Friday, July 28, 2017

Social bookmarking is integral part of SEO Strategy

Social bookmarking is integral part of SEO Strategy

It's pretty easy to commit driving offences in the UK. Stop and count the speed cameras you pass on your next journey. Of course, helping to reduce accidents, especially in notorious black spots is highly commendable, however many of us feel some of these cameras are nothing more than revenue generators. Plus of course we have mobile camera units to worry about too. No wonder more and more of us are fighting back and appealing fines with the help of speeding solicitors.

The success rate is pretty high too, especially if you employ some legal assistance. After all, the whole process of catching motorists and issuing speeding fines is a very technical process, governed by complex rules and regulations. That speeding solicitors know inside out.

If you do receive a speeding fine, you'll be liable for a £60 fine. Not great, but even worse are the penalty points on your licence. Normally you'll receive three for speeding, unless you were really flying along, in which case you risk more points and even a straight ban. Get to twelve points in three years and you end up being disqualified from driving for 6 months. Anyone driving for a living – van drivers or sales reps for example, would be in big trouble. Multiple driving offences spell real danger.

Some people just accept the situation. After all, who wants to go to court? Sounds like quite an ordeal. In fact, it's not too bad. Especially if you employ a solicitor to help fight your case. The magistrates are perfectly happy to listen to your side and for you to put your case. With a well thought out case, backed up by solid evidence you have a good chance of winning your appeal. Be warned though, they can come back with harsher sanctions and tougher penalties. So don't just appeal on a whim or because you are angry with the system.

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