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Intimus S16.87 7.8mm x 55mm Industrial Shredder Baler System Review

Intimus S16.87 7.8mm x 55mm Industrial Shredder Baler System Review

Intimus is known for quality office equipment and the S16.87 Industrial Shredder Baler System is no exception. This model offers the convenience of high capacity disposal combined with a compression system designed to reduce waste volume by up to 70 percent. Large businesses will benefit from the efficiency as well as the simple operation of this device. Here is a more in-depth look at the S16.87 7.8mm x 55mm shredder.


Use begins with the simple turn of a locking key switch. Once the power is on, push buttons for forward, stop, and reverse control operation. The machine's status is indicated by a lit display. Reverse kicks in automatically if a paper jam occurs, working to unclog the blades and then begin shredding again. A convenient conveyor belt feed slides items into the machine for you and provides a large workspace. Both the cutting shafts and the cylinders run at the same time so you never have to wait for one to finish before using the other.
Safety features help to keep your business injury free. A pressure activated, wide emergency stop bar spans the front of the machine to keep users from leaning into the blades while shredding. Safety switches around the device add further precautionary steps to keep people from harm.
A robust continuous duty motor powers the entire device. It is built to withstand heavy shredding without needing a cool down period. The motor protection system offers added safeguarding against overheating. The blades themselves have a five year warranty while parts and labor are covered for one year.
Papers, credit cards, and CDs ride down the conveyor belt into a 20 inch wide feed slot that takes up to 375 sheets at once. Items are shred as fast as 50 feet per minute, equaling out about 770-990 pounds of scrap per hour. Cross cut particles are deposited into the compacting compartment of the baler.
The baler is a huge benefit to this machine. It utilizes 8 tons of hydraulic pressure to create 5-8 cartons per hour. A locking door on the top offers the quick addition of non-shredded waste to the bundle. Bag or strap bales, depending on your preference, are ejected by the simple push of a button and come out ready for recycling.


Weighing over one ton, this is one hefty piece of office equipment. But the casters on the bottom offer added mobility and though it will be heavy to push around, we don't think this will be a big problem for most users.
The small particles created only provide a level 2 security rating. While this is fine for generic office shredding, some businesses may need to dispose of classified material. Those parties may be more interested in the higher security version of this model, offering a level 3 security.

Overall, the Intimus S16.87 is an excellent waste disposal system. Powerful blades quickly render documents into narrow, unreadable strips which are then highly compressed. Convenient operation adds to the versatility of this machine. We think the S16.87 is an excellent choice for any large company needing an industrial shredder.

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