Monday, August 14, 2017

Advertising Creative Of Nike

Advertising Creative Of Nike

If the ad or slogan into a dull note, just "advertised", so that consumers can not be tempted, in all likelihood to fail. At the same time, advertising creative and not a general literary and artistic creation, it can only show advertising themes, advertising strategies by market environment and the constraints, the pursuit is the most economical nike air max 90 and concise way, promote the corporate brand and product personality, to maximize communication and affect consumers.

Therefore, we can under a creative definition: advertising creative advertising for the performance of the theme, target audience and communicate effectively to the art of creative ideas.

This image is not only beautiful, appeals to the imagination, and meaningful, especially to see them link up even more. Image information behind the group marked the new face of Nike: Nike brand is now not only for youth but also for the elderly, not only for men but also for women, not only for the world's leading champions for the unknown streets movement. Nike passed a different image of a voice. Nike did not directly say "revolution" but announced a "revolution", which is a popular but not limited to the service for a few brands.

Discussed above, advertising creative must adhere to the artistic principles. Through artistic creation, the formation of figurative punch, poetry, music and pictures infectious, photography, and to mastery, to become a complete advertising art, the target audience have to give aesthetic pleasure to bring the art of charm. Advertising creative must also adhere to scientific principles, scientific investigation, based on understanding of the relevant natural and human sciences, to comply with the laws of science. Rosser Reeves in the "effective advertising - USP" book, sharply criticized the lack of theoretical basis of advertising, only nike air max 24-7 experience in a generous state, argue that the scientific principles of advertising to "create the world." He stressed that the advertising information interesting, be judged as "effective", only to attract people to buy products, be considered as "effective." And "effectiveness" is a fact that corresponds to the data, principles, laws; its way to test, audit, investigation;ts tools are statistics, charts, figures; its standards are measurable indicators, such as advertising permeability, attracting usage.

The authority of the U.S. advertising industry, James Wei Boyang (James Webb Young) also attaches great importance to the scientific nature of advertising, attention and understanding of the consumer survey. His motto is: the production of ideas, is less certain as the production of Ford, the human mind is also in accordance with the technical aspects of a job. The operation technology is the ability to learn and are subject to control. His method is: CMP strong knowledge, efforts to accumulate data; analysis, the relationship between restructuring; in-depth observation of people's desire to experience, hope, habit, desire and its customs and taboos, from philosophy, anthropology, sociology, psychology high school and to understand the economics of life; by studying actual cases to understand the essence of creativity.

Today, the nike air max 2009 scientific principles embodied in the creative and advertising activities of each session. Scientific and artistic creativity in advertising is a contradiction of the unity, mutual penetration, together play a role. Make creative scientific and more rational, more artistic sensibility is so creative. The excellent creativity, science and art must be perfect unity of the crystal.

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