can use to create a sitemap though always check before submitting your sitemap to Google that it is complete and contains all the web pages that you want indexed.

Create a robots.txt

A robots.txt informs search engines about which content you do not want indexed by the search engines. For example most websites do not want their images or documents directories indexed by Google and a robots.txt file can be used to prevent their indexing.

Install a Google Map on your website

Most small business will have a requirement for an interactive location map on their website for one or more of their locations. Websites that use the Google Maps Application Programming Interface (API) tend to be indexed more quickly than websites that do not use this facility.

Note: All of the above items should be completed prior to your website going live.

Add Your Website URL to Google

As soon as your website is live then you should submit your website URL to Google to let them know the website is ready for crawling and indexing. You should also add your website URL to Bing and Yahoo at this time. Instructions to add your website URL to the above search engines can be easily found on each search engine.

Utilise Website Monitoring Tools

Once your website goes live it is very important to monitor its progress closely during the early weeks to ensure it gets indexed and there are no content issues. Tools such as Google Webmaster Tools and Yahoo Site Explorer are useful in this regard and will allow you to ascertain which web pages have been indexed, display backlinks, uncover content errors etc.

Obtain Relevant Links

Good quality relevant links are also important.

More information about this topic can be found at SEO for Small Businesses.

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How to Get and Install Google Analytics Code For Your Website

How to Get and Install Google Analytics Code For Your Website

Google Analytics is a free tool available from Google to help you analyze the traffic coming to your website. It is very simple to install on your website, and, if you look at the results regularly, it will help you plan your website maintenance.

It is best if you sign up for your Google Analytics account, even if you have someone else working on your website. It should be in your control, and at some point, you might have someone else working on your website.

1) Go to Google and click the Business Solutions link.
2) Click the Analytics link a little ways down the page
3) Click Sign up for Analytics
4) If you don't have a Google Account, sign up for one. If you do have a Google Account, sign in.

If you need to sign up for a Google Account, the system will ask you for the following:

 - Your current email address
 - A password - and enter again to be sure you got it right the first time.
 - A couple of checkbox choices
 - Enter the text from a nearly impossible to read. In fact, you may have to enter this a half a dozen times before you get it right. It's not your eyesight; it is genuinely difficult to read. It's a pain, but they are just trying to keep hacker and spammer programming out of their system.
 - Click to accept the fine print.
 - If you successfully enter the secret code, you should go to a welcome page. And you should see My Account in the links in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Check your email and click the link to confirm that it's a valid email address. You only have to do all of that once! You will go to the same account to view your statistics.

5) Log in to Google Analytics

 - If you are already logged in, all you have to do is click the My Account link, and you will go to the page shown below.
 - If you aren't logged in, you will see Sign in, instead of My Account | Sign out in the upper right hand corner of the Google pages. Signing in will take you to the page shown below.
 - If you have not clicked the link the email, this will take you to a page asking you to verify your email address. You will be in an endless loop until you verify your email address.
 - Click on the Analytics link

6) Now you are ready to get the code for the Google Analytics for your site

 - Click on Sign Up (this is signing up for the code.)
 - Enter your information in the form. The Account Name field will pick up your URL, unless you change it to something else.
 - Enter your contact information.
 - Agree to the terms and conditions.
 - And, you have your Google Analytics code!

7) Add the Google Analytics tracking code to the HTML code at the bottom of every page on your website, right above the. If you don't work on your own site, copy the code and email it to your web developer.

8) It will take Google 24 hours to start showing your stats after you have uploaded the files with the code.

This exercise was developed by Nora McDougall-Collins for the Search Engine Positioning course at Dickinson Lifelong Learning Center in Missoula, Montana. You can see this exercise with screenshots at
Nora McDougall-Collins
Missoula, MT

Google manipulates search results

Google manipulates search results

As more and more businesses strive for a top ten Google ranking, it's becoming harder and harder to achieve. This is especially true for smaller businesses that simply don't have the budget for a big link popularity campaign. But hope may be just around the corner. If a top ten ranking for your primary keywords has been eluding you, then read on!

Boost Search Traffic

Start by submitting your site to the Search Engines for free. 

Google manipulates the results

Google is trialing an 'enhancement' to the way it displays its results. Instead of showing the top ten results for the exact words you enter, in the trial Google suggests three related results that you might want to check out. Where does it display these suggestions? It shunts (or replaces) results 6, 7 and 8 !!!

In this article, I refer to these results as 'intruders'.

To see some 'intruder' results in action, search for "piggy bank". Results 6, 7 and 8 are actually 'intruder' results; they're the top three results for the more specific, less popular search, "piggy bank lyrics". Google assumes that people searching for "piggy bank" will probably be interested in results of a search for "piggy bank lyrics".

