Thursday, August 17, 2017

Repurpose Your Blog Posts on Twitter and Facebook

Repurpose Your Blog Posts on Twitter and Facebook

Repurposing your blog posts on Twtiter and Facebook is a great strategy for building your community.

Tweeting your blog posts can be automatic - Set up your WordPress Blog to automatically repurpose your brand new blog posts onto Twitter. By using the plugin Twitter Tools and you can have your posts sent to twitter automatically as you publish them. Go back to Twitter later and talk about your post. Be sure to mention the post title and URL!

Use your blog posts to answer questions on Twitter. If someone asks a question that has to do with one of your posts, answer the question and again, use your post title and URL to more completely answer the question. Since you only have 140 characters for each Tweet, this is a perfect strategy to answer the question and give more information. Twitter is meant to be interactive, so you participate by answering questions and at the same time you are advertising your blog.

Set up FaceBook with the Twitter app inside FaceBook. This app will bring in your original tweets so it's perfect for displaying the tweet from Twitter Tools as well as your answers to questions - those little blog advertisements that go out when you mention your post title and URL. This app will not make FaceBook think you are spamming them - a fast way to get your FaceBook account de-activated!

While you are in FaceBook notice if someone has asked a question there. If it has to do with one of your posts, employ the same Twitter strategy by answering the question and giving the post title and URL of the post where for more information.

Don't neglect these two social networking sites to help build your community. If people are asking, they are indicating their desire for your answer. Send them to your blog and chances are good they will go. If your blog is packed with information, they will return to find out more and before you know it, they are in your community.

Bonus Tip - Make your content available in as many ways as you can think of. Get more traffic and loyal readers faster, better, and easier than you ever thought possible.

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