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Servsat Communications Inc. Is Premier Digital Satellite System Provider

Servsat Communications Inc. Is Premier Digital Satellite System Provider
In the age of the internet and high technology telecommunications, ServSat Communications is leading the way as the premier provider of digital satellite system. Servsat delivers the best products and services in the DTH, VSAT, SCPC and related satellite technologies to numerous final users and corporate customers in the telecommunications sector, including cable television systems operators, systems engineers, direct-to-home TV operators, TV broadcast affiliates and Internet Service Providers.

Servsat has an extensive range of satellite equipment including: VSAT Antennas [Ku Band Tx/Rx, C Band Tx/Rx, Ku Band Rx and C Band Rx], Mobile Antennas, Earth Stations [Ku Band and C Band], Antenna Controllers, Feeds/Filters, Satellite Telephones, Mobile Internet, LNBs-LNAs-LNBFs, BUCs, HP's, SSPA's, TWTA, Transceivers, Modems [70/140 MHZ, L Band and Satellite Routers], Converters [Up and Down Converters], Splitters and Combiners, Encoders, Decoders, Redundancy Switches, Analyzers, Waveguides, Tracking Devices, WiFi-WiMax and Accessories [Satellite TV, VSAT and others].

Servsat is well positioned to meet the diverse and exacting needs of its global clients. ServSat has the extensive technical background and experience to provide expertise and the best digital satellite system solutions to its clientele. Servsat has garnered an enviable reputation arising from over 30 years of collective experience in the international telecom business. The company subsequently has a deep understanding of the array of new technological discoveries and their applications in the telecommunications industry. After decades of dedication to its market, ServSat have earned the trust of the industry's leading manufacturers to bring their product to the client in the most economical and reliable means. Thus, Servsat had been selected for the 2009 Best of Alpharetta Award in the Telecommunications Consultant category by the US Commerce Association [USCA]. ServSat achievements are based on its exceptional marketing success, commitment to its international business clientele, dedication, and loyalty to customers and providers. Servsat is well known for its commitment to customer satisfaction in providing the best price, service, and support possible.

ServSat provides excellent satellite equipment from world class manufacturers at the best market prices. Some of the premium vendors of ServSat include: Comtech, Prodelin, Norsat, Terra Sat Communications Inc., Xicom Technology, Cross Technologies Inc., Radyne, Norsat International, Inc., Miteq., AnaCom, Inc.,NexGen Wave, Orbital Research Ltd., Avcom of Virginia, Inc., , Paradise Datacom, Fortec Consumer Electronics, Comtech Xicom Technologies, Traxis International, Wellav Technologies, ADTEC, Cobham and many more.

Servsat aims to build on its leadership of the digital satellite system market in the US and other countries. ServSat's head office at Atlanta, Georgia is an ideal location as it is the United States' southeast's telecommunications center and inter-modal logistics hub. ServSat Communications Inc. main office address is:1815 Turnberry Lane, Alpharetta, Georgia 30005, USA. They have Respresentatives in Western and Easter Canada, Africa and Middle East and the Philippines. ServSat can be contacted toll free at 888-824-0206. US customers and international customers can call live customer service at 770-757-1767 [English] and 770-757-1767 [Spanish]. ServSat normally ships worldwide via FedEx or UPS. For more information on the premier digital satellite system provider, Servsat Communications Inc. visit Servsat.

Servsat delivers satellite technologies to a variety of corporate customers in the telecommunications sector, including cable systems operators; systems engineers; direct-to-home TV operators, TV broadcast affiliates and Internet Service Providers.

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