On first impressions, it's tempting to think that this makes it harder to get into the top ten (because now it's really the top seven, and the last two results may be easily overlooked). But it may actually make it easier - especially for smaller businesses. Let me explain why...

The advantage for smaller businesses

It all comes down to who can rank in the top ten for the most popular searches - like "computers", "cars", "doctor", "pets", etc. For anyone in these industries, a top ten ranking for these keywords is the holy grail. Unfortunately, these sorts of searches are presently dominated by big corporations with hefty search budgets. Most smaller businesses don't even try to compete. Instead of focusing on these hotly contested keywords, small businesses tend to focus on much more specific keyword phrases - like "computers boston", "second hand cars ohio", "female doctor new england", "discount pets for children", etc.

Niche PLR Article Package

75,0000+ PLR Articles Organized into 200 Niches. Instant Download

But Google's trial may change that. Remember, it's replacing results 6, 7 and 8 of a popular, broad search with results 1, 2 and 3 of a less popular, more specific search. If the trial becomes a standard feature, a search for "computers" might well include three 'intruder' results from a search such as "computers boston". As discussed above, results 6, 7 and 8 are likely to belong to big companies, whereas results 1, 2 and 3 of the more specific search are more likely to belong to smaller businesses. Therefore, when the switch occurs, it's out with the big and in with the small!

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Good Service Provider On Michigan Arrest Records

Good Service Provider On Michigan Arrest Records

michigan arrest records is a relevant information that you need for a sensitive and personal background check on somebody. Unarguably, this file is beneficial to most individuals in different ways. In this state, it is kept at the Criminal Justice Information Center. Here, you will have access to accounts for all arrests, charges and other sensible facts that involve serious convictions of crime. These files are collected from reliable sources like courts, law enforcement agencies of the state, and prosecutors.

The state repository, county criminal court records, and civil court records are great resources for this type of information. The Michigan State Repository only maintains records regarding felony and misdemeanor offenders. Some common ways in which this account can be obtained are through mail, fax, or telephone.

Generally, various offices of the government can be of great help when it comes to retrieving this document. They provide the most up-to-date report that is very useful for faster case resolution. However, the period of waiting that it requires is relatively longer than the other ways of getting the results. For a statewide search, it takes 1 business day before you'll receive the report. On the other hand, the processing time for a county criminal arrest record takes up to 3-5 business days.

For a much faster and smoother search, make sure to provide essential details like the complete name, birth date, and the social security number of your subject. The individual's sex is important in a statewide search while the city is needed for county record search. For more convenience, the same information can now be accessed using the Internet.

Most employers now turn to this kind of information to get assistance in not getting the worst workers for the company. They use it during the screening process to find more interesting and useful records about the applicant. You can also take advantage of this account even if you're just a person being cautious of your surroundings. Obtaining this information will surely give you more confidence in being with someone you can trust.

Nowadays, it is definitely effortless if you would use your PC to get connected with the files you needed. A simple, but thorough Criminal Background Check can now be easily done using the Internet. It is faster and hassle-free. This method requires a small amount of charge to process the request, but it is definitely legal, plus it provides factual and updated results.

We have information and insight on various sources of Michigan Arrest Records and other paid and Free Criminal Records.

Advertising Agency Gold Coast, Graphic Designer Gold Coast From Sass Design

Advertising Agency Gold Coast, Graphic Designer Gold Coast From Sass Design
Sass Design is a Gold Coast based Graphic Design agency. Sass Design provides leading creative services to the Gold Coast area and Australia wide. Their services include Graphic Design & Print, Web Design and Web Development. They work with clients to create, extend and build corporate identities and marketing material. Sass provides complete design solutions or merges your existing image or ideas together with modern concepts.

At Sass they provide complete solutions. They merge together modern concepts with your existing image or ideas to create a unique and attractive product that assists with you with a professional image. They are professional, creative, trustworthy and capable. Their clients are organizations of all sizes and purposes including advertising agencies and large national organizations who utilize our trusted resources to deliver projects to their clients. Their turn around time on jobs is fast. Large companies across Australia now see the benefits of using Sass and rely on them for daily press advertisements and point of sale material. They also deal with any technical issues and give you solutions based on deadlines and budget. Sass Design creative services is based on the Gold Coast, Australia. Their services include graphic design, print Design Gold Coast, web design & creative management, Identity Design Gold Coast. Their vast experience in the design and print industries encompasses various projects ranging from total branding, packaging, graphic design, marketing, print, print brokering to signage, web development and Website Hosting Gold Coast. They work with clients to create, extend and build corporate identities and marketing material. Their products and services include but are not limited to Logos/Corporate Identity, Brochures, Menus, Posters, Business Cards, Invitations, Press, Advertising Agency Gold Coast, Stickers, Packaging, Design & Print Packages and Web Design. Sass Design specializes in all areas of graphic design and printing. Their Graphic Designer Gold Coast is for developing a understanding of each clients needs and building strong customer relationships is what they see as a crucial part in the process, to achieve not only something unique to each client but also something extremely competitive. After listening to their clients needs, their team turns your ideas into working designs, finding the design solution to suit you & your business. Their Web Designer Gold Coast service is charged at a very reasonable hourly rate. They give you options based on your deadlines and budget. If you are looking to start a new campaign, build a new corporate identity, or revamp existing material you should call them for a first impression that is the best it can be.

