Sunday, August 27, 2017

New Walgreens Neon Signs Spruce Up Corner

New Walgreens Neon Signs Spruce Up Corner
So I'm noticing more and more the distinct use of neon signs, almost everywhere I go. It's as though the use of neon signs have really added something visually interesting to an otherwise run-of-the-mill stand or retail building.

A neon sign sits right at the heart of any successful advertising techniques and enlivens a shopping place at night. The brilliant and energetic shades of these open signs make it easier for business shops such as restaurants, motels, and night clubs, gambling houses, malls and even Automatic teller machines to spark the attention and draw in a bunch of customers. A neon sign is constructed from lengthy glass pipes stuffed with neon and other inert gases at low pressure. Whenever high voltage is applied to these gases, it causes them to glow brightly and illuminate the night sky over a busy shopping place.

I am a big fan of the bright effect of LED message boards and neon. Los Angeles' history is full of neon splendor from Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles to Hollywood and Beverly Hills. But many of the tastefully artistic, if not commercially inclined, neon signs that once graced grand movie palaces or posh hotels have burned out long ago with those establishments slowing being brought back to life again as a new generation has begun to see their intrinsic aesthetic qualities with the colorful illuminated gas tubes contorted and shaped into myriad designs that never fail to capture the evening attention.

Neon lights are colorful and vibrant in nature. This visual medium meets local marketing needs and consequently helps increase customers and business. In relation to retail and multinational businesses, wholesale neon light purchases prove to be favorable. Customers searching for neon signs may approach local and online stores or find neon sign manufacturing locations through the yellow pages.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a local Walgreens go beyond just installing their conventional signs attached to the store's facade by adding a neon sign post at the entrance of the parking lot. I wondered if this was a requirement from the city for Walgreens to incorporate some form of art. Nevertheless, the neon sign really does add a nice touch to the corner and accomplishes its intention by adding a fun and tastefully artistic piece to the neighborhood while attracting night time business from those who drive or walk by.

One fact remains true over everything else. The all new LED Board is the newest and most innovated form of marketing, selling, making announcements, etc. The list goes on and on and I can't wait to see what they think of next.

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