Sunday, August 13, 2017

AdWords Marketing - Words That Add Urgency to Your PPC Ads

AdWords Marketing - Words That Add Urgency to Your PPC Ads

Google AdWords is not cheap, however, if you can get more clicks & a higher click through rate, your cost per click will drop. 1 of the most powerful ways to get more clicks in a shorter time is simply to add urgency to your pay per click ads.

Quantity Limit

If you are selling products, you can limit the quantity, these are the words which you can use...

limited availability
limited quantity
selling out fast
only 7 available
only 7 left
less than 13 left
get 1 of the last 17
supplies are running out
while supplies last
while you still can
the next 7 orders will get
almost gone

When using numbers, you want to make sure you use some odd numbers (such as 7, 9, 13, 17, 23, 27 & more) so that it is easier for people to believe what you say.

Time Limit

For almost anything that you are selling, you can give a time limit, these are the words which you can use.....

limited time only
today only
this week only
holiday special
before it is too late
price going up soon
while it is still available
special sale ends soon
special offer ends soon
buy now & save
order before X & Get Y
free shipping until
free Shipping today only
time is running out
last chance

When using time limited offers, make sure you explain it clearly so that people will believe you rather than thinking that you are just trying some silly marketing gimmick.

Reason Why

Many people actually failed while trying to use scarcity tactics because nobody believes them! Whenever you want to use such tactics, give people a real & reason why they must act now. When your reason is good, you will see your response rates shoot through the roof.


By now, you probably realized that urgency is created by scarcity. Based on some studies, scarcity is 1 of the most powerful factors that influence people to take action immediately. This is powerful, do not abuse it!

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