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WP7 not perfect but the market outlook

WP7 not perfect but the market outlook

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft last week in major markets in Europe and Asia held a series of activities, from beginning the Windows Phone 7 phone off in the global public offering, Microsoft introduced at this time Why WP 7 phones?Compared with other competitors, he has what advantage? What are disadvantages? The New York Times technology columnist David Pogue has conducted some in-depth analysis.

From the perspective of market timing, Microsoft launched Windows Mobile is not at this moment is the opportune time, Apple iPhone smart phone market has reached occupation for 3 years, Apple now has 70 million fans and 30 million lines applications. In addition, Google also launched two years ago Android smart phone software, has sold 30 million, and its application store also has more than 10 million lines of applications in the sale. And, for the two companies, this is just the beginning.

Microsoft's introduction of WP 7 phone at the moment, it appears that the world needed a black touch-screen smart phone design?

The answer is clearly yes. WP 7 is a new smart phone operating system, dell d630 battery, Microsoft hopes the operating system can run on a variety of smart phones, support a variety of mobile communication networks. I tried function almost the same Samsung products Focus (AT & T) and HTC Surround (AT & T) and HTC HD7 (T – Mobile) smartphone, the brand will be in the coming weeks after another to the market for sale, the price of 200 dollars ( contains two-year contract.)

Microsoft's mobile operating system that is named "Windows Phone 7″ will be twice misleading. First, it is not Windows. It looks similar to Windows is not, nor did running Windows, in addition, an operating system does not support Windows applications that do not even need Windows PC. (With a cell phone used to load music and video programs, and similar to iTunes, but it is both for Mac, also support Windows)

Second, the operating system is not "7." The total number reminiscent of the Windows Mobile 6.5, which is Microsoft's mobile software in the field of R & D latest attempt, Windows Mobile 6.5 design complexity and unreasonable. Windows Phone 7 Up is the operating system version 1.0.

"1.0″ really means just the beginning, Microsoft's smartphone innovation is a first step, Windows Phone 7 show their talent in design, but also lost a series of basic functions, and these features of the iPhone has become and Android's standard configuration.

For example, WP 7 does not support copy and paste, do not use folders to organize the user's application, the user no way to add new ringtones. Can not send MMS to other mobile phone video, vgp-bps15 , do not provide video chat. No front camera, and so on.

Moreover, WP 7 does not support multitasking. While users can run other programs at the same time, play their own songs, but he can not listen to Pandora Internet radio.

Sounds familiar? The basic function iPhone 1.0, WP 7 actually do not support. In addition, although this hand with a search button, but it can not search your entire phone once (for example, while search applications, contacts and e-mail). In addition, it is not visual voice mail feature. And there is no sharing of the network options (such as a user is willing to pay 20 dollars a month to connect the phone as a laptop antenna using the Internet.)

Like with the iPhone, WP 7's Web browser can not play Flash video on the network – and the phone does not support HTML5 video playback, and iPhone are supported, it can not even play Microsoft's own Silverlight format videos. Therefore, the user can not see this phone YouTube, Hulu videos, can not browse the other news video on the Internet.

WP 7 e-mail program can not be your email account into a single inbox. In fact, every e-mail account in the user's main screen is displayed as a separate icon. In addition, WP 7 does not provide message thread.

WP 7 calendar with Yahoo or Google's online calendar synchronization. However, it is hard to believe that it can only display a calendar categories, such as family calendars or work calendar. If you want to identify different appointment time, then the function is almost useless.

The address book also exists the opposite problem: it will display a long list of all accounts, including Facebook account. If your Facebook friends as much as several hundred, they often mess up your contacts list. (WP 7 and Twitter integration not only provides a stand-alone application.)

This sounds like a Microsoft's own lengthy to-do list, it is indeed the case. But God knows that if there is such a company in the world, it is because of the slow, stubborn, spend millions of dollars for many years ways to improve its software is known, then it certainly is a Microsoft. Administered by the Microsoft vowed that it will allow WP 7 this phone as a strong competitor.

Here is a fact that can not be ignored: WP7 version 1.0 is really a good product. It is the design of mobile applications under the foot work. Microsoft has overcome various difficulties and completed a fresh, lively and elegant software design, but also with the iPhone or Android completely different style, which seems to be an impossible task.

WP 7 is not evenly distributed on the main screen, the application icon, which is obviously different with Android or iPhone. Instead, you see two scroll bar, with a colorful rectangular pattern. An application for each table, or you can speed dial a contact, or a user's favorite web pages or music playlists. Rearrange these patterns, organize and very easy to remove. (Thank God

Land. Microsoft let those wireless operators, such as AT & T or T – Mobile such companies, can install software. )

These large, that sense of friendly design is also very rich. The number of patterns can tell you how many voice mails, e-mail or application wait for the update. Music album cover shows a pattern, sony vgp-bps14, a calendar prompt your next appointment, and so on.

Other fresh, ingenious design also abound. WP 7 on any mobile phone, equipped with a dedicated camera button, you can even take pictures off the phone, this is a wonderful feature. You are free to set the phone to be able to shoot your photos is completed, automatically upload it to Facebook or Microsoft's SkyDrive.

You can voice dial, search or open applications. Unfortunately, it does not like the iPhone or the Android, as by voice input.

WP 7 to enter text quickly and accurately, part of the input through the keyboard on the screen above the line of auto-complete suggestions.

Even the lock screen, also reflects the new design ideas. Users are not even fully wake up call, you can see the date and time, the next appointment, how many new messages waiting to read, etc. (

E-mail, voice mail and text).

Well, WP 7 phones, like its competitors, as rapid response, people full of joy. But think about those iPhone-compatible clock, applications, accessories and even car, what Microsoft is to persuade consumers to provide pro-Lai WP 7 it?

There are three things may be done. First, the office software. The WP 7 phone with Word, Excel and PowerPoint. But the user can not change the font in Word, all you can do is edit the text in PowerPoint, users can not create a new file. iPhone and Android office software applications seem to be more powerful.

Second. Zune player. Microsoft Zune against the iPod is a weapon. Although this product is a failure, but its software interface is beautiful, the rich and friendly online store, pay only $ 15 a month, you can WP 7 mobile phone into a pocket radio on demand.

The last is the Xbox. If you own a Xbox game console, your statistics and avatars (cartoon icons on the screen) to display incoming calls, users can now purchase a variety of interactive games.

Microsoft for the production of WP 7 phone company, a minimum hardware specifications, which can ensure that the mobile phone operating flying, software, speed of response will be very smooth and easy.

Battery life is another matter. Similar to other phones, you have every night to WP 7 charge the phone. Note that for some spare batteries.

Most surprising is that the phone company to solve the most difficult part of the design: it created a truly innovative approach to managing a large number of mobile phone applications, but also ensure that these applications use the fun, lively response, fascinating.

However, Microsoft still has a lot of work to do, in their application to provide users with a large number of stores application software, the user will have to wait a long time. Microsoft also intends to provide users with free software upgrade to fix defects in WP 7. In other words, for now, WP 7 may not want to buy a smart phone users.

However, WP 7 is definitely a concern of the smart phone users. 

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