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Illness Symptom Checker

Illness Symptom Checker

The symptoms of disease are treated by medical science. Of course any given illness's symptoms can tell you about the disease, yet you cannot know much of the cause by treating the symtoms. To prevent from illness and disease, you must discover the causes and make the wrongs be rights. Despite all appearance, exterior condition are not the causes for disease, illness and health. Insteads, mental and emotional states which change and alter the physical structure are the roots of disease.


Medical science tells us that the cause of illness and disease is due to environmental factors, bad habits like smoking, over eating, poor diet, genetic abnormalities, viruses and any number of other external factors.


It is the opinion of this author that the reasons for disease are not to be found in a laboratory or research clinic but that the knowledge of the causes are within our minds. This statement may seem ludicrous to many of you but I challenge you not to dismiss this premise before you read the whole article and digest what I have to say.


Despite all appearances, exterior conditions do not cause disease, illness and bad health. The causes of disease are rooted in mental and emotional states that change and alter the physical structure. Science would surely find such a concept not worthy of serious consideration because mental states, i.e. thoughts and beliefs are not considered real in the same sense that physical objects are. Thoughts have an electro-magnetic charge and structure however, and can be measured in terms of energy. The mental creates the physical, not the other way around.


Find and change the ideas and beliefs that are causing the illness and the symptoms will begin to clear themselves. Disease is not thrust on us from the outside. There is a reason and purpose behind disease. Sometimes illness can even be beneficial, for it can lead us into realms of understanding that were not open beforehand. Many will not accept the idea that illness is self-generated because we believe that no one would choose such an experience.


When energy is blocked from expression, however, when our own ideas and beliefs are at cross purposes with themselves an impasse is reached. The energy that is blocked manifests itself in the areas of the body that dutifully reflect an "inner" problem or challenge that is not being dealt with. The good news is that you can change the state of your health now and begin to live life again with exuberance and vitality. Checking for symptoms of illness has its place but getting to the root of the problem is more important.


Steve Boston is an author, television producer and online entrepreneur.

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