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How To Register A Vehicle In Florida

How To Register A Vehicle In Florida
Owning a car or truck requires registration in Florida before it can be driven on the roads legally. Florida law mandates that the vehicle must be registers with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles within ten days of establishing residency in the state, becoming employed, or placing your children in public school. It typically is done during the titling process when the vehicle is purchased from either a dealer or individual in the state. New residents who bought the vehicle in another state must register the vehicle in Florida.

The initial registration has to be done in person, though renewals can be completed online or by phone as well as in person at an authorized location. For first time registration you will need to complete a vehicle title/registration form and have your vehicle inspection certificate and proof of insurance. If the vehicle is less than ten years old, you will also need the odometer reading. An out-of-state title is required for a car or truck that has been registered in another state. If you don't have the title, you can provide the registration document from the state in which it is registered.

The VIN, or Vehicle Inspection Number must be physically inspected and verified by a licensed dealer, a law enforcement officer, a Florida DMV employee, or notary public commissioned in Florida. To transfer an out-of-state title, all owners listed on the title must sign the application. Those who are moving to Florida can register the vehicle in advance of the move to save time.

Fees for Florida vehicle registration vary depending on the size and type of vehicle. Annual fees range from $ 46.15 to $ 70.65 with an initial registration fee of $ 225. New license plates are required every ten years with a current fee of $ 28.00. A license plate can be transferred to a new vehicle for a fee of $ 7.35. If you require a duplicate registration to replace one that is lost, there is a $ 5.00 fee.

The $ 225 initial registration fee is not required when you sell a vehicle and transfer the license plates to a replacement vehicle. However, if the vehicle is not replaced the license plates must be turned in to avoid a drivers license suspension. You can use the registration that will be stamped 'cancelled' when it is returned to waive the $ 225 initial registration fee when you do get a replacement vehicle.

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