Thursday, July 27, 2017

Use Fall Foliage Maps to Help You Plan

Use Fall Foliage Maps to Help You Plan

There's a lot to be said about jumping in the car on a given fall afternoon and heading for the hills to see the beautiful leaves changing colors.  Think about it - cares to the wind, no schedule, fill the tank and off you go.

With a little luck you'll find a nice restaurant along the way and be able to see nature at its finest.  And chances are you're going to see a great deal of majesty in the fall colors if you're in the right area of the United States. The northeast is simply spectacular during the fall.

But too many times we get back home only to hear from a friend, and maybe even see some of their pictures on Facebook, of foliage even grander than ours!  How is that possible?  Could be they planned a little bit using a fall foliage map.  Now these things are easy to use and readily available and provide time saving tips along with the very best areas to see the fall colors.

Fall foliage maps are created using the reports of hundreds of people and official observers for the meteorological departments across the areas in the United States.  What is fascinating is that the leaves don't change colors at the same exact time every year.  Dry summers, rainfall, humidity, temperature all play a big part in when the leaves will be at their peak colors.  Reports of these changes are sent in and the fall foliage map is updated.

There's no doubt that a fall color road trip can be one of the most memorable for the family.  But think of how much more special it can be if you plan a little more using a fall foliage map to make sure you're in the right areas where the colors are perfect.  It's a great tool that should be used each time you plan to see the leaves change in the fall.

One of the other great benefits of a fall foliage map is that people take pride in showcasing the other attractions in the area.  For example, along with the route to the best colors, you'll find if they are having a fall festival. These can be fun and exciting for everyone in your family.  And if your trip takes you down the road for long, there are many bed and breakfasts that go out of their way to make your stay special.  They know you'll be back next season.  They can also be a wealth of information about the local area and best routes.  It just makes sense to stop in, stay, and then ask for help further planning your fall foliage car trip.

Finally, many of the same sites that have foliage maps have other information about the area, namely lists of great restaurants along the way and recommendations of off the beaten path places of interest.  So yes, it is a lot of fun just jumping in the car and heading for the hills, but at the same time, a little planning will make your trip spectacular and have you returning with the best photos of fall foliage on your block! 

Dave Jackson has been writing about Fall Foliage since 2005 when he launched his USA Fall Foliage website complete with a fall foliage map. Chuck full of exciting places to visit, the site also accepts contributing editors to post their best fall foliage stories.