Sass Design is a Gold Coast based Graphic Design agency. Sass Design provides leading creative services to the Gold Coast area and Australia wide. Their services include Graphic Design & Print, Web Design and Web Development. Their services include graphic design, print Design Gold Coast, web design & creative management, Identity Design Gold Coast.

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Internet Marketing - Blogging Your Way to Success

Internet Marketing - Blogging Your Way to Success

Blogging is a great way to share your ideas, comments and expertise in your field of business. Posting on a regular basis can build an avid readership of targeted prospects that can lead to big Internet sales. The search engines love fresh content and blogging provides the up to date material that can keep your blog at the top of the search engines. How can you use blogging to drive traffic and make money? Consider these tips:

* Post relevant content to your area of expertise.

* Use keywords in the title of your blog relevant to your business.

* Use the appropriate keywords in your "tags" section of your blog to help be found by the search engines.

* Always leave a clickable link at the bottom of your post so readers can visit your website.

* The links left in your post don't have to just go to your home page of your site, send readers to an opt in page, sales letter, video hosting site or any sub page of your website such as a products page or an "about us" page.

* Insert images in your blog and make the image a clickable link. Not only does this make the blog more visually interesting, image files can be found by the search engines and help give your blog top ranking.

* Always make your post interesting to readers so that they will hunger for additional info.

* Create an RSS feed subscription so readers can subscribe to your blog. They will be notified of current posts and can read them right from their desktops.

* Create "pages" to introduce yourself to the world as an expert and even sell products and services on a page of your blog.

* Leaving comments on other blogs encourages dialog and can be a easy way to build readership.

* Don't forget that leaving a link to your website on your blog is a great way to get a backlink to your site. Backlinks are an important strategy to get a high ranking in the search engines.

Keep in mind that blogging is increasing everyday as the foremost way of getting information from the web. With so many available blogging services and platforms, it has never been easier to get started with your own blog.

Whether your a newbie to Internet marketing or have been making money for years, there are always new updated techniques to creating an online business being discoved every day. Learn to make money with Alka Dalal, an expert internet marketer and public speaker for over 25 years.


Alka Dalal is an experienced internet marketer and fine artist that has been speaking to audiences for over 25 years about ways to increase their businesses.

Blogger's Paycheck - The Real Deal Or Not?

Blogger's Paycheck - The Real Deal Or Not?

I couldn't wait to get my hands on bloggers paycheck when John Yeo first announced to the internet marketing community about its launch. It had the promise of be able to take a beginner and teach them the blogging techniques that could earn them $ 1000s every month. It made the promise that you could quit your job and have a passive stream of full time income being generated from your blog.

Now some may think that promises like this are a scam and you are correct in thinking that. You should very well be weary of promises like this from complete strangers. However the author, John Yeo, happens to be a very successful blogger with a blog making him a full time income from home. Essentially he can walk his talk and prove that his methods work.

For somebody aspiring to make money on the internet and be able to quit their painstaking job, they should strive to model after success. Modeling a proven system that has worked for many people is the key to being successful online. Once you know how to do it then replicating the process become easier, faster, and more lucrative.

In John Yeo's Blogger Paycheck he not only provides step by step instructions for every detail of the blogging process but he also teaches you how to successful market your blog and make the big money blogging.

He offers a vast amount of useful advice that I have not seen in any other blogging guide. Many guides don't reveal what John has to offer for his readers. If you like authors who genuinely like to help others solve their problems then I have to say John Yeo is one of those authors

I must admit that the course feels like it has been written for a 13-year old kid but his aim was to break his methods down as simple as possible so that anybody could replicate his strategy. His very same strategy has helped me create my presence online and start earning money.

If you have not heard of bloggers paycheck and you are looking for a successful method that has helped a countless number of other bloggers get over the hump, then it is worth your time to look into bloggers paycheck.

There are many aspects of bloggers paycheck that I can't fit into this article but I have a full review posted on my blog for others to see here -> Blogger's Paycheck Review

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