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Growth Period After The Digital Tv Chip: Differential Development Companies

Growth Period After The Digital Tv Chip: Differential Development Companies

CCBN in the current period, the chip business has brought new and different ideas. Owned enterprises that want to

TV And Internet set-top box platform to add more interactive features, and improve the interface to enhance the user experience to meet the needs of the emerging network of interactive services; the company said it cost to get through the set-top box to increase after the growth period; while some companies will have to open up China self-standard market. During the CCBN, our reporter on the introduction of new ideas and new strategies of digital TV chip business to conduct in-depth interviews.

STMicroelectronics: interactive TV platform to enhance connectivity and user experience

STMicroelectronics (ST) is the oldest chip companies and operators in China to carry out value-added digital and interactive

Service Try the manufacturer. It is also the first to support China's own standard AVS audio and video one of the enterprises. During the current exhibition at the CCBN, ST joint industrial chain partners in various sectors together for visitors to interpret the interaction between business needs to meet in the next few years, set-top box and TV platform technology evolution trends.

ST Greater China vice president, consumer electronics and encryption products general manager, said Mr. Li Rongyu the future, if the digital TV and set-top box to take on the interaction of emerging network services task, we must from the content of Internet interaction and user experience to enhance their performance in three areas, which demands the traditional digital TV and set-top box platform to take a number of new technologies.

The introduction of Internet interactive technology

From the content point of view, the future of television not only to play a variety of high-value content packages, but also allows users to browse Web content, and meet the needs of interactive on-demand. This requires the TV and set-top box platform with the complete decoding ability, not only can support H.264, MPEG2, VC-1, DivX, AVS and other traditional television decoding standard, but also support the PC platform, is now a variety of popular formats such as Flash, Real, etc.. In addition, the TV and set-top box platform to satisfy the requirements of many audio formats such as Dolby, WMA, DTS,

MP3 , MPEG1 / 2 and AACLE-HE. In addition, because of intellectual property rights and future requirements to carry out transactions, television and set-top box platform to use security technology. "This is the next platform and important difference between traditional TV platforms." Mr. Li Rongyu said, "for example, advanced platform to a variety of digital rights management and conditional access system and security system."

Interaction side from the Internet, television and set-top box platform, if you want to carry out online shopping, online games, online education, home banking and interactive social networking sites and other Internet services, the basic requirement is to improve the connectivity and interoperability. Today, products are widely used to connect a variety of techniques, such as USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, LAN, HDMI, HomePlug, will be applied to the TV and set-top box platform.

CCBN in this period, ST made no secret of its DisplayPort interface standard of this new favorite. "DisplayPort as the new open industry standard, as has the royalty-free, extensible, scalable, and can reduce the size of the advantages of the connector and cable can reduce noise and power consumption, it is a very promising connection technology." Lee Yong Yu Mr. introduction, "We have in this area offers a full range of solutions."

Interoperability, DLNA and ma @ rovision interoperability standards such as more and more devices are being used to achieve interoperability between various devices. ST also carried out with partners DLNA-based interoperability demonstration.

In addition, interactive applications, middleware technology plays an extremely important role, therefore, the technology this year are unprecedented attention. Reporter observed that the display in the ST, they combined the OPENTV, NDS, robust, alticast, ZENTEK, OCEANBLUE and a number of middleware companies, presentations based on ST's latest platform, on top of these middleware systems developed TV shopping, interactive advertising, TV chat, stock information, video-on-demand and interactive services such as web browsing.

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