Wednesday, August 16, 2017

You Are Created and Creator

You Are Created and Creator

Copyright (c) 2010 Scott F Paradis

Somehow, deep within your being this assertion rings true. You and I, and all that exist in this reality of forms, are creations. Creation originates from, is of — the source, the whole. We come from, are of, are, the whole. We have an unbreakable connection to and are one with the divine. Therefore though we accept the limitations of existence in this reality, know we are created from and remain one with, the source.

Though you are created in the flesh, realize you are just as much fully creator in spirit.

As created, you react to what you observe, immersed in the game. On the field, you attempt to turn the momentum of an opponent and stem the tide of an overwhelming advance. Through the self you attempt to seize control of your destiny in the game, but the limited, misinformed self does not grasp the truth: you have not been relegated the role of puppet or pawn - you can choose to control your destiny, be captain of your soul, master of your fate.

While most tolerate the discomfort of a life beyond their control, or attempt to address the discontent inherent in the struggle on the field, realize another option - a far greater option - exists. You are created and contribute to creation.

Recognize and embrace your true nature as both created and creator. As creator come to understand you are a player on the field with the ability to manipulate the game. You can influence circumstances not so much through what you do on the field but through what you intend, desire, focus on. You move the flesh, you manipulate reality, through the spirit.

As creator, you have the absolute ability to alter your perspective from the front line to the side line and change the outcome, the very nature and circumstance of the game.

You can, with surety, assume the role of creator and generate a new experience in this life. Each human being has access to the same divine well-spring, but very few avail themselves of the opportunity to use it.

While experiencing this reality of polar opposites seize upon the truth. You are in this world but not of this world. You do not have to succumb to the will and fear of the ego. Your nature is divine.

While in this reality you have the capacity to create. You are creator. And as creator you can choose how to navigate this illusion. You have a choice.

Choose to create a life of beauty, of harmony, of love. The world will be a better place for you and for all of us because of your choice.

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