Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Google Social Search: A Good Way To Drive Traffic And Rank Higher

Google Social Search: A Good Way To Drive Traffic And Rank Higher

Everyone wants to see their site or blog post on top of Google's search results.

So it's no wonder when I was immediately fascinated to Katie Freiling's recent post, "A 2 Minute Strategy To Get Your Content To The Top of Google... Fast!". If you have no idea about Google's Social Circle yet, her short post and brief training tutorial not just sparks your curiosity but makes you go, "wow, I want that!". I like how Katie points out the fact that you don't need to do any extra marketing to drive traffic and leads.

This is what I love about Katie Freiling -- social media, blogging, and personal development coach in the online home business industry: she takes on a no nonsense approach to marketing, and posts excellent, short and up-to-the-minute quality content. You always want to take her advice!

So what is Google Social Search anyway? Google Social Search, as defined by Google, is a "feature designed to help you discover relevant content from your social circle, a set of online friends and contacts."

It's a brilliant idea.

A personalized search experience is provided when you use this type of search highlights content from your social circle! Often times, we usually prefer to read content from our friends and social contacts because their posts are more relevant to us than from complete strangers. The social search helps you find more relevant public content from your broader social circle, which is great because you know these people and will most of the time find it easy to relate to them.

Who are the people in your so-called social circle? Your social circle simply refers to the people in your contacts list found in: Your Google Contacts, Your Gmail (or Google Talk), chat list - Friends, Family, and Coworkers Your Twitter and Friend Feed friends that appear on your Google profile or in your public Google Buzz stream, Your Google Reader and Google Buzz list

Your Google Social Circle will also include connections of those in your immediate, public social circle. How does it work? Simply go to http://www.google.com/profiles and set up your Google social profile. Katie offers sound advice on completing this page: fill out all or most of the fields so that your chances of being visible is high, as well as your chances of finding relevant content from your social circles.

Seeing that the results are specific to you, you obviously need to be logged in to your Google account to use Google Social Search. If you use Gmail, Google includes your chat buddies and contacts in your friends, family, and coworkers groups and when you use Google Reader, some websites from your subscriptions are also included as part of your social search results!

Google finds relevant public content from your friends and contacts once you're done setting up your profile. You can find your circle's content bottom of your search results! Try doing a simple search on any topic that is of interest to you and you might find your friend or co-workers blog! You can also filter your results to see only content from your social circle by clicking "Show options" on the results page and clicking "Social." Pretty neat, huh?

Take advantage of a highly targeted, relevant searches and get good exposure with the use of Google Social Search today.